The Highest-Paying
Database Management Careers of 2021

Data scientists and other data professionals are indispensable to the tech industry in 2021. Thousands of companies recognize the crucial role of database management for information services. Thanks to the demand for these jobs, opportunities have grown exponentially in recent years.

If you want to build a successful career in data, take a look at the best database management careers of 2021. Read below to learn more about median annual salaries, job outlook, and requirements to work in this field.

What Is Database Management?

Database management is an area of data science dedicated to retrieving, storing, and organizing data. This field handles many tasks depending on the specialization. Database management includes analysis, storage, and security.

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A database manager can work in different fields depending on the interests and needs of the company. All companies with computer data processing should have a database manager on their payroll.

Why You Should Pursue a Career in Database Management

Although it requires extensive data science knowledge, database management is a great career choice. Most data management careers are growing quickly, and you can find high-paying job opportunities in your area. In some cases, it can only take a couple of years to become a database administrator or database manager.

Top 10 Database Management Careers at a Glance

The list below shows the top 10 database management careers today. Take a look at the educational requirements, job outlook, and average annual pay. The statistics in the table come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), ZipRecruiter, and PayScale. BLS is the sole source for projected job growth figures, which refer to the period from 2019 to 2029.

Job Title Education Requirement Projected Job Growth Median Pay
Computer Network Architect Bachelor’s Degree 5% $116,780
Machine Learning Engineer Master’s Degree 10%* $112,837
Software Developer Bachelor’s Degree 22%** $110,140
Information Security Analyst Bachelor’s Degree 31% $103,590
Database Administrator Bachelor’s Degree 10%* $98,610
Database Tester Bachelor’s Degree 10%* $91,369
Data Mining Analyst Bachelor’s Degree 10%* $84,187
Application Developer Bachelor’s Degree 22%** $70,318
Market Research Analyst Bachelor’s Degree 18% $65,810
Data Analyst Bachelor’s Degree 10%* $61,469

*Projected job growth is based on BLS data for Database Administrators.
**Projected job growth is based on BLS data for Software Developers.

The Best Database Management Careers in 2021

The Best Database Management Careers in 2021

Each career requires specific training. According to the demand of each company, the jobs, the number of employees, and the salaries can change. Below you will see a description of each job, a list of job responsibilities, and the educational path to reach that position.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are some of the highest-paid tech workers. These data architects build computer networks and databases for companies and organizations. It is recommended to learn data integration skills to present project results. As a computer network architect, you should always keep up to date with trends in tech.

Computer Network Architect Responsibilities

  • Creates budgets for technological equipment for infrastructures
  • Supervises the construction of technology systems in companies
  • Makes graphs and reports of expenses, project results, and system efficiency
  • Makes commercial strategies with technological support

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is a specialist in artificial intelligence for software. This is one of the most complex jobs related to data processing and algorithms. A machine learning engineer can create chatbots, translation platforms, recommended search systems, virtual assistants, and more. A considerable percentage of these specialists work in robotics.

Machine Learning Engineer Responsibilities

  • Studies and creates proposals for machine learning services
  • Converts data into valuable elements during the creation of machine learning projects
  • Monitors data systems
  • Solves software problems and analyzes user feedback

Software Developer

A computer software developer is responsible for creating computer programs for various purposes. This is one of the tech careers with the highest demand today. A software developer uses coding skills, data sources, and other programming elements to create useful and functional platforms.

Software Developer Responsibilities

  • Analyzes and creates software according to user needs
  • Designs software plans for companies
  • Monitors the operation of the programs
  • Detects and repairs software problems

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst protects data from cyber attacks. These specialists create security strategies for a company’s important data to make sure it is secure. To enter this career path, it is ideal to train to become a cyber security engineer. Information security job opportunities are growing by 31 percent, which is an extremely high rate.

