The 10 Best Online Coding Bootcamps: Top Programs in 2021

What Are the Best Online Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The tech industry is booming in 2021, and there is no better way to improve the results of your job search than to attend an online bootcamp. Some of the best online coding bootcamps offer a plethora of online courses and online programs to aid students like you in finding jobs.

Many online coding bootcamps offer both full-time and part-time programs, flexible schedules, career support, and hands-on learning experiences to assist in student learning. By the end of one of these programs, you will be more than ready to start your tech career.

The 10 Best Online Coding Bootcamps

Actualize is a software engineering bootcamp based in Chicago. This bootcamp offers online courses that follow the on-site program as closely as possible. The online bootcamp is held in a live online format. This gives you the feel of a classroom without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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The curriculum takes 12 weeks to complete and you need to study for around 20 hours a week. You will watch live lectures followed immediately by exercises to practice your learnings. Actualize uses this teaching method to help prepare students for work in the real world.

While enrolled in this program, you will learn various programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, you will also learn how to teach yourself new programming languages.

Tuition: $13,900

Locations: Chicago, Online

BrainStation is a data science, UE design, digital marketing, and web developer bootcamp. It offers a multitude of programs and certificate courses at all 11 of its on-site campuses as well as online. However, all courses are currently online due to COVID-19. Each program and course is designed to help you prepare for a job in your desired field.
The bootcamp programs at BrainStation are only offered full-time. The certificate programs are only offered as part-time programs.

Your tuition fees for BrainStation’s full-time courses also cover career services. Your career coach will help you develop your professional profile and portfolio. They will also set up mock interviews to help you ace your next job interview and land a job in the tech world.

Tuition: Contact Admissions for Information

Locations: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Online

At Coding Dojo, you can enroll in a full-time or part-time software development program on-site or online, or a part-time data science program online. The programs cost between $4,995 and $15,995 each. They can be paid for upfront, with monthly installments, via student loans, or by signing an income share agreement (ISA).

While enrolled in a program at Coding Dojo, you will participate in 12 to 14 weeks of project-based learning. This bootcamp keeps an up-to-date curriculum to teach students the most employable tech skills. You can expect to learn C#, JavaScript, Ajax, and many other useful programming languages and technologies.

Tuition: $4,995 to $15,995
Locations: Arlington, Bellevue, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Online

At Code Fellows, you can enroll in a software development program or an ops and cyber security program. Both are usually offered on-site and online, and consist of five separate courses. However, the on-site option is not available right now due to COVID-19.
The courses can be taken individually and range from $99 to $12,000 each, but can be bundled together and discounted.

Tuition can be paid for in a number of ways at Code Fellows. You can take out student loans, pay via a deferred tuition agreement, agree to an interest-only payment plan, or even use the GI Bill and scholarships.

Tuition: $1,000 to $12,000

Locations: Seattle, Online

Codesmith is a software engineering bootcamp offering a full-time or part-time program schedule at both on-site locations or online. However, on-site learning has been moved to online in response to COVID-19. The program costs $19,350, and can be paid for upfront, through monthly installments, or with student loans.

At Codesmith, you will learn everything from computer science fundamentals to full stack development. You will also learn current real-world practices, and complete a variety of projects. These include both solo and group projects.

Tuition: $19,350

Locations: Los Angeles, New York City, Online

If you enroll at Hack Reactor, you can take an immersive software engineering program online. The program is normally offered on-site at many locations but has been shifted online due to COVID-19. The program is offered both full-time and part-time but costs $17,980 either way.

Tuition can be paid for upfront, with student loans, by signing an ISA, or even with scholarships. The online programs are taught in a live remote format, which means you can experience a classroom-style learning environment from your own home.

Tuition: $17,980

Locations: Austin, Boulder, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Online

The Tech Academy has two onsite locations as well as an online option. The bootcamp offers a multitude of programs. These include Software Development, C# and .NET Framework, Python Development, Data Science, UI/UX design, Cyber Security, and Front End Development. Again, all courses are currently online due to COVD-19.

You can enroll in these programs either part-time or full-time, and programs cost between $7,974 and $18,640. These can be financed with an upfront payment, student loans, or by signing an income share agreement.

Tuition: $7,974 to $18,640

Locations: Portland, Salt Lake City, Online

What About Free Online Coding Bootcamps and Courses?

Not ready to pay for an online coding bootcamp? That’s okay! There are plenty of options for free online coding bootcamps for those on a budget.

The Best Free Online Coding Bootcamps and Courses

Ada Developers Academy – Full-Stack Web Development

The Ada Developers Academy is a completely tuition-free full stack web development bootcamp designed specifically for women and gender-diverse adults. The academy was created with the goal of closing the diversity gap in the tech field.

While enrolled in the Ada Developers Academy program, you will learn how to code in various languages. You will spend eight hours per day, five days a week studying until you complete the 24-week-long program.

At the end of the program, you will complete a capstone project and can sign up for one-on-one sessions with career coaches and mentors.

App Academy Open – Full-Stack Web Development

App Academy is a well-known coding bootcamp that offers a lesser-known free program. The App Academy Open course teaches students full stack web development. The program is completely self-paced and contains over 1,500 hours of course materials and learning resources.

The free program at App Academy provides students with the exact same content as the full-price course. The only difference is that it is self-taught. You will have access to interactive coding activities, various reading materials and projects, and even a live online chat community with other students.

General Assembly – General Assembly Dash

The General Assembly Dash course is completely program-based and offered totally online. Although it is not the full course like App Academy offers, this course does help you learn how to program using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This program is also completely self-paced, with no time limit and multiple projects to complete to aid in your learning. You can use this program as a prep course before enrolling in a full-tuition bootcamp, or you can use this as the basis for a career in web development.

Why Learn Online Coding Now?

Coding is one of the foundations of almost every tech career. The tech field is not going away anytime soon and continues to grow at an incredibly fast rate. So, it makes sense to learn to code now.

What Do Coders Actually Do?

Coders can be found in almost any tech-related profession, so it is safe to say they do a variety of tasks. With job titles ranging from software engineer to data scientist, there are many different aspects to this line of work.

Develop Website & App Infrastructure

Whether you become a software developer or web designer, you will be working on developing the infrastructure for various applications and websites. This could involve any type of website, and both web and mobile apps.

Create Mobile & Web Applications

If you enjoy creating things, you’re in luck. Using a combination of creative ideas, programming skills, and graphic design skills, you can create and launch your own mobile and web applications. While this isn’t an aspect of every coder’s job, it can certainly be part of yours.

Design & Improve User Interface Experiences

Working in UI/UX design is a fun way to explore your creative side, as well as your ability to help others in a unique way. Designing and improving user interface experiences involves exploring the user-side of an app or website. You will then determine the best way to help users have a smooth, functional, and efficient experience.

Develop Various Algorithms & Databases

As a coder, you can also develop a variety of algorithms and databases that can be used to solve problems. This is a skill that can be used across many different career fields, from simple web development to artificial intelligence.

Should You Attend an Online Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

So, should you attend an online coding bootcamp? We think so. With so many opportunities in the tech industry, it will give you the skills needed to start your career in whichever discipline you choose.

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