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Apple is one of the most famous tech giants today. Currently, Apple and its iOS operating system are top sellers in the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and several nations in Europe.

Founded by Steve Jobs, Apple invests millions in innovation and hiring personnel trained in various tech skills. If you are an aspiring software engineer, IT specialist, or data scientist and you have dreams of joining this tech giant, this article will provide steps on how to get a job at Apple Inc. We’ll also look at the top reasons to join this growing company.

Why Work for Apple?

There are many reasons to work for a tech powerhouse like Apple. If you are a fan of technology and innovation, this could be your dream job. Apple Inc. is one of the leading technology companies globally. You will be surrounded by the best resources, work tools, and professionals in the field, all of which add up to an unbeatable experience.

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In addition to its professional look, Apple is also famous for offering many benefits to its workers. One key perk is the salary. While salary is dependent on the position, most employees earn a salary above the national average. According to PayScale, the average salary of an Apple employee is about $126,996, with a range of $71,058 to $173,122.

Apple employees work on projects that are often produced on an international scale. Getting a job at Apple can be difficult because the hiring process is strict. If you are an employee of this company, your chances of improving your salary and career prospects will likely increase.

Top Perks of Working for Apple

Before applying for a job, it is a good idea to research the salary, benefits, and other perks. Listed below are five perks of working for Apple. The information comes from Glassdoor and the official Apple website.


Discounts on Apple Products

Many Apple workers say they receive a discount of close to 25 percent on Apple devices such as cell phones, computers, watches, and tablets. This benefit allows you to access high-quality equipment at a more affordable price, just by being part of the company.

The latest Apple products tend to cost around $1,000, so a 25 percent employee discount is an attractive perk.


Paid Maternity Leave

Apple has various ways of supporting couples during pregnancy. Women can take four weeks off before giving birth. The company grants an additional 14 weeks for initial baby care.

If you are a parent who did not give birth, you get up to six weeks of paid time off to share with your partner and child. Parental leave is part of Apple’s goal to support the well-being and health of its employees.


Vocational Training

Apple created Apple University, a platform that provides employees with educational resources about company values ​​and jobs around the world. Employees are not required to enroll in Apple University, but it is recommended. The courses teach many things, ranging from the company’s history to classes tailored to specific roles.

If you want to access more advanced content at a different university, you can get discounts on your tuition using Apple’s rebate plans. This method is exclusive for employees who study areas related to company jobs.


Stock Shares and Equitable Salaries

Apple maintains that men and women should earn the same wages for performing the same tasks. For that reason, if you are a woman and want to work in this company, you can earn the same rates as a man with the same job.

Another great benefit is Apple’s stock for its employees. In 2020, Apple became the first public company to surpass $2 trillion in value. If you work for the company, you will gain access to stock discounts through its employee stock purchase plan. This big tech company turns its employees into shareholders.


Medical Support

At Apple, you have access to great health plans for yourself and your family. These cover things like fertility treatments and breaks from work. You can also receive days off to care for your children, the elderly, or any member of your family.

Apple medical plans help you with physical and mental problems. You can get free, confidential advice to discuss your concerns and find a solution with experts. Additionally, Apple Inc. offers to cover exercise and wellness expenses.

Apple: Company Profile

Apple: Company Profile

Apple Inc. is a transnational company that specializes in the patenting of software and digital devices. This industry was founded by businessman and philanthropist Steve Jobs in 1976. To date, Apple is one of the best-selling phone brands in the world. Its iOS operating system leads sales in several countries, including the United States and Japan.

Apple’s two main headquarters, called Apple Park, are in Cupertino, California and Cork, Ireland. However, the company has assembly locations in various countries in Asia, especially China. According to the company, Apple is directly or indirectly responsible for 2 million US jobs, which includes factories, local stores, and administrative departments.

At Apple Inc., there are many types of technology-related jobs. You can be a software engineer, data scientist, IT specialist, or programmer. In addition, Apple strives to be a very inclusive company.

