What Are the Best Atlanta Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

Atlanta has a vibrant emerging tech scene. As a result, there are a lot of job opportunities in the area for those with the right skill sets. By enrolling in one of the best Atlanta bootcamps, you can put yourself in the running for any number of these tech jobs.

The coding bootcamps in Atlanta offer a range of programs, from software development to mobile development to data science. There are many formats to choose from.

You can study online or in-person, part-time or full-time, and in small local or large international programs. The following list takes you through each and every Atlanta bootcamp’s offerings.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

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Atlanta coding bootcamps vary in terms of pricing, the level of commitment required, and the quality of the learning experience. Each of these bootcamps has its strengths, but no matter which you choose, you will be poised for a great career in tech.

Big Nerd Ranch is known for its high-intensity, high-reward bootcamps. Only lasting one week, the programs are short and fast-paced, which works well for those with busy schedules. If you’re into mobile development, you can learn Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android. You can also take a crash course on Python, or study up on React.

Whichever bootcamp you join, you’ll learn to create unique digital products that will set you apart in the tech sector, and you’ll stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing tech world.

Students rate their experience at Big Nerd Ranch highly. Its knowledgeable instructors are full-time industry consultants who work on large projects for Fortune 100 companies. Graduates have gone on to successful careers in software engineering, web development, and app development.

Tuition: $2,450 – $3,000

Code Career Academy is a coding bootcamp based in Atlanta. Its immersive full stack web development program is available both online and in-person. There is also a prep course that you can take before enrolling in the main program.

The curriculum is the brainchild of Code Career Academy’s chief instructor, who has 25 years of programming experience. While in the program, you will complete a portfolio to demonstrate your skills. Code Career Academy awards a certificate to all its graduates.

Tuition: $14,500

DigitalCrafts is a highly rated bootcamp with a campus in Atlanta. You have a 16-week full-time bootcamp and a 26-week part-time bootcamp to choose from. Both options can be taken either online or as a hybrid of online and in-person classes.

In the full stack curriculum, students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, DOM manipulation, JSON, React.js, RESTful APIs, and more.

In addition to its industry-leading curriculum, DigitalCrafts offers a range of career services. The school strives to make the tech sector more accessible to a diverse range of candidates, delivering automatic scholarships to women, veterans, and other marginalized groups.

Tuition: $14,950 for full-time, $9,950 for part-time

General Assembly is one of the largest bootcamps. It offers a variety of programs, from product management to UX design to software engineering. Its software engineering course includes expert instruction, connections to top employers, and one-on-one career coaching.

There are two-week full-time, 10-week part-time, and 24-week part-time courses. In most programs, you’ll create a professional-grade portfolio, have access to industry connections through GA’s tech experts, and get personalized job support.

The bootcamp has a huge alumni network that is sure to benefit graduates living in and around Atlanta. General Assembly is known to place graduates in high-growth, high-paying tech jobs.

Tuition: $14,950

Georgia Tech Boot Camps

Georgia Tech has a bootcamp that offers a fast-paced and immersive curriculum for students to learn front end and backend technologies. Students can choose to do the 12-week full-time or 24-week part-time course. Graduates from the bootcamp will receive a certificate of completion from Georgia Tech Professional Education.

You’ll learn the coding languages needed to pursue a career in web design. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone hoping to get hired by a company in Atlanta’s tech sector.

Tuition: $11,000 – $12,000

Kenzie Academy is an online coding bootcamp open to Atlanta residents. It offers several programs, which include software engineering, UX engineering, and digital marketing.

Kenzie Academy is unique in that it allows students to take on part-time technical support jobs from home while completing coursework.

Kenzie Academy graduates in the tech industry earn between $55,000 and $90,000 a year.

Tuition: $13,500 – $24,000

Lambda School is a coding bootcamp that is fully online, with in-person meetups in Atlanta. It goes for nine months and has a 1,500-hour curriculum. Students can choose between studying data science and full stack web development.

Industry-leading instructors teach the daily classes. Outside of the virtual classroom, you’ll have access to student support coordinators, career coaches, and industry mentors.

Lambda School strives to keep its expensive program financially accessible. Through its ISA program, you can wait to pay tuition until after you’ve secured a job.

Tuition: $30,000

Nucamp is an affordable online coding bootcamp with three programs. There’s the web development fundamentals course, where you’ll learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There’s also an advanced course devoted to front end programming for web and mobile, and a third course that focuses on full stack programming.

The three programs last four weeks, 17 weeks, and 24 weeks, respectively. With the wide range of career services that NuCamp offers, you’re sure to find the right job for your interests.

Tuition: $349, $370, or $376 per month

Software Guild is a coding bootcamp run in collaboration with the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education in Atlanta. The program takes place in person at the UGA Gwinnett campus.

Students will learn full stack web development, which includes a range of coding languages and frameworks. The immersive web development program includes 60 hours of class time over a 12-week period.

Tuition: $13,750

Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp. From your home in the Atlanta area, you can join its data science bootcamp, its software engineering bootcamp, its digital marketing bootcamp, its UX and UI design bootcamp, and more. Thinkful offers both full-time and part-time options. In the software engineering course, you’ll learn JavaScript, React, and Node.

Thinkful also has a job guarantee. If you’re not hired within six months of graduating, you get a refund. You’ll be paired with a mentor to help you with the course material and a career coach to guide you through your job search.

Tuition: $7,900 – $18,500

Should You Attend an Atlanta Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

Still unsure whether Atlanta is the right place for you to dip into the tech world? There are a lot of benefits to attending a coding bootcamp in Atlanta. The city is becoming a tech hub, and Atlanta bootcamps are adjusting their curricula to meet the latest industry needs. Most of the bootcamps, moreover, have connections to Atlanta-based tech companies.

Continue reading for more details about why Atlanta is a unique place to get your tech education.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

Successful Tech Industry

Thanks to the variety of tech companies based there, coding skills will take you far in Atlanta. An increasing number of companies, both large and small, operate out of the Atlanta Tech Village, which is ranked among the top five tech hubs in the United States. The average salary of a software developer in Atlanta is $75,000.

Industry-Leading Curriculum

Because competition among Atlanta bootcamps is fierce, each bootcamp needs to keep its curriculum on the cutting edge in order to survive. They all strive to teach industry-standard technology, updating their programs to keep pace with innovation.

Career Coaching and Services

The career services offered through Atlanta boot camps help students build their networks. Many of the programs have career coaches, who work tirelessly to connect students to industry professionals and tech companies in the Atlanta area.

Atlanta is poised to become one of the most successful tech hubs in the country. There are a wide variety of bootcamps in Atlanta, from the small and personalized to the large and well-connected. No matter what kind of bootcamp you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Atlanta.

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