What Are the Best Detroit Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

Detroit is better known for its manufacturing past, but the city has made a strong pivot to tech over the past few years. The best Detroit bootcamps are filling the city’s newfound need for tech talent.

These bootcamps offer courses in a range of fields including software development, product management, data analytics, and more. If you want to learn to code in Detroit, you’ve got many great options. Below are the 10 best coding bootcamps in Detroit.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Detroit

These 10 coding bootcamps have courses to turn you into the software developer you hope to be, and more. After you’ve mastered the curriculum, they have career coaches and other resources to help you be successful in your job hunt. You’ll have help every step of the way, from your first line of code until your first day on the job.

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Coding Dojo is well-known for its three-stack Software Development Bootcamp, where students learn how to build web applications and more in three different programming languages. Although this is Coding Dojo’s flagship offering, it’s got much more to offer.

Students can also take Coding Dojo’s courses in an online setting with immersive and part-time options. The Python-based Data Science Bootcamp is exclusively part-time. There’s also a free Intro to Programming Course where students can learn if a coding career is right for them.

The in-person and online bootcamps have slightly different curriculums, so you should have an idea of what you’d like to study while weighing your options. Although all courses are online right now, students who enroll in the on-site course get two months of free on-site instruction in the future. No matter the route, you’ll learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you’re interested in learning Python, MERN, and C#, the on-site bootcamp has you covered. The online bootcamp teaches students with Python, MERN, and Java stacks.

Tuition: $15,745 for the onsite immersive course; $4,745 for the Data Science Course; $7,745 for the online part-time bootcamps; $1,950 for two months of the self-paced bootcamp option.

Developer Bootcamp

Developer Bootcamp offers several different bootcamps made up of courses that students can pick and choose. This bootcamp teaches every course through a combination of on-demand streaming and hands-on exercises which students can finish in person at its Detroit location.

Developer Bootcamp offers bootcamps on C/C++, Java, Linux, SQL, C#/.NET, mobile application development, Python, UNIX, and general web development. Students take a certain amount of required courses in their chosen path and then decide if they want to add courses to round out their expertise for an additional cost.

This option is good for people who want to learn on a more flexible schedule at a lower cost than usual. However, this does not mean a drop in teaching standards. You will receive the same in-depth tuition other bootcamps offer. In addition, there are generous financing options.

Tuition: Starts at $2,400 for two-course bootcamps, goes up to $12,000 for 10-course bootcamps.

General Assembly is one of the largest bootcamp providers in the US, and its Detroit campus offers the same courses that have proven so successful for General Assembly in the past. However, all courses are currently online due to COVID-19.

Students can choose to take the Software Engineering, UX Design, and Data Science Immersive Courses for a full-time and fast-paced experience. Students can also upskill with part-time courses in topics like visual design and front end web development, along with workshops, events, and on-demand learning.

The immersive courses include access to General Assembly’s extensive career services and network of hiring partners. These tools have helped numerous General Assembly graduates land jobs at big-name companies including Bloomberg, Slack, Mastercard, Google, and Nike.

Tuition: $14,950 – $15,950 for Full-Time; $2,800 – $3,950 for Part-Time.

Grand Circus

Grand Circus is a Detroit-based bootcamp, named for its location around Detroit’s Grand Circus Park. This Motor City bootcamp is tailored to Detroit’s tech needs, with the added benefit of a strong hiring network around the city for students.

Grand Circus offers both full-time and part-time Full Stack JavaScript and C#/.NET Bootcamps. The full-time JavaScript program teaches students the front and backend skills they need to know, with other added benefits like web design elements. Similarly to the JavaScript program, the Full-stack C#/.NET program prepares students for a tech career in just over three months.

This bootcamp is also committed to opening doors for historically underrepresented groups with its range of scholarships. Grand Circus offers diversity scholarships for people of color, women, non-binary students, and affinity groups to help students feel more welcome in their cohorts.

Tuition: $11,750.

MSU Coding Boot Camp

East Lansing-based college Michigan State University has been offering quality courses since it opened its Detroit-based bootcamp in 2020. As a university-backed bootcamp, graduates from MSU Coding Boot Camp will be able to take advantage of the school’s credibility on their resumes.

This bootcamp offers part-time courses in coding, data analytics, and digital marketing. The 24-week Coding Course teaches students how to build full stack sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You also have options for continuation courses in other programming languages and topics.

The 24-week Data Analytics Course teaches students how to use tools like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You will also learn data-specific skills like data visualization with Tableau, programming in R, and machine learning.

The 18-week Digital Marketing Course teaches students how to build a powerful marketing strategy, and which online tools they need to ensure the strategy is working.
All of these bootcamps are backed up with substantial career services to help you enter the tech workforce around Detroit.

Tuition: $7,995 Digital Marketing; $10,995 Web Development; $11,745 Data Analytics.

