What Are the Best Web Development Bootcamps in 2021?

There are plenty of web development bootcamps to choose from. Whether you’d like to attend an in-person bootcamp or pursue your education online, this article will help you streamline your search process. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best web development bootcamps on the market, taking into account online, in-person, and free options.

We also go over what web developers actually do. If you want to become a web designer, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re hoping to study to be a web developer, the following list is for you.

The Best Web Development Bootcamps

BrainStation is an award-winning bootcamp that offers a superb web development program, which lasts twelve weeks. The school is challenging, but it’s a great way to kickstart your tech career.

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After covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the course covers more complex server-side technologies. Students get to explore how to use and apply dynamic data. They also develop the ability to operate a modern backend server.

Many renowned industry professionals lead guest workshops and lectures. A huge emphasis is placed on in-person networking and building collaborative projects with peers.

Tuition: $15,000

Locations: New York City, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Online

Coding Dojo offers an in-depth full stack course. The course curriculum covers the essentials of web development as well as software engineering. Full-time courses last three and a half months and require approximately 70 to 90 hours of work per week.

The course modules include technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Terminal, and Git. Students get to learn object oriented programming, relational databases, and design patterns. These tools are all crucial for proficiency in web development.

Furthermore, Coding Dojo offers robust student support in the form of one-on-one career mentorship from day one.

Tuition: $15,745
Locations: Arlington, Bellevue, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Online

General Assembly offers an exhilarating front end web development course. The program allows students to gain hands-on experience handling industry-standard technologies. In the first few modules, you’ll learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Then you’ll delve into responsive design and GitHub.

Students at General Assembly benefit from individualized career support, as well as a network of over 70,000 alumni. The bootcamp offers regular in-person networking events and conferences, making it a great place to meet peers.

Tuition: $3,950

Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, London, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Toronto, Washington DC, Online

Learning Fuze offers a web development prep course and an immersive web development course. The prep course is a two-week program that covers the basics of coding, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is a fantastic option for beginners who would like to try their hand at coding.

The immersive course lasts 14 weeks. Modules covered include the fundamentals, as well as more complex technologies like GitHub, the command line, React.js, Node.js, PHP, and PostgreSQL. Students are constantly surrounded by expert instructors, and the course ends with a final project for your portfolio.

Tuition: $13,995

Locations: Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Orange, Online

Best Online Web Development Bootcamps

Not everyone can attend an in-person program. The following bootcamps have online courses that can be completed anywhere.

The Best Online Web Development Bootcamps

Hack Reactor offers a fully immersive web development program available both full-time and part-time. The web development course is part of the software engineering program. All the technologies you need to become a competent web engineer are covered.

The first week of the course covers everything you need to know about computer science. The next four weeks train students to become full stack JavaScript engineers.
In the latter part of the course, students work in pairs to construct industry-standard web applications. Agile workflow and iterative development practices are followed, making this program suitable for ambitious learners. The final week is oriented toward the job search.

Cost: $17,980

Lambda School offers an enticing full stack web development course. It is available either full-time over six months or part-time over 12 months.

This immersive course covers an array of technologies. These include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, React, Python, Redux, and SQL. Students can develop their own web servers using the tools covered in the course. Lambda School encourages student collaboration, so it’s a great place to network and learn from peers.

The school also offers a deferred tuition scheme, a great option for those unable to pay upfront.

Cost: $30,000 for residents of California, Washington DC, Georgia, and Texas; $15,000 for residents of all other states

The Tech Academy offers an extensive web development course, in which you will learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The course boasts over 300 hours of material, and it is one of the bootcamp’s cheaper options. It goes for either eight or 14 weeks, depending on which schedule you choose.

You’ll also have access to constant instructor assistance, which allows you to get answers to your questions at a moment’s notice.

Cost: $11,974 for part-time, $9,000 for full-time

What About Free Web Development Bootcamps and Courses?

Free web development courses are available at some bootcamps. You can also study web development for free in some massive open online courses (MOOCs). The following list contains both bootcamps and MOOCs.

The Best Free Web Development Bootcamps and Courses

Codecademy – Web Development

The Codecademy web development course is a fantastic option for beginners. The course is designed to help students build and create basic websites, as well as interactive apps.

Modules covered include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These are the foundational tools that are crucial to your coding education and career. Courses at Codecademy usually last between three and four months.

Coursera – Introduction to Web Development

Coursera offers a concise web development introductory course. The curriculum was created in partnership with the University of California and offers a certificate of completion.

The course itself covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The great thing about Coursera is that it allows you to postpone any deadlines you might have. This makes it an incredibly flexible option, great for busy students or professionals.

Udacity – Front End Web Developer, Full Stack Web Developer

Udacity is an online MOOC that offers career guidance to students around the clock. Courses are self-paced and require a minimum of 10 hours a week over about four months.

The biggest advantage of Udacity is that it offers an array of web development courses. Concepts covered in the front end and full stack courses include the standard fare of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, but you’ll also learn Python, Node, and object oriented programming.

Udacity features a project-based learning strategy. This means you will be able to apply skills covered throughout the course in a practical context, a great way of ramping up your portfolio.

Why Learn Web Development Now?

Currently, there is a shortage of web developers in the tech industry. Now is the perfect time to pursue this fail-safe career path. Web developers can easily work as freelancers, or on a contractual basis for high-end companies.

What Do Web Developers Actually Do?

In simple terms, web developers create and design websites. Every website that you visit requires the work of a web developer to publish and maintain. This gives you some idea of the demand for this profession.

To give you a better understanding of the work web developers do, we have put together a short list of job functions below.

Apply Coding Languages to Create Websites

Every coding bootcamp or MOOC on this list covers web development fundamentals. To become a successful web developer, it is absolutely crucial to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Only then can you move on to other coding or server-based languages.

These three languages form the backbone of modern websites. The more dynamic elements you may find on a website, the more coding languages have been used and applied.

Convert Video and Graphic Elements Into Web Format

Almost every website today contains video and graphic content. Web developers are expected to know how to embed video elements into a web page. This again requires mastery of coding languages and is precisely the kind of skill you develop at a bootcamp.

Nurture and Maintain a Website

A website requires constant renovation. It is never complete. Updates may be necessary and content may need to be changed, which requires the skill of a web developer. This has both good and bad sides.

The bad side is that website maintenance is not very exciting. The plus side is that it provides a safety net for web developers. This applies especially to freelancers, who often receive follow-up requests from companies or businesses to update certain elements.


Web developers often work for people who do not understand what they are doing. For this reason, it is important for developers to be able to communicate effectively.

Furthermore, web developers sometimes have to streamline ideas coming from different members of an organization.

Should You Attend a Web Development Bootcamp in 2021?

Web development jobs and careers are traditionally based in New York City and San Francisco. In recent years, however, demand for developers has grown, and now career opportunities abound nationally and globally. Attending a coding bootcamp in 2021 increases your chances of having a successful and long-lasting career in the tech world.

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