How to Get a
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Hiring Process and Tips

Epic Games is one of the most lucrative companies to work for if you want to become a game designer, UI/HUD designer, technical artist, cinematic layout artist, or materials texture artist. However, landing a job here is not as easy as it seems. This is every game developer’s dream, so expect competition to be stiff.

You can get a job here if you possess the necessary education, skills, and experience requirements. On top of that, if you know the ins and outs of the hiring process, you will get significant leverage over your competitors. If you’re looking for tips on how to get a job at Epic Games, read our comprehensive guide.

Why Work for Epic Games?

There are three reasons why you should work for Epic Games: salary and benefits, exposure, and company culture. Although the pay is based on your location, the company still offers competitive benefits that include a 401(k) and insurance. According to PayScale, the average salary at Epic Games is $84,000, and the average bonus is $5,000.

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The company is also one of the best in the game industry, with Fortnite, Among Us, Gears of War, and Infinity Blade under its belt. All of these are huge successes, so you can expect great exposure and learning experiences if you develop a series of games. Epic Games is among the top video game companies in 2021.

In addition, the company also emphasizes creativity and technical execution. This means you can get immersed in an environment that promotes these values. While working at Epic Games, you will develop better game development, technical, and professional skills, depending on your position.

Top Perks of Working for Epic Games

Being a top-caliber company offers a lot of perks. Bigger companies are able to offer more benefits and a more structured environment, so you can have a stable job and positive experience. Take a look below at some of the top perks of working for Epic Games.


Flexible Work Hours

If you’re working as a software engineer or gameplay programmer, you’ll be facing longer hours on certain days. However, on other days, you can relax and enjoy a laid-back office atmosphere. This is not the workplace for those looking for a fixed nine-to-five job.

When your product is nearing its scheduled launch and shipment, you’re expected to put in more working hours. However, when it’s done, you can enjoy some rest before moving on to the next project. The hours can be stressful at times, but they can give you the freedom to take breaks and relax when you need to.


Free Snacks and Lunches

Though it is only available in selected offices and sites, the on-site food is considered one of the perks of working in Epic Games. Employees rate this perk highly on Glassdoor’s Epic Games workplace reviews.

Epic Games caters from local restaurants and food service providers, depending on your location. This means you can save money on lunch every day, which can add up if you work there for a long time. Employees also say the snack closet is well-stocked.


Pet-Friendly Offices

If you want to bring your pets to your office, you can do so at Epic Games. This perk can also improve employee morale. However, this does depend on which office you work at. You should check to make sure that you’re allowed to in your area.

This is a good perk if you don’t have anyone to take care of your pets or can’t afford a doggie daycare. You can save money and get to know your coworkers better if you can interact with their pets when you’re on a break.


Company-Sponsored Events

One of the best things about working for Epic Games is that employees are often invited and included in company-sponsored events. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people across the country and sometimes travel for these events.

The employees can also test new games, access soon-to-be-launched games, and attend game launching events. While some companies prohibit their employees from joining the executives in these milestones, Epic Games invites its employees to show support.


Holiday Pay and Bonuses

Performance bonuses are common at Epic Games, especially when the company is doing well. For example, at the height of Fortnite’s fame, the employees received a considerable amount of bonuses to compensate them for their hard work.

According to PayScale, as cited above, the average bonus at Epic Games is around $5,000. However, depending on what department you work for, you can earn much more than this. As well, most employees say Epic Games has great health and vacation plans.

Epic Games: Company Profile

Epic Games: Company Profile

Epic Games was started by Tim Sweeney. While he was still working as a mechanical engineer, he also developed video games in his home. His hard work paid off when he created both Epic Games and Unreal Engine.

The company is now based in North Carolina, where it develops video games and software. Epic Games started in 1991, and it was initially named Potomac Computer Systems. Later on, it developed Unreal Engine, a platform that powered Epic’s video games and enabled photorealistic visuals.

For over two decades, the company has continuously developed exciting video games that set the bar for other developers. Most notably, Epic Games created Fortnite, which is one of the most popular and highest-grossing games of this decade.