Noble Desktop offers courses around the country, with bootcamps and more in New York City and a live-online format. Because these lower-cost certificate courses are available anywhere, they’re a great option if you’re looking for something quick and inexpensive to enter the tech field.

This bootcamp’s short-term programs teach students in a fast-paced environment with mentoring included. Students can earn certificates through Noble Desktop’s offerings in coding, design, and business.

If you’re comfortable with the live online format, this option may appeal to you. It’s got many more courses at more price points than several other options.

Tuition: $0 and up, depending on which program students choose.

Nucamp is a more inexpensive online bootcamp option that works to make tech more accessible through its Fair Student Agreement pricing structure. Students take a Web Development Fundamentals Course and then decide if they want to progress via either a front end or a full stack course. Both courses include mobile development using React Native, which can transform React websites into mobile applications.

The fundamentals course teaches students the building blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript over four weeks. The Front End Web + Mobile Development Course runs for 17 weeks and teaches students everything they need to build beautiful and responsive websites.

The Full-Stack Web + Mobile Development Course teaches students how to build apps from start to finish on both the server and client sides. This course runs for 22 weeks.

You will learn via video lectures during the week, and then take instructor-led workshops every Saturday in all of the programs. These part-time plans are designed to work around your schedule. In addition, the Fair Student Agreement prices are designed to work around your budget, with options as low as $8 per month until graduation.

Tuition: $349 for Web Development Fundamentals Course; $1,480 for Front End Web + Mobile Development Course; $1,880 for Full-Stack Web + Mobile Development Course.

Per Scholas

Per Scholas offers a no-cost full stack developer program that turns students into Java developers in just 14 weeks. In-person study is usually available in Detroit and six other US cities. However, this bootcamp has currently switched to a live-online format due to COVID-19.

Students get plenty of extra instruction for a free course, with information on Agile-Scrum project methodology, data structures, web services, algorithms, and more. Through a partnership with IT company TEKsystems, Per Scholas offers strong career services, too. Students average a $60,000 salary after graduation.

There’s no catch or hidden fees to the tuition-free structure. The program is funded through foundations, corporations, government grants, and generous individuals. So, this option may be your ticket to a new career without any cost at all.

Tuition: $0

Tech Elevator offers a strong coding curriculum through its virtual campuses in Detroit and eight other US locations. It also offers a unique career services option through its Pathway Program. Students choose between the Java and C#/.NET stacks at the beginning of their program, but after this choice, they learn the same basic structure.

Students learn how to program databases, build and consume APIs, build sites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and more, with guidance from professional software developers. Throughout the program, students get extensive career training over more than 30 sessions, culminating in rapid-fire interviews with Tech Elevator’s hiring partners.

Tech Elevator gets strong job placement rates, too. Its virtual Cleveland campus records a 92 percent success rate and a 95 percent graduation rate, according to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. This option could be just what you need to give you a career kickstart.

Tuition: $15,500

Thinkful is another large bootcamp provider with communities in several cities across the US, including Detroit. Because of Thinkful’s size, it’s able to offer quite a few programs that you may not be able to find at other bootcamps around Detroit.

Thinkful offers online courses in software engineering, data science, data analytics, UX/UI Design, product management, technical product management, and digital marketing. These courses come with expert instruction, mentoring, and career coaching.

Thinkful works with students to foster a strong sense of community through in-person meetups, so you’ll be able to check in with your cohort, mentor, and favorite instructors long after graduation.

Tuition: $7,500 – $16,000 Full-Time; $4,900 – $7,900 Part-Time.

Should You Attend a Detroit Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

If you’re looking to join the booming tech field in Detroit, then yes. There’s a bootcamp for every budget to teach you everything you need to know to become part of the city’s exciting tech scene. You also gain connections that make your career change easier, and the support of experts to help prepare you for the interviews that finalize your new journey.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in Detroit

Expert Instruction

All bootcamps are led by people who have plenty of expertise in the field. These instructors, mentors, and career coaches can give you insight into not only the tools themselves but also how they’re used in a real workplace. In addition to their advice, they can give you insight into what you’re looking at when you start job hunting.

Career Connections

Learning the tools you need means nothing if you can’t find work after graduation. These bootcamps put you in touch with trusted employers that know they can trust the program to produce well-equipped graduates. Connections can get you in the door at your dream job, and set you on a path for a lifelong career.

Learning at All Budgets

There’s a course for every student’s budget. Even if you can’t afford to pay at the more inexpensive options upfront, many bootcamps have generous financing options. These include payment plans, private loans, and income share agreements (ISAs).

ISAs are structured so students pay little-to-no money during their program, then they pay just a small percentage of their salaries after they get hired above a certain income threshold.

If these benefits sound interesting to you, then you should give these programs a shot. You’ve got plenty of different options and opportunities to find the program that’s right for you.

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