What Are the Best Las Vegas Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

When you think of Las Vegas, what do you think of? Most likely, it’s casinos and fun nightlife. However, Las Vegas also has much more to offer.

It is home to some of the top-rated coding bootcamps that can help jumpstart your tech career. Keep reading to see our list of the best Las Vegas bootcamps of 2021.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Las Vegas

Whether you are interested in learning programming languages such as C# or studying a specialized field such as cybersecurity, coding bootcamps are the perfect way to do it. For many students, bootcamps’ flexible schedules and affordable tuition plans make them a more reasonable alternative to a college degree.

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The bootcamps below will provide you with industry-relevant skills and job placement services, that can help you land a job very soon after graduating. So, if you reside in Las Vegas and are looking to learn a new tech skill, keep reading for our list of the 10 best Las Vegas bootcamps.

Coding Dojo offers an immersive course in software development, and a part-time program in data science. Its courses include plenty of one-on-one mentorships as you study an array of tech subjects including Python and object-oriented programming, SQL relational databases, and data analysis.

The school is noteworthy for its high job placement rate of 89.1 percent. Coding Dojo’s campuses are located in Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and several other cities. You can also attend its bootcamps online from the comfort of your home.

You can pay your tuition at Coding Dojo via an income share agreement, loan, or by paying in installments. The school also provides scholarships of up to $1,500 to qualified students.

Tuition: $0 to $15,995

Data Science Dojo offers courses in data science, data science for management and business, and Python for data science.

Data Science Dojo’s campuses are located in many cities, including Seattle, Las Vegas, London, and Pretoria. Students can also take the school’s flagship 16-week data science course online.

This technical training school provides several payment options including loans, deferred payment, and fellowships for NGO employees. Although this institution does not offer a job guarantee, its alumni have secured employment at companies such as Google and YouTube.

Tuition: $2,799 to $3,499

DevPoint Labs

DevPoint Labs offers full-time and part-time full stack development programs. The school’s Las Vegas courses are taught at the University of Nevada. Graduates of this program will receive a certificate from the UNLV continuing education department.

DevPoint Labs’ web development course covers HTML, Git, Ruby on Rails, and more. The school also offers scholarship opportunities to women and other eligible students. You can also choose to pay your tuition upfront, or take out a student loan.

Tuition: $0 to $12,000

When mentioning the best coding bootcamps in the US, it’s hard not to include Flatiron School. This is one of the most popular bootcamps for immersive software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity programs.

Although the school doesn’t have a campus in Las Vegas, residents of the city are still welcome to sign up for its online courses.

Depending on which Flatiron School program you choose, you’ll learn everything from machine learning, to SQL, growth hacking, and more.

The school also offers plenty of payment options, including loans and scholarships. It also provides one-on-one career coaching services to all its students.

Tuition: $0 to $17,000

General Assembly (GA) is a popular coding bootcamp that offers courses both online and in-person at dozens of campuses around the US. Although GA does not have a campus in Las Vegas, you can still attend its courses online.

In GA’s programs, you can learn skills in a wide variety of specializations, such as software engineering, data science, digital marketing, and product management.

Graduates of this school have gone on to work for massive tech firms such as Google, IBM, and Deloitte. This is partially due to the hefty amount of career support offered by the school.

At GA, can choose from an array of financing options, including employer sponsorships, an income share agreement, private loans, and deferred tuition payment.

Tuition: $950 to $15,950

Kenzie Academy is an online software engineering bootcamp open to Las Vegas residents. At this academy, you can choose between a program in software engineering, and another in UX design. The software engineering program covers topics coding basics, frameworks such as React, and all the ins and outs of front end and backend development.

The career-focused UX design course will teach you skills such as user research, mobile app design, and how to make your tech products interactive.

Kenzie Academy offers scholarships of up to $4,000. You can also opt to pay your tuition in installments, through an income share agreement, or by taking out a loan. The tuition price is definitely worth it, as the school offers what it calls a Kenzie guarantee. This means you will get a full tuition refund if you don’t find a job within 180 days of graduating.

Tuition: $0 to $20,000

Noble Desktop offers full-time courses in data science, software engineering, design, digital marketing, and data analytics. This school has campuses in New York City and Chicago, but Las Vegas residents can attend its bootcamps online. This school is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, as it offers several classes that are taught only on weekends and evenings.

This bootcamp has created a Learn Skills Guarantee, which means that students are eligible for a tuition refund if they don’t learn the skills that are advertised in the course description. Noble Desktop also gives students a free retake option.

You can pay your course tuition via a loan, installment payment plan, or by qualifying for a discount.

Tuition: $0 to $5,490

If you want to become a web designer or a software engineer, we recommend NuCamp. This school offers highly-rated, affordable courses in full stack web and mobile development, as well as front end development.

NuCamp provides its students with job placement services and equips them with in-demand skills. Today, NuCamp graduates work at companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

The school offers both online and in-person courses, and has campuses all over the US, including Las Vegas. Moreover, it also has a payment plan that allows students to pay as little as $8 per month for their course until graduation.

Tuition: $0 to $1,880


Located in the arts district of Las Vegas, PunchCode offers classes in front end development and full stack software engineering. In these courses, you will learn HTML, CSS, SQL, and several other coding languages. By the end of the full stack course, you will be qualified for a job as a junior full-stack software engineer.

PunchCode has partnered with the NGO Tech Impact to provide scholarships to members of communities that are underrepresented in tech. You can also pay your tuition upfront, or by securing a loan from one of PunchCode’s partners.

Tuition: $12,900

Thinkful is an online and in-person tech bootcamp with locations in multiple US cities, including Las Vegas. The school offers courses in UX/UI design, software engineering, data science, data analytics, and digital marketing.

The schedules at Thinkful are designed to accommodate students from all walks of life, even those who are already working a full-time job. You can choose between flex, weekend, or evening courses, depending on how much free time you have throughout the week.

Moreover, this school offers a tuition refund to graduates who don’t secure a job that pays $40,000 or more within 180 days of graduation.

You can finance your Thinkful course by taking out a loan, signing up for an income share agreement, or through one of its scholarships for women and veterans.

Tuition: $0 to $16,000

Should You Attend a Las Vegas Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

Yes, you should attend a Las Vegas coding bootcamp. There are many types of courses available to you, from software engineering to digital marketing. With so many choices out there, there’s no reason why you can’t find the perfect bootcamp to help you begin a career in tech.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in Las Vegas

Job Opportunities

Las Vegas might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of US tech meccas. However, that doesn’t mean the city isn’t a great place to start your tech career.

The city is home to plenty of small- to mid-size tech firms that are always looking to hire talented newcomers. You might end up working in data science for a major casino, or as a web developer at a small tech company. The opportunities are almost endless.

Tech Industry Growth

The US tech industry is constantly growing, and Las Vegas is no exception. The city’s tech industry is expanding in all areas, including AI, logistics, and data science.

Existing Tech Firms

Las Vegas is already the base for several significant tech firms including Aristocrat, Switch, and Zappos.Google has also recently opened a new office in the city.

For all these reasons, you should enroll in one of the best Las Vegas bootcamps of 2021 to solidify your tech skills.

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