What Are the Best Washington, DC Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The tech industry is growing and will continue to grow in the coming years. With the market for tech jobs steadily expanding, now is the perfect time to get into coding. The best Washington, DC bootcamps offer exclusive and extensive courses. Students in the DC area can study software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, cyber security, and more.

The vast majority of courses are currently online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the city’s bootcamps have been quick to adapt. Students can expect engaging, interactive, and immersive learning experiences at any of the Washington, DC, bootcamps listed below.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Washington, DC

The following list of the best Washington, DC, coding bootcamps should help you with your search process. We have arranged them in alphabetical order.

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While Codeworks doesn’t have a campus in Washington, DC, you can take a remote Codeworks course from inside the Beltway. Its four physical campuses are in London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Toronto.

Codeworks’ flagship course is a 12-week immersion into software engineering. Students get a full stack education with a focus on JavaScript. The bootcamp makes sure that students are paired with classmates in their own time zones so that classes are fully interactive for everyone.

Codeworks also offers an eight-week course on web development. In this program, the focus is on JavaScript and full stack app building.

The bootcamp is highly selective, and applicants are expected to have prior knowledge of coding, which is assessed by means of an admissions challenge.

Tuition: $6,500 for Web Development, $8,900 for Software Engineering Immersive

The Data Incubator has a campus in Washington, DC, where in-person lectures and seminars are held. Its courses are designed to prepare students to start fully-fledged careers in data science or data analytics after only eight weeks of immersive learning. In light of the ongoing pandemic, all courses are online until further notice.

The school offers an exclusive fellowship program for seasoned academics with prior coding experience. This program is an eight-week course that focuses on putting data science principles into practice. The bootcamp’s objective is to help students jump straight into a career upon completion. To apply, you must have a master’s degree or PhD.

The Data Incubator also offers introductory courses in data science and machine learning for beginners. These are available both part-time and full-time.

Tuition: $17,000 for the Fellowship Program; $3,495 for the beginner courses

Data Science Dojo partners with the University of New Mexico to offer students a respected data science credential upon graduation. All courses are currently remote, but students still get an immersive and interactive experience throughout the learning process.

The school features a data science bootcamp for people in the business world. Its curriculum combines group training, pair programming, and one-on-one support. Students primarily learn R and Python, gaining a solid grasp of these languages. In turn, students are fully set up for careers in machine learning and data analytics.

Tuition: $2,799

Flatiron School has campuses in eight US cities. Its Washington, DC, campus is across the street from the White House, putting it in a central and exciting location.
The school boasts a wide range of program options, from coding to data science to cyber security. Over the 15-week courses, students split their learning up into six or seven modules. These include programming fundamentals, machine learning mechanisms, and data analysis.

Lessons are interactive and utilize a variety of learning methods. Student-led discussions, pair-programming, and mini-projects are all designed to help students learn skills quickly. About 86 percent of Flatiron graduates find a rewarding job.

Tuition: $16,900

General Assembly’s Washington, DC, campus is located a short two-minute walk from the United States Capitol. The bootcamp offers an array of part-time and full-time courses. Courses include data science, software engineering, product management, and user experience design. You can also learn React development.

General Assembly provides interview preparation and personal career coaching for all of its students. Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend an in-person info event at the Washington, DC campus. This allows you to get answers to all your questions and concerns before starting your application.
In light of the ongoing pandemic, all courses and networking events are held online.

Tuition: $3,950 – $15,950

GW Boot Camps

George Washington Boot Camps offer exciting programs in FinTech, data analytics, cyber security, UX/ UI design, digital marketing, and coding. The curriculum is completely market-driven and covers the most in-demand skills for a successful career in tech.

GW has two campuses, one in Arlington, and one in Downtown DC. Both campuses are easily reachable via public transit. Full-time accelerated courses last 12 weeks, and part-time courses of 18 to 21 weeks are also available.

Students are offered extensive support for career planning. GW offers portfolio revision, technical interview training, and job search assistance.

For the health and safety of all students and staff, GW lessons and lectures are currently held online until further notice.

Tuition: $10,000

Lambda School does not host courses in Washington, DC, as all of its courses are fully remote. The courses offered are data science and full-stack web development, six months on a full-time schedule or 12 months on a part-time schedule.

The data science course teaches students the fundamentals of Python, SQL, machine learning, and natural language processing. These are all crucial skills for an aspiring data scientist to have.

In the full stack web development course, students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, Python, Redux, and SQL. This is a well-rounded course providing students with indispensable tools for pursuing their tech ambitions.

Tuition: $30,000 for residents of Washington, DC

Nucamp offers high-quality, flexible online courses for students with busy schedules. The time commitment is only eight to 14 hours per week. In addition to online classes, Nucamp organizes weekly in-person meetings every Saturday. This allows students to meet up, discuss course content, and network.

The bootcamp offers three immersive courses. There’s a four-week web development fundamentals course for beginners, a 17-week intermediate course on front end web development and mobile development, and a 22-week expert course on full stack web and mobile development. Furthermore, career services are offered to all students.

Weekly meetups are on hold until social distancing regulations are lifted.

Tuition: $1,880 – $2,292

The Software Guild is geared towards career preparation. The school offers courses in Java development and .NET/C#. Full-time courses are 12-weeks long and are very demanding. Students can opt for a 10-month part-time option instead.

The Software Guild also offers a four-to-six-week introductory course in web development. All courses include resume help, invaluable networking opportunities, and advice on how you can ace your next interview.

The campus is located in the state of Virginia, a one-hour drive from the heart of Washington, DC. There are currently no in-person events, and all courses are online.

Tuition: $10,000 to $13,750

Thinkful is a fully online immersive coding bootcamp, which guarantees students a job six months after course completion. Programs include software engineering, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and data science. Both full-time and flexible options can last up to six months.

Furthermore, in-person seminars, conferences, and other networking opportunities are organized regularly in Washington, DC. These events will resume once social distancing regulations are lifted.

Tuition: $4,900 – $7,900 for part-time courses, $7,500 – $18,500 for full-time courses

Should You Attend a Washington, DC Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

Washington, DC is known more for politics than for coding. However, there are plenty of programs available for tech enthusiasts, or for anyone wishing to switch careers. Below are a few reasons why learning to code in Washington, DC can be a good idea.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in Washington, DC

An Exciting City

Washington, DC is the seat of the US government. It is buzzing with history and full of grandiose monuments. The city has over 100 schools, and about 19 university campuses. This makes it a great place to meet up with students from different educational backgrounds and debate which type of higher education best prepares students for the workforce.


Washington is a very diverse and inclusive city. In terms of coding bootcamps, diversity translates into a richer educational experience. Coding bootcamps benefit from multiculturalism because students from different social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds have their own unique stories to tell.

Washington, DC is the perfect place to learn from peers, and also to tell others about your own ambitions, experiences, and background.

Employment Opportunities

The nation’s capital is a hub for innovation and commerce. A huge number of tech startups and enterprises are stationed there, including EVERFI, Arcadia, CleanChoice Energy, and Mapbox. There are many more. The DC area is an amazing place to network, meet interesting and ambitious tech professionals, and find your next job.

There are many good bootcamp options in Washington, DC, but you should try to find the one that best matches your learning style and career ambitions. Each person has a different approach to coding, so make sure that the bootcamp you choose caters to your personal needs and expectations.

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