Epic Games’ Company Culture

Although the working hours at Epic Games are flexible, there’s hardly a day that people are not busy with their work. Hours regularly increase around the launch time of a new game. However, stressful deadlines are offset by lucrative pay, exciting bonuses, and perks. When the product launch is successful, everyone can expect to receive a bonus.

Allowing talented and skilled individuals to thrive in a fast-paced and highly developing workplace is part of the company’s culture. This is evident in the stringent hiring process and strict job requirements posted for every position. The company makes sure that they are only hiring the best.

Epic Games’ Top Achievements

The company released Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War in 2006, and this helped the company gross about $100 million, which is $82 million more than the game’s $12 million production budget. Two years later, it released Gears of War 2 and sold over three million copies in the first month of its release.

In 2017, Fortnite was released. Following PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ popularity, the company also released a free-to-play version across mobile, console, and computer platforms called Fortnite Battle Royale. This amassed over 125 million game players in 2018, helping the company earn over $1 billion in microtransactions.

Because of Fortnite’s success, Epic Games increased in value from $825 million at the time of its acquisition by Tencent to over $4.5 billion. As the game’s popularity grew, the company broke its record when Fortnite drew over 250 million players in early 2019.

What Is Life as an Epic Games Employee Like?

What Is Life as an Epic Games Employee Like?

Since Epic Games centralized its operations, its North Carolina office became the meeting hub of video game creators from all parts of the world. Based on reviews and feedback from previous and current employees, the workplace is busy non-stop for anyone from customer service workers to high-level game developers.

When you decide to work here, you’re deciding to enter an exciting workplace that primarily focuses on game development. The environment allows you to be creative and bring your technical execution up to the next level. The company takes pride in its artistic, welcoming, and collaborative environment.

Employees are expected to craft cutting-edge games and engine technology that let users try stunning and interactive experiences. Most of the time, this means working long hours and not getting enough sleep. The extreme pressure can be difficult if you don’t expect it.

This is one of the reasons why bonuses are so high at Epic Cames. The workplace can be difficult, but it is worth it if you care about the job and being rewarded for your work. If you become a software engineer, game designer, or app developer, you can expect an exciting work environment with many benefits.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Epic Games?

Yes, it can be hard to get a job at Epic Games. It has become one of the most popular game developers, so many game enthusiasts want to start working there. There is tough competition to land a job at Epic Games, so you need to stand out to get the hiring manager’s attention.

Polish your skills, resume, and portfolio to gain leverage. Ask for feedback from the hiring manager if you don’t get hired on your first attempt and improve accordingly. When you’re more confident, you can apply again. You can also work on your own projects or gain experience elsewhere first.

What Do I Need to Study to Work at Epic Games?

To work at Epic Games, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree. This depends on the position you apply for. If you’ll be pursuing a game designer job, you should pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design or Digital Media. Developers should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming.

Consider pursuing higher education like a master’s degree in these fields to gain leverage for senior roles. More on-the-job experience and skills are also needed to attain expert status in your field of expertise.

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Epic Games

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Epic Games

If you want to ace the application process, you need to know the nature of the position you’re applying for, understand the vision of the company, and have the skills for the job. Check out these tips to help you gain leverage during the hiring process.

Understand the Job

As mentioned above, you will have to compete with hundreds, if not thousands, of other applicants. Your goal is to get past the application sorter and land a spot with the interviewers. To do this, your resume and portfolio must show that you’re exactly the right person for the job.

You should spend time creating an impressive resume that reflects your relevant experience and skills. Read the job post, highlight the skills requirements, and show them in your resume. As for your portfolio, select your best work and use that to flaunt your skills.

Know the Company

You should understand Epic Games’ mission and vision, as these will help you foresee your potential future working for them. Part of your job is to understand the values and culture they uphold so you know what to expect.

When you know more about the company, the prospective employer can see that you’re serious about the job. You can also present yourself as an ideal employee who will thrive in the work environment.

Optimize Your Resume

Because of the number of applications they receive, most hiring managers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) that filters resumes. This tool looks at key skills and experience written in the applicant’s resume and compares the same with the job posting.

