What Are the Best Kotlin Bootcamps in 2021?

Kotlin is a popular cross-platform programming language used by Android developers. The coding language is also quite popular among top tech brands like Google, Slack, and Trello. If you want to start a career at a top-rated tech company, you should enroll in a Kotlin bootcamp in 2021.

Learning Kotlin can be challenging, especially for tech newbies. A coding bootcamp can help ease the learning process. If you have experience learning Ruby, JavaScript, or Python, you can learn Kotlin in no time. Read below for the best Kotlin bootcamps in 2021.

The Best Kotlin Bootcamps

The App Academy NL

If you want to become a Kotlin developer, you should consider the App Academy NL. This school offers an intensive mobile app development program. It offers expert feedback, extensive assignments, and hands-on projects. All you need is a computer or laptop capable of running popular software development kits.

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App Academy offers an eight-week program that will teach you the fundamentals of Kotlin and how to learn Swift. This bootcamp focuses on iOS, but it sometimes offers an Android development course. Either way, this is a great comprehensive app development school.

Tuition: $9,400

Locations: Amsterdam, Online

Big Nerd Ranch is a programming school that offers training in full stack development. You can learn React, Python, Swift, and Kotlin. If you want to learn Kotlin programming, consider this school’s Android and Kotlin essentials course.

In this program, you will learn the essentials of Kotlin and how to construct android apps using fragments and activities. You should be familiar with other programming languages like Java before taking this course. The program lasts less than a week and you can enroll on-site or online.

Tuition: $3,000 online, $5,200 on-site

Locations: Atlanta, Online

The Knowledge Academy

If you are an intermediate programmer and want to elevate your Kotlin skills, this bootcamp is great for you. Newbies can also benefit from this program because there are no formal prerequisites. The Knowledge Academy is based in Panama City, but you can also enroll online for a self-paced option.

This Kotin mobile app development training course can teach you everything you need to know. You’ll learn all about the environment setup, Kotlin variables, and data types. This information can be challenging, but the Knowledge Academy uses professional instructors to guide bootcamp students of all levels.

Tuition: $1,413

Locations: Panama City, Online

Nucamp is a fantastic bootcamp that offers mobile development and web development training. If you want to learn to code but aren’t sure where you want to specialize, this is a great choice. At Nucamp, you can learn mobile development with React Native as well as other skills like Node.js and Bootstrap.

Nucamp is unique because it also offers extensive career services. You can access one-on-one career coaching, resume reviews, and interview prep. Nucamp says that 78 percent of graduates get a job within three months of graduation.

Tuition: $1,880

Locations: Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Orlando, New York, Denver, San Diego, San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Jose, Online

Best Online Kotlin Bootcamps

If you have a full-time job or other commitments, attending on-site classes might be challenging. For this reason, you should consider online Kotlin bootcamps to help you learn Kotlin from anywhere.

The Best Online Kotlin Bootcamps

Bedu Tech

This Kotlin bootcamp is perfect if you’re a Spanish speaker who wants to learn to code. You should know both Spanish and English to enroll in a course at Bedu. You can learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced Kotlin, so this program works for any skill level. Bedu also offers programs in full stack web development, UX/UI design, and more.

Bedu blends in-class and online learning to help you get the best experience possible. You can enroll in Mexico or online from anywhere. This bootcamp also offers extensive career services, including a career week where you can meet employers.

Cost: $4,994

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive coding offers courses in full stack web development, UX/UI design, digital media, and more. If you want to learn Kotlin at Deep Dive Coding, you should consider this school’s Java and Android course. This 12-week bootcamp will help you learn Kotlin, Java, and other Android development essentials.

Although Deep Dive Coding is based in Albuquerque, all classes are currently delivered live online. This bootcamp also features career services to help you secure employment after graduation. You can access personal development resources and learn how to build your own brand. You will also complete mock interviews and resume reviews.

Cost: $8,995

What About Free Kotlin Bootcamps and Courses?

Are you on a tight budget? You can still learn Kotlin for free from many different course providers. Read below for the best free Kotlin classes in 2021.

The Best Free Kotlin Courses

Google Developers Codelabs – Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

Curated by Google experts, this course offers an industry-standard education. You can learn both Java and Kotlin. If you want to understand why Kotlin can be more useful than Java, these lessons will be helpful.

Skill Centric – Mastering Kotlin

In this short course, you will learn all the useful information regarding Kotlin. If you want to know the major differences between Kotlin and Java, you should sign up for this 30-minute class. By the end, you will be very familiar with Kotlin’s features and advantages.

Udacity – Kotlin for Android Developers

This one-week free course will help you cover the basics of Kotlin. As part of the course, you will convert a Java application to Kotlin. This will help you learn the basic syntax and how to use it. If you already know other programming languages but want to learn Kotlin, this course is perfect for you.

Udemy – One Hour Kotlin Guide for Beginners

This is a free course to help you learn the basics of Kotlin programming. The course covers Kotlin file structure, functions, and variables. In less than two hours, you will go from beginner to intermediate. If you want to pay a little extra, you can also get a certificate and one-on-one instructor access.

Why Learn Kotlin Now?

You should learn Kotlin now because many companies today, including Netflix and Pinterest, use Kotlin in their tech stacks. In addition, Google has announced its official support for Kotlin in Android development. As a result, there is a rise in the demand for Kotlin programmers. This means that you could land a lucrative job after graduation.

You can become a web or mobile app developer by learning programming languages like Kotlin. Such jobs attract annual salaries of up to $110,000. Learning Kotlin now also puts you at an advantage because you will be able to use Kotlin with existing Java libraries.

What Do Kotlin Developers Actually Do?

Kotlin programmers and developers use this language for a host of activities. Below are some of the main uses of Kotlin.

Android Development

Android development is probably the top use for Kotlin. According to Android developers, Kotlin is the best way to write Android apps. Over 60 percent of all professional Android developers use Kotlin. With Android development, you can become a mobile app developer, Windows app developer, software engineer, and more.

iOS App Development

Kotlin is used to develop multi-platform applications on both Android and iOS. Kotlin is not restricted to a single platform. This means that you can use Kotlin as an iOS or macOS app development language. If you learn Kotlin, you’re not limited to Android development.

Web Development

Kotlin can be used to build a microservice in web development. Consider a web development course with a focus on Kotlin if you wish to become a web designer or full stack web developer.

Data Science

Kotlin is an excellent choice for working with data. It is readable, concise, and works with other languages. Since Kotlin is compatible with Java, you can use Java libraries for data science while working on your Kotlin code.

Game Development

Real-world game developers use Kotlin when writing code for games. If you choose to work as a game developer, consider attending a Kotlin bootcamp. You can learn how to create games, write reusable code, and use game development tools.

Should You Attend a Kotlin Bootcamp in 2021?

Yes, you should attend a Kotlin bootcamp if you are an aspiring web or mobile developer. Kotlin can be used for just about any type of development, including web, iOS, and Android. There are plenty of ways to learn Kotlin, but Kotlin bootcamps are the best. These bootcamps are an affordable alternative to university degrees.

In addition, any of these bootcamps can put you ahead of the curve in a matter of weeks. A university program might not prepare you for the workforce, even in four years. By that time, the entire basis of mobile development may have completely shifted.

A Kotlin bootcamp is the best way to succeed in the tech world. With a comprehensive curriculum, career services, and expert instructors, you are likely to land a job in tech after graduation.

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