Information Security Analyst Responsibilities

  • Monitors the operation of data platforms in a company
  • Creates data security plans in company software
  • Detects and prevents viruses and cyber attacks
  • Leads data security workshops for IT staff in the company

Database Administrator

A database administrator, also known as a DBA, is in charge of managing a company’s database management system. If you are interested in database management, this is the best career for you. You can get a master’s degree or enter the field with a bachelor’s if you have extensive experience.

Database Administrator Responsibilities

  • Creates data backups for a company or program
  • Modifies data structures according to the company’s purposes
  • Identifies and repairs errors in data systems
  • Combines information from old databases with new platforms

Database Tester

A database tester is in charge of verifying the backend operation of a database for software. To work in this position, you must have SQL knowledge and editing skills. Most database administrators can work in this role. It is also connected to cyber security because these testers often test security systems.

Database Tester Responsibilities

  • Tests database systems for a software product
  • Corrects backend problems
  • Sends reports to software developers
  • Monitors the operation of data platforms

Data Mining Analyst

To work as a data mining analyst, you must have experience in data analysis. This can help you identify patterns in a company’s data. This process helps predict behavior in the future, which helps companies improve their decisions. Big data and compliance system design are fundamental skills for this type of work.

Data Mining Analyst Responsibilities

  • Minimizes risks of fraud with the help of database analysis and management
  • Creates commercial strategies with data quality
  • Studies supply and demand
  • Observes client behavior and backgrounds with the help of research

Application Developer

A mobile application developer is a software engineer that specializes in programs for mobile systems. Most of these jobs work with iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to data and database processing, workers must know C#, Java, and Swift.

Application Developer Responsibilities

  • Designs an app according to the needs of the users
  • Creates systems using database management for app functions
  • Monitors the operation of the software
  • Corrects and creates platform updates

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is in charge of analyzing and creating business strategies using data. For this position, you can choose degrees related to computer science, data science, and business. Employers look for skills in math, statistics, and marketing. If you are interested in communications along with data science, this is a good job for you.

Market Research Analyst Responsibilities

  • Monitors and evaluates movement in the market
  • Creates commercial proposals according to the objectives of a company
  • Works with statistics software and presents results to employers
  • Analyzes customer feedback

Data Analyst

A data analyst is an expert in data processing. Companies hire these professionals to collect information and create business strategies. A data analyst helps improve services and platforms for users through feedback. The work process includes market research, database management system tools, and data governance control.

Data Analyst Responsibilities

  • Collects data on sales, income, behavior, among others
  • Analyzes results to create suitable business proposals
  • Participates in budget discussions in a company
  • Designs charts based on results and strategies
What Education Is Required for a Career in Database Management?

What Education Is Required for a Career in Database Management?

According to the BLS, most database management workers will need a bachelor’s degree. The college majors that help you get to this position are data science, computer science, and information technology.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, consider a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Skills in commerce, marketing, and advertising also increase your chances of succeeding in this industry.

Can I Study Database Management Online?

You can currently find many online data science degrees. Many universities offer all levels of education from digital platforms. In addition, you can select other options such as bootcamps. These are short, intensive programs that can help you join the field more quickly.

Online colleges and bootcamps can get you into the tech industry with a good job. If you want to reinforce your knowledge, you can also try online courses or workshops so you can continue learning.

Personality Traits Necessary for a Database Management Career

All database management careers require discipline and critical thinking. Analysis will be a fundamental tool in your day-to-day responsibilities. Many professionals in this field also work long hours depending on the difficulty of the position.

In addition to soft skills, you must know and use programming tools such as SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. You should also be able to work with spreadsheets in Excel and business management programs.

Is a Database Management Job Good for Me?

Yes, a database management job is a good choice for anyone. Technology-related careers have a good reputation in the 21st century. Tech careers have high salaries, good job benefits, many opportunities, and rewarding projects.

A tech career like this allows you to have a successful future. In addition, you can prepare from home through online programs and get a job without leaving your house.

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