Apple's Company Culture

The values ​​of a company are important elements to consider before applying for a job. Apple’s philosophies have helped the company achieve its goals for more than 40 years. When hiring new talent, Apple strives for inclusion, diversity, and empowerment. Apple Inc. rejects racial discrimination of any kind both on and off its premises.

Another consistent aspect of the work culture at Apple is responsibility. This is because Apple’s collaborative culture won’t stand for anything less than hard work and great results. Self-discipline and accountability to co-workers is a key ingredient in Apple’s factories, offices, and stores.

In addition to discipline, Apple prizes worker growth. It believes that all employees deserve to achieve their goals. Through training programs such as Apple University, company members can learn more about technology and the Apple way.

Apple's Top Achievements

Apple has been very successful for nearly 50 years. One of the company’s early feats and a landmark technological achievement of the 20th century was the Apple I (1976). This was the beginning of the desktop computer revolution. These personal systems helped many people and businesses manage their technology from an easy-to-use computer.

A groundbreaking change for the 21st century was the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. This historic product represented the beginning of smartphones, a market that continues to grow and receive multi-million dollar investments. Apple made the iPhone one of the best-selling devices in the world.

In addition to all the devices, software, and trends of the company, we must also mention that two years before passing $2 trillion in 2020, Apple became the first public company to reach a value of $1 trillion, beating rivals such as Amazon and Microsoft.

What Is Life as an Apple Employee Like?

What Is Life as an Apple Employee Like?

The lives of Apple workers can be very different from one another due to its large number of positions. It isn’t easy to define the typical Apple employee, but the company does try to hold itself to a consistent standard. For smaller jobs, shifts may be eight hours, while other positions may require shifts of 12 hours and up.

Workers in the software development department invest many hours in software testing, programming, product registration, and meetings with the design team, among other activities. On the other hand, top executives and product managers might go on business trips, host events, visit Apple headquarters, and much more.

If you are in the assembly factories, you will do repetitive activities, install programs, assemble devices, transport raw materials, and test products. Whether you work in a factory, in an office, or in an Apple Store as a member of the sales team, you need need a deep understanding of the devices.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Apple?

Getting a job at Apple can be tricky, depending on the position you’re applying for. Administrative and software development positions can be the most difficult to obtain, as Apple requires minimal work experience, college education, and excellent job training. If you have this experience, you must pass all the admission tests, including technical questions.

On the other hand, salespeople need soft skills such as communication and a high command of language. Admission rates at this level are typically higher, as all you need is a basic understanding of Apple products and services, as well as sales and business experience.

What Do I Need to Study to Work at Apple?

Educational requirements also vary depending on the job title. To become a part of Apple’s software development team, you need a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related discipline. You can also earn a degree in Data Analytics or Information Technology.

Attending college is the most common way to get into Apple. To obtain a marketing position, you should have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Intelligence, critical thinking, and practical skills are the top three attributes needed to get a job at Apple Inc.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at Apple?

Yes. A bootcamp can increase your chances of being hired by companies like Apple. The best bootcamps send their graduates to work for tech giants in Silicon Valley. By graduating from a coding bootcamp instead of a traditional university, you can follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, who proved that you can achieve success in tech without a college degree.

If you attend a coding bootcamp, you can learn the skills necessary to apply for a job at Apple. Many of the best software developers, product managers, and data scientists come from these courses. In just 12 to 24 weeks, you will not only acquire the knowledge needed to qualify for such roles but also get advice on the application process for places like Apple.

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Apple

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Apple

Working at Apple can be a very important step in your professional career, especially because of the company’s reputation. If you are looking for an opportunity at Apple, pay attention to the following three tips for an outstanding application and interview.

Study the Company

When applying for any job, you need to know what your workplace will be like. This includes company history, values, and products. Apple has a long history. Reading about the company’s accomplishments, core values, and work dynamics will prove useful.

Talk to Current Employees

Nobody knows the company better than current employees. Before submitting your application, check the reviews of former employees and the opinions of current team members. This recommendation helps you understand the work environment, tasks, available resources, and job benefits.

