What Are the Best Python Bootcamps in 2021?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today for software development, data analytics, and more. The best Python bootcamps prepare students to use this popular language in several ways.

These coding bootcamps will also help you lay a foundation in computer science that will keep you learning long after graduation. There are plenty of options in several different formats below, so these listings should help you decide which one is right for your schedule and ability to commit.

The Best Python Bootcamps

This university-backed bootcamp is offered by the University of California, Berkeley. Python is used in three of its intensive courses. These are coding, fintech, and data analytics.

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The Coding Boot Camp teaches students how to build websites in the JavaScript stack, with the option of taking a supplementary Python course. Both the Fintech and Data Analytics Boot Camp teach Python as a foundational part of the course before moving into more specialized instruction.

In-person study is usually available, but due to COVID-19, all courses are currently online. You can opt for the 24-week part-time or the full-time 12-week curriculum.

Tuition: $12,495 Coding; $13,245 Data Analytics; $12,995 Fintech

Locations: Online

Coding Dojo is well-known in the bootcamp industry for its three-stack curriculum. Students learn three separate programming stacks to get them started in a wide range of fields. This bootcamp provider offers multiple options for aspiring Python students. You will study for between 14 -16 weeks, depending on your time commitment.

Students in the immersive bootcamp learn object-oriented programming in Python along with SQL databases and MVC frameworks. You then advance to MERN and the C# programming languages. Students can also choose to learn Python alone in part-time online courses in web development or data science. All classes are currently held online.

Tuition: $15,745 Full-Time, $7,745 Online Accelerated and Flex Bootcamps, $1,950 – $3,850 Self-Paced, $4,475 Part-Time Data Science

Locations: Arlington, VA, Bellevue, WA, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, San Jose, Tulsa, Online

Coding Temple offers full-time and part-time options that offer a unique hybrid web development model. In both courses, students learn Python for backend development during their first few weeks before progressing to front end construction with JavaScript. Currently, all classes are held online.

The courses conclude by covering Python in a data science context. This will give you abilities on top of your software development skills. The combination of data science and software development instruction makes this a unique option that will strengthen any resume.

Tuition: $13,495 On-Site Immersive; $10,000 Part-Time

Locations: Chicago, Dallas, Online

Thinkful is one of the largest bootcamp providers in the world, and it offers Python instruction to thousands of satisfied students each year. Students at Thinkful can choose to learn Python via either its Data Analytics or Data Science Course. Both options are currently available through online learning.

If you opt for data analytics, you will be taught how to examine large data sets to provide reliable conclusions. Choose data science and you will use math and Python coding to solve business problems and predict future outcomes. Full-time courses take between 16 to 20 weeks. Part-time courses run for 24 weeks.

Tuition: $12,250 Data Analytics; $18,500 Data Science
Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington D.C., Online

Best Online Python Bootcamps

If you don’t live in a major city, or just want something that might work better for your schedule, an online bootcamp could be what you’re looking for.

The Best Online Python Bootcamps


Bottega offers a 12-week full-time remote course that covers Python 3, JavaScript, and its React framework. Over those three months, you will learn how to build sites with Python backends and JavaScript front ends.

Students learn to use React to build complex web applications that can be translated into mobile apps with React Native. Bottega’s intensive course includes a learning management system and a unique support app to help students make it through the curriculum.

Cost: $12,000

Byte Academy offers two Python bootcamps that also give students the chance for real-world experience after graduation through its partnership with SpryteLabs. Like the Bottega course, the web development course covers full stack development with Python and JavaScript with React.

You will start with server-side education in Python before moving into JavaScript and then React. The Data Science Course covers Python with mathematics, machine learning, and data visualization as well.

Cost: $14,950

Coding Nomads

True to its name, Coding Nomads offers a number of online courses that people can take from anywhere in the world. Students get a free trial to try out the school’s courses before committing to either a self-paced or 1:1 mentor-guided structure.

In its Python course, students get an introduction to programming in general, while learning backend engineering and how to build Python APIs. You will also be introduced to databases and SQL.

Cost: $9/month Self-Paced Option, $750 Monthly 1:1 mentoring option, $2,100 3-Month Intensive upfront.

What About Free Python Bootcamps and Courses?

Python is known for being one of the easiest programming languages for new programmers to grasp. Some bootcamps offer free courses to try your hand at a subject, but we found these MOOC Python courses to be the best bet to test the Python waters.

The Best Free Python Courses

Coursera – Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

Google designed this six-part course to teach IT professionals how to program in Python before learning to automate several key tasks. Students also learn how to iterate software using the Git system and more.

The first couple of courses lay a foundation in Python before showing students how it interacts with their operating systems. Then students learn to troubleshoot and debug before moving into the cloud and automating real-world tasks in Python.

edX – Computational Thinking using Python

This course from MIT teaches you how to think computationally and write programs using Python. This foundational course is designed for people with no previous programming experience who want to start learning the basics.

The first part of the course teaches students the basics of computer science and programming using Python. The second half introduces data science and computational thinking concepts.

Udemy – Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Don’t have months to learn how to program in Python? Do you have an hour and a half? If so, then this free course from Udemy may be just right for you. You’ll learn the very basics of Python, which will allow you to advance in any direction after completing the course.

Students start by learning how to set up their Python ecosystem. You will then progress to modules and functions in Python and its various capabilities.

Why Learn Python Now?

Python is one of the more popular programming languages for handling data. It can be used in web development, but it’s also the most popular programming language for data science at the moment.

If you’re interested in building software, Python has a deep range of libraries that can do just about anything you want. As open-source software, it’s constantly evolving with a thriving community that can support you while you learn.

What Do Python Programmers Actually Do?

Python is a very flexible programming language, so there are many different applications. Although many programmers use Python for the data science or data structure functionalities listed above, there are also a few Python applications that you may not have considered.

Here are four relatively common usages for Python that you can specialize in after you’ve laid a foundation with the learning option of your choice.

Data Science

Naturally, data science is one of the more common usages of Python. Python has a host of libraries and functions that make data science a breeze in this programming language. You’ll often see people rely on the Pandas library in combination with the lightspeed data compiling functionality of the NumPY library.

Web Development

We’ve already discussed Python’s data capabilities, and it can work well handling data for websites as well. Python easily integrates with SQL and JavaScript to build data structures for web apps and sites. Also, learning Python allows you to add data science capabilities to your web development toolkit, which can help you build more exciting websites.

Game Development

Python’s PyGame library allows developers to build multimedia programs easily. PyOpenGL allows developers to wrap OpenGL programming into Python functions. Panda3D helps developers render and program 3D games, while Arcade does the same for 2D games. With all of the options at your disposal, you can build the game of your dreams in Python.

Artificial Intelligence

Python’s machine learning and deep learning capabilities have their place in data science, but they can also go even further. For example, you can program your own bots to perform tasks on social media or in commerce. You can also create a chatbot for the Slack or Discord you use every day to streamline several processes.

Should You Attend a Python Bootcamp in 2021?

If you’re interested in programming at all, absolutely. Python is an easier language to learn on your own, but bootcamps accelerate the process. They also give you access to a hiring network and career services that can simplify your job search. The guidance you receive at a bootcamp can give you the headstart you need to become a Python expert in no time.

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