How to Become a
Computer Science Teacher

Best Education Tracks, Key Skills, and Top Certifications

A degree in computer science can lead to many career paths, including teaching. Computer science teachers are instructors who facilitate computer science courses at different levels.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a computer science teacher, this guide can teach you everything you need to know. Read below to learn more about educational requirements, career outlook, and salary expectations for this profession.

What Is a Computer Science Teacher?

A computer science teacher specializes in teaching computer science and similar topics. They are responsible for helping students learn a wide variety of computer science skills. These include programming languages like JavaScript or HTML. These teachers might also tutor students on an individual basis.

What Type of School Should You Attend
to Become a Computer Science Teacher?

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To become a computer science teacher, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree and get a teaching license. This means you will need to attend a university or college. However, there are many factors that can determine how long you should spend in school. Check your state’s entry-level requirements before deciding to enroll in a specific school’s program.

Best Computer Science Teacher Education Tracks

There are many education paths that you can follow to become a computer science teacher. Your choice will depend on your career goals and learning preferences. Below are the best computer science teacher education tracks.


Community College

To get your degree and teaching license, you can start with a community college. An associate degree can help you get a bachelor’s degree later on. Not only that, but many online colleges are offering a wide range of courses. To become a computer science teacher, consider a program in computer science, information technology, or education.


Computer Science Teaching Degrees

Most teaching positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. For this reason, the best educational track to become a computer science teacher is a bachelor’s degree program. This can take about four years to complete. You will learn how to prepare for classes, train students, and use different hardware and software.

If you want to work at a college or university, you might need to get a master’s degree or PhD. These are higher-level degrees that can help you specialize in the field. You will be able to teach advanced students and become a professor with these credentials.

How to Become a Computer Science Teacher: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Become a Computer Science Teacher: A Step-by-Step Guide

Although you can follow a few different paths to become a computer science teacher, you should hit these important steps. Read below for a step-by-step guide to launching your teaching career.

Find out your state’s teaching requirements

Depending on your location, you will need to follow a certain education path. This can involve a degree, a certification program, and more. Make sure you’re aware of the requirements first so you can plan accordingly.

Get a bachelor’s degree

Most computer science teacher positions require a bachelor’s degree. Consider enrolling in schools that offer Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer and Information Sciences. You can also find degree programs specifically for teachers. If you want to become a professor, you can also try a master’s or PhD.

Get work experience

Many teaching degrees include co-op programs to help you get work experience. Extensive skills, knowledge, and experience are required to work as a computer science teacher. These particulars can be acquired through an internship or teaching placement program.

Earn your teaching license

To become a computer science teacher, you will need to get the proper teaching credentials. This depends on your location and experience. Make sure to research the requirements in your area.

Apply for teaching jobs

After gaining experience, you will be eligible for most entry-level jobs. Before applying, update your resume to highlight your skills and experiences.

Key Computer Science Teacher Skills

Key Computer Science Teacher Skills

Computer science teachers are expected to have a strong background in computer science or a related field. However, these professionals also need specific technical and soft skills to work efficiently.

Computers and Information Technology

Computer science instructors are expected to be skilled in computers and other electronics. Knowledge of both hardware and software will help you teach others. It will come in handy when explaining computer science principles, techniques, and procedures.


To succeed in this field, you will need good pedagogical skills. You can make the learning experience worthwhile for students. As a computer science teacher, you should be able to plan and implement different lessons. This will help you work more efficiently when teaching both individuals and groups of students.


No matter what language you teach in, you should have good communication skills. This can help students understand different concepts and learn more quickly. You also may have to be patient with students in certain situations.

Computer Science Teacher Salary and Job Outlook

Computer science teachers are paid according to where they work. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of computer science teachers working in junior colleges is $86,630 per year. On the other hand, teachers working in business schools and training facilities can earn $169,100 per year.

BLS also estimates around two percent growth in this job market by 2029. This is lower than average, but it still means that employment rates will not go down anytime soon.

Min salary


Average salary


Top salary


Entry-Level Computer Science Teacher Job Requirements

Most entry-level computer science teacher jobs ask for at least a bachelor’s degree. You may also need to get a master’s or PhD for positions in colleges or universities. Either way, you will need a license to teach.

What Does a Computer Science Teacher Do?

What Does a Computer Science Teacher Do?

A computer science teacher does different things depending on the position. In general, they are responsible for teaching courses in computer science. However, there are many other duties and responsibilities that come with being a computer science teacher.

Trains and Teaches Others

As an instructor, you should be able to teach computer science according to the standard curriculum. You should also be able to identify the educational needs of your students and develop educational training programs. You are also expected to understand and interpret the meaning of different computer science concepts.

Interacts with Computers

Computer science involves a lot of computer use, both hardware and software. You may be expected to write programs using programming languages or other software to set up functions. This way, you can show your students how to use certain skills hands-on.

Mentors Students

School teachers are also expected to play a coaching role as they help with student development. You should be able to identify the needs of others and help them improve their knowledge or skills through mentorship. As a computer science teacher, you could help change the lives of your students.

Computer Science Teacher Certifications

This program is available to students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. It is offered by the University of Northern Texas and can help you transition into a teaching career in Texas. This exam is a great option and can prove your skills in computer science, communication, teaching, and more.

Computer Science Certificate Coursework Guidance

This is a certificate program, but it can still be a useful credential. It is issued by the New York State Education Department, which makes it a great option if you want to work in New York. It is available for teachers who have worked for more than five years. To earn this certificate, you must complete 12 credits and pass the Content Speciality Test.

K-12 Computer Science Teaching Certificate

Offered by Montclair State University, this certificate program requires a total of 15 credits to complete. By the end, you will have learned problem solving, coding, programming, and research-based methods of teaching computer science. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a topic related to computer science to enter the program.

How to Prepare for Your Computer Science Teacher Job Interview

How to Prepare for Your Computer Science Teacher Job Interview

The best way to ace a job interview is by familiarizing yourself with related interview questions. Going through such questions will give you more confidence.

Consider the common computer science interview questions below if you want to increase your chances of getting the job.

Computer Science Teacher Job Interview Practice Questions

  • How would you explain the concept of a programming language to a younger age group?
  • How would you explain the addition process between two four-bit binary numbers? How would you check to ensure the answers are correct?
  • What are relational databases, and how would you teach this concept to students?
  • What computer science assignments have you designed?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Computer Science Teacher?

It can take at least four years to become a computer science teacher. It will depend on your preferred education path. Most employers prefer hiring candidates from graduate programs, but you can also get by with a bachelor’s degree. No matter what path you take, you will also need to get the proper credentials to teach in your state.

Associate degree


Bachelor’s degree


Master’s degree


Should You Become a Computer Science Teacher in 2021?

If you love working with computers and have a passion for teaching others, you should consider this career path. Although it is less conventional than other computer science careers, it can be much more rewarding.

Computer Science Teacher FAQ

Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Education necessary for computer science teachers?

No, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education is not necessary for computer science teachers. However, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field is necessary.

Are computer science teachers in demand?

Computer science teachers are slowly increasing in number. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an almost two percent growth in the job market for computer science teachers.

How do you become a high school computer science teacher?

To become a high school computer science teacher, you must get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field. You will also need to get a license depending on your location. According to ZipRecruiter, the average high school computer science teacher makes nearly $54,000 per year.

How much do computer science teachers make?

It depends. On average, however, computer science teachers in the United States earn about $85,540 per year, according to BLS.

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