Practice Before Interview Day

At Apple, technical questions are a big part of the interview process. If you want to get into a technical position, you will need to ace the interview. There are different types of tests that vary depending on the position you apply for, and you’ll want to practice. Since technology is constantly advancing, you should study current trends, especially innovation within Apple.

Common Job Titles at Apple

The company advertises many job openings every year. Specific career opportunities and salaries vary by location. If you want to learn about Apple jobs, the list below provides the most common positions along with their educational requirements and average salaries. Salary information comes from PayScale.

Software Engineer

Level: Mid-career or senior

Average Salary: $130,435

Experience requirements: 1-2 years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development or Computer Science

Software engineers at Apple are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the company’s software products. This is one of the highest-paid positions at Apple. You usually need one to two years of experience to qualify for this position.

Machine Learning Engineer

Level: Mid-career or senior

Average Salary: $130,463

Experience requirements: 1-2 years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

To get this position, you must be an expert in artificial intelligence (AI). Current AI projects at Apple involve deep or reinforcement learning, speech technologies, natural language processing, computer vision, among others. You can improve your chances by getting a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning (ML) or completing an ML certificate program.

Data Scientist

Level: Mid-career or senior

Average Salary: $124,677

Experience requirements: 1-2 years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or equivalent

Apple data scientists process company information for software-related purposes. A data scientist should be able to handle big data, database management, and standard programming tasks. If you don’t have time for a full undergraduate program in data science, you should check out the best data science bootcamps.

Technical Specialist

Level: Entry-level

Average Hourly Pay: $17.57

Experience requirements: 1 year in a similar position

Education requirements: Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

If you want to get an entry-level job at Apple, you can apply for technical support vacancies. In this role, you will apply theoretical and practical knowledge of computer science to help customers troubleshoot issues with their Apple devices. Workers need special knowledge of iOS and Apple hardware, as well as customer service experience and people skills.

Hardware Engineer

Level: Mid-career or senior

Average Salary: $133,832

Experience requirements: 1-2 years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Hardware is a critical part of Apple’s success. Some of the more common hardware engineering roles at Apple are in the areas of acoustic technologies, analog design, display electrical architecture, and camera development. Most of the candidates that Apple considers for these roles have degrees from top computer engineering schools.

Apple Hiring Process

Apple Hiring Process

As in all companies, interview questions depend on the type of job you apply for. For software engineers, for example, the process can take up to two months. At Apple, most positions have strict standards and technical testing requirements. Below is a step-by-step explanation of the hiring process.

Contact a Recruitment Agent

You can submit your job materials to Apple’s recruiting department over email or by filling out an online application. If the hiring manager likes your application, someone will call you to begin the interview process. In these preliminary phone interviews, you may need to discuss your experience in the field and answer some technical questions.

Pass the Practical Assessment

Next, you must pass a second, more advanced test. You might participate in this assessment in a video call or on a shared work platform, where your results will be monitored. If you manage to get through this phase, your next step will be the in-person interview.

Take Part in an In-Person Interview

You will attend the interview, usually at an Apple office. For this step, you must provide some of the same information required during phone calls. This process can take four to five hours. The in-person interview is focused on you, your skills, your professional profile, your motivation and career goals, and your experience.

Apple is most concerned with your professional qualifications and potential value to the company. Before the interview, it is advisable to read up on the minimum requirements for the job and to study typical interview questions for that line of work.

Should I Get a Job at Apple?

Apple owes its success to its demanding work environment. Before submitting your resume, you should evaluate your readiness to work for such a prestigious company. If you feel you are a good match, then sending a job application is a great idea.

The application and hiring process can be lengthy. However, the results are worth it. When you are an Apple employee, you will have access to many top-notch resources, work alongside experienced professionals, receive quality training, and gain useful experience to improve your resume.

This company is constantly growing. If you are looking for a place to solidify your career in the tech industry, Apple is the perfect company.

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