What Are the Best .NET Bootcamps in 2021?

.NET is a framework or developer platform owned by Microsoft. It is made up of libraries, programming languages, and tools for building different kinds of apps. This framework has various implementations that let you execute code with Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS.

If you want to learn about .NET and specialize in it, you may need some training. The best .NET bootcamps impart the technical skills needed to master this framework. This guide contains the best coding bootcamps that focus on the framework. It also covers free online resources to learn .NET.

The Best .NET Bootcamps

Coding Temple is a 10-week bootcamp that focuses on full stack development. It has both online and on-site programs where you can learn ASP.NET and other topics. You can also learn C#, JavaScript, MVC, and jQuery. Coding Temple has a great data science program where you can learn about NumPy, SQL, React, and Python.

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During the web development course, you can get hands-on experience. The bootcamp has a final project that you can add to your portfolio. You can also have access to career prep. Coding Temple has career coaches to help you with resume mock interviews, resume prep, and solving technical challenges during job applications.

Tuition: $13,495

Locations: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Online

Epicodus is an online and on-site coding bootcamp that offers .NET training among other topics. These include JavaScript, React, and Ruby on Rails. This bootcamp has full-time and part-time programs. You will have access to interview prep and career advisors who can help you with your cover letters and resume.

With Epicodus, you also have the opportunity to participate in internships at partner tech firms after the course is over. This way, you can have working experience to add to your portfolio and a clear idea of the development world.

Tuition: $7,800

Locations: Portland, Seattle, Online

Sabio is a coding bootcamp in Orange County. It offers 12-week coding programs on a full-time basis. The bootcamp’s main focus is C#/.NET. You can learn front end development, full stack mobile development, backend development, database development, and source control development. The program is project-based so you can build your portfolio.

At Sabio, you can prepare for a career in software development. Before starting the program, you will engage in pre-work to prepare yourself for the immersive and fast-paced schedule. The bootcamp also offers career support to help you navigate the job search. You can receive mentorship even after you graduate.

Tuition: $15,000

Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Online

Tech Elevator is a .NET bootcamp with campuses in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit. It offers only full-time programs that last 14 weeks. Before enrolling, you can choose between a .NET or Java specialization. The curriculum includes other programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

Tech Elevator also has a Pathway Program to help you get ready for a career in tech. It provides personalized career coaching, placement support, and interview prep. You can also gain access to alumni and mentors.

Tuition: $15,500

Locations: Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Online

Best Online .NET Bootcamps

Some bootcamps offer online .NET courses so you can learn from anywhere. You can also choose between full-time and part-time training. Read below for some of the best online options for .NET bootcamps.

The Best Online .NET Bootcamps

Software Guild is an online bootcamp with a full-time schedule. You can learn Java or .NET/C#. This course also focuses on other fundamentals like user interfaces, server-side development, data tiers, and other tools.

This bootcamp is open to all levels of experience. The training can help you start from the basics and help you secure an entry-level position as a web developer. Aside from providing career support, Software Guild also has a large network of hiring partners to help you find a rewarding job.

Cost: $13,750


TrueCoders has live online courses on software development. It runs both part-time and full-time immersive programs. .NET is one of the major topics in this bootcamp, so you can learn everything you need to know. It also includes other languages and frameworks like C#, Java, SQL, RDP, MVC, and more.

TrueCoders also offers career support to help you find a job once you graduate. You can learn important soft skills like collaboration and problem solving. TrueCoders also has a supportive community to help you thrive and learn long after you graduate.

Cost: $4,500

We Can Code IT

We Can Code IT offers online and in-person training for software developers. The program lasts for 16 weeks and C#/.NET is the major focus. The program is called FlexCode, and you can learn programming languages and frameworks like SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Java, MVC, and JavaScript.

The bootcamp has a career program that caters to career development. From your first day in class, you get one-on-one support to prepare you for the job market. Because this course is online, you can access career services from anywhere.

Cost: $13,900

What About Free .NET Bootcamps and Courses?

You can find many resources to help you learn how to use this framework without paying any fees. Most are massive open online courses, also known as MOOCs. You can learn almost any tech skill, but .NET is one of the best.

The Best Free .NET Courses

EdX – .NET Courses and Certifications

EdX is a great resource to learn .NET for free. It has thousands of free courses and you can go further by learning object-oriented programming in C# and.NET Core. This course allows you to learn more about the .NET ecosystem and train with Azure or Xamarin. It also offers ASP.NET and MVC programming to help you solve problems.

Microsoft – Learn .NET

Microsoft offers free training on .NET with its Learn .NET course. You can learn to build simple text-based apps with an in-browser tutorial. You can learn to create web apps that run on macOS, Linux, Windows, and Docker. You can also learn to build apps that dial numbers on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Udemy – .NET Basic Course – Introduction to .NET with programming

Udemy is a popular resource for online learning. It has some paid programs and free programs as well. The introduction to .NET with programming is free for all. It involves the basics of .NET with visual studio and console. You can also learn to program with C#. This course will teach you all the coding syntax you need to master the topic.

Why Learn .NET Now?

You should learn .NET now because it is reliable and uses C#, a popular programming language today. It is necessary to learn .NET because of its proven scalability. This framework has all the tools you need for different stages of the development process. It can handle all problems from mobile to desktop and dynamic web apps.

What Do .NET Developers Actually Do?

.NET developers are responsible for developing, designing, testing, maintaining, and supporting applications. They often learn other programming languages and frameworks like HTML or C++. They often find work in software and systems houses, information technology, telecommunications, and engineering offices. Below are some of the responsibilities of a .NET developer.

Design and Implement Software

.NET developers handle the process of designing and implementing software. They are also in charge of analyzing problems and providing appropriate system requirements. These professionals spend a lot of time creating apps for different organizations.

Upgrade and Configure Existing Systems

.NET developers, like other software developers, are responsible for upgrading pre-existing websites and apps. They evaluate applications and find ways to enhance them. They also debug and configure the web and mobile applications when necessary to ensure they run smoothly.

Provide Technical Support

.NET developers work with other professionals like testers and software developers to maintain apps. These professionals help maintain both web and mobile applications. They are always on standby to provide technical support in case there are bugs to fix.

Document Application Codes

These professionals are also responsible for creating accurate documentation for application codes. The documentation includes information about operational procedures, databases, and software development processes. This is necessary in case developers need to go back and refer to what they’ve done.

Should You Attend a .NET Bootcamp in 2021?

Yes, you should attend a .NET bootcamp in 2021. These bootcamps are the best way to learn about .NET and other programming languages.

The bootcamps offer one-on-one career support and can even get you a job. In most cases, bootcamps teach more than one framework or language, so you can learn all the skills you need to get a job in tech.

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