What Are the Best GitHub Bootcamps in 2021?

Have you just dived into coding and still don’t understand how to use GitHub? Taking a look at this list of the best GitHub bootcamps will steer you in the right direction. This list also contains some individual GitHub classes for those who don’t have the time or resources to sign up for a coding bootcamp.

Developers worldwide depend significantly on the open-source community during projects. In addition, GitHub is the perfect platform for locating and managing Git repositories. These bootcamps will teach you both how to share code with GitHub and the fundamentals of Git.

The Best GitHub Bootcamps

Coding Dojo is a coding bootcamp for all types of software development. It has locations in Los Angeles and several other cities. During the software development program at Coding Dojo you will learn about GitHub. You will also get to grips with Git, JavaScript, HTML, CSS jQuery, Python, Java, SQL, and many other programming languages and frameworks.

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The extensive curriculum can be completed within 16 to 28 weeks, depending on your pace. You will enjoy job-search assistance like coaching, interview prep, and resume building. However, there is no job guarantee. The good news is that Coding Dojo has scholarships, ISAs, and loan financing through its financing partner Ascent Funding.

Cost: $4,995 – $15,995

Locations: Arlington, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Online.

DigitalCrafts is a bootcamp for software engineering training. Its full-time course runs for 16 weeks and its part-time course runs for 28 weeks. It has four US locations, including Seattle.

You will gain a deep understanding of Git and GitHub during the Full Stack Immersive Program. It also comes with lessons on CSS, JavaScript, HTML, front end and backend technologies.

While DigitalCrafts doesn’t offer a job guarantee, you will have exposure to its extensive employer network. You will also undergo interview training. Tuition fee assistance is available through its financial partners, Sallie Mae and Ascent Funding.

Tuition: $9,950 and $14,950

Locations: Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Online.

General Assembly is a reliable bootcamp that isn’t just limited to coding programs. It has campuses in different parts of the globe, not just in the US. GitHub is part of the software engineering, front end engineering and data science programs at General Assembly. You will also learn other core aspects of development along the way.

General Assembly is one of the oldest bootcamps in the industry. It has managed to stay relevant because it provides excellent job support and has an impressive job placement rate. An impressive 91.4 percent of all graduates secured jobs within the first six months. After enrollment, you can pay your tuition through loan financing, scholarships, or an income share agreement.

Tuition: $750 and $15,950.

Locations: Adelaide, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brisbane, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edinburgh, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Paris, Phoenix, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, St. Louis, Sydney, Toronto, Washington, Online.

Wyncode is another leading bootcamp that offers tech training to students looking for accelerated learning. As you would expect, the GitHub and Git classes are a part of the full stack Web Development Course.

During the 10-week program, you will also learn how to design software from start to finish. You will use JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and React.js, amongst others.

Wyncode has a job placement rate of 93 percent, and students get customized
career coaching and access to a network of industry partners. You can settle your tuition fees with an income share agreement, private student loans, or apply for a scholarship if you are eligible.

Cost: $5000 and $15,000

Locations: Miami and Online.

Best Online GitHub Bootcamps

Most of the best bootcamps in the world offer online and onsite classes. However, you can opt for fully functional online bootcamps if that is what you prefer.

The Best Online GitHub Bootcamps

CodeX Academy

This is a software engineering bootcamp for front end development, full stack development, and full lstack engineering. All three programs have classes dedicated to teaching students how to use GitHub. Other key aspects of software development will also be covered during the program.

While it is a fully online program, students get direct access to instructors and advisors through work-chat and video conferencing tools. You can opt for deferred tuition or an income share agreement if you don’t have the resources to pay upfront.

Cost: $4,500 and $9,000.

Coding Deep Dive

Coding Deep Dive is one of the best online coding bootcamps for web development using JavaScript. Students gain hands-on experience during each class, and the entire program usually takes about eight weeks. During the Web Development with JavaScript course, you will get to grips with Git and GitHub.

It is a completely self-paced program. However, you can become job-ready in four weeks if you dedicate 12 hours a week to studying. This bootcamp comes with career counseling from industry experts across the globe.

Cost: $1,130 and $1,413.

What About Free GitHub Bootcamps and Courses?

Not everyone can afford to pay for bootcamps, especially if you only need to learn Git or GitHub. Some bootcamps may offer free courses that touch upon Github, but there are many free online courses to choose from if you’re looking at MOOC providers as well. If this is you, check out the best free GitHub classes below.

The Best Free GitHub Courses

Udemy – Git Started with GitHub

Udemy is one of the most reliable MOOCs in the industry for fast-paced learning. The Git Started with GitHub course is 100 percent free, and it covers all the fundamentals of Git and GitHub. World-class instructors designed the course, and it simplifies the concepts for beginners.

You will get access to pre-recorded video lessons with step-by-step guides. If you pay for the certificate, you will get direct access to instructors.

Skillshare – A Beginners Introduction to Git and GitHub

Skillshare is another leading provider of online lessons. It designed this course specifically to help newbies understand how to use Git and GitHub for software development. It includes everything from setting up Git to publishing on GitHub.

More than 1600 students have successfully taken this course online, receiving unlimited access to every class and resource available.

Correlation ONE – Data Science for All

This isn’t a class but a Data Science Bootcamp with Git and GitHub as two of its core classes. If you have no interest in data science, there is an option to take specific lessons. You will need to speak to a school representative to arrange this.

Why Learn GitHub Now?

These days, it’s not enough to know how to code or write a program. Interviewers want to see your GitHub profile and use it as part of the criteria for recommendation. If you are looking to boost your resume and increase your chances of getting employed, learning Git and GitHub is a good place to start.

What do GitHub Professionals Actually Do?

GitHub isn’t a programming language like Java or JavaScript. It is a code or software hosting platform that software engineers use for version control and collaborative work.

If you know how to publish on GitHub, you will use Git repositories, commits, and branches to showcase your talent. You will also learn source code management functionality as well as design your source codes. Companies who employ developers with GitHub expertise expect them to be capable of the following:

Create GitHub Repository

For full Git and GitHub expertise, you need to know how to create GitHub repositories. This stage is easy since all you need to do is visit the official GitHub website and fill the required form. After filling in the form’s details to sign up, click on the start project to get the ball rolling.

Learn to Use GitHub Operations

It’s not enough to know how to sign up and start a project. You also need to learn how to use GitHub operations for creating branches and performing operations. The branches will allow you to work on multiple repositories on GitHub simultaneously.

Forking and Cloning GitHub Repositories

Knowing how to fork and clone on GitHub will give you more flexibility during your projects. Cloning allows you to get direct copies of a single content, while forking enables you to use codes from public repositories. You can learn these tools and many more by taking an introductory course to Git and GitHub.

Should You Attend a GitHub Bootcamp in 2021?

Git and GitHub aren’t meant for beginners. So, you must learn how to create and manipulate software first before GitHub can become a useful tool. Attending a GitHub bootcamp, or a bootcamp that offers a class dedicated to GitHub and Git, is the best way to master it.

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