To pass the scan, you need to find the keywords in the job posting and use the same in your resume. Then, when the ATS scans your resume, it can see that you would be a good fit for the job. You can advance to the next step of the hiring process.

Answer Practice Questions

The best way to ace your interview is to list possible questions and decide how you want to answer each one. Familiarize yourself with the answer instead of memorizing it to avoid getting lost if you forget a word or two. You should focus on programming questions, but there is sometimes a design question or puzzle question, depending on the job.

Focus questions on your self-introduction, skills, experiences, and short and long-term goals. Be specific, direct, and transparent in your answers. Avoid lengthy explanations unless the interviewer asks to elaborate. Also, emphasize values that you think are treasured and upheld by the company.

Keep a Positive Attitude

You will go through a series of skills tests and interviews that could last from two weeks to a month. In these interviews and tests, expect to be talking to several people from different departments. Regardless of who you talk to, keep your energy up and show you’re the right fit for the position.

Show the same gusto and excitement you showed in the preliminary interview in the succeeding interviews. Each step in the process can increase your chances of getting the job, so show them the same positive attitude and level of commitment.

Common Job Titles at Epic Games

To help you identify if you’re an excellent fit for this company, check out some example job postings. We’ve also indicated the average salary, minimum education, and experience requirements for the job.

Game Designer (AI)

Level: Mid-Career

Average salary: $66,321

Experience requirements: Three or more years of experience in game design and at least one shipped game

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media or Graphic Design

A game designer is usually assigned to design through Unreal behavior systems engaging experiences to craft emergent behaviors between AI and players. You will also be tasked to implement these created experiences from beginning to end. There are many different game design jobs at Epic Games.

Front End Web Developer

Level: Entry-Level

Average salary: $75,277

Experience requirements: Knowledge in JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming

In this position, you will be working with strategists and designers to build and prototype digital products. Apart from this, you will also be ensuring a seamless go-to-market experience and code integrity. Aside from a bachelor’s degree, you can also attend one of the best online coding bootcamps to get experience for this job.

Full Stack Developer

Level: Mid-Career

Average salary: $78,967

Experience requirements: Three years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming

If you choose this job at Epic Games, expect to be assigned to deploy and develop both the back and front end elements of a computer program, web application, or website. You will also work with web designers and UI/UC designers if you work on one of Epic Games’ websites.

Engine Programmer

Level: Mid-Career

Average salary: $79,475

Experience requirements: Five years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming

Engine programmers are on the high end of mid-career jobs. You will be required to develop game engine applications based on Metahuman Creator and other existing technologies. Aside from that, you’ll also be developing some new engine features. You are also tasked to integrate the Unreal engine with existing technology.

Security Software Engineer

Level: Entry-Level

Average salary: $87,530

Experience requirements: Zero to three years in either the gaming or tech industries

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science

This role requires you to design and implement large-scalable hybrid cloud systems. You’ll help products meet the industry standards in terms of cloud development and implement security measures in the system.

Hiring Process

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Epic Games can vary depending on what job you’re applying for. To help you be fully prepared and aware of what to expect, below is a step-by-step guide you can refer to.

Screening Call

As mentioned above, before you can get a call from the hiring managers of Epic Games, you need to pass their ATS resume screening system. Once you successfully do that, you can expect a screening call.

The screening call is a standard get-to-know-you interview, but you must be ready to show that you’re as good as your resume and portfolio indicate. Be prepared to give a short intro about yourself and describe the skills and experiences that would make you an excellent fit for the job.

Written Test

Once you pass the standard screening call, you will be contacted to complete a timed screening test. This will gauge your skills and determine if you qualify for a specific position. This is mostly applicable to coding and other skills-based jobs.

The nature of the test would highly depend on the position you’re applying for, so just be prepared. Focus and do your best in the test as it is your ticket to the next phase. Research your position to see what technical skills you need to know.

Formal Interview

If you pass the skills test, the next phase would be a formal interview that typically lasts for an hour or so. Use this as an opportunity to impress your interviewer with in-depth explanations of why you’re a good fit for the job.

The questions will require you to elaborate on yourself and your experiences. You should practice interview questions beforehand so you can feel confident in your answers. Focus on your problem-solving abilities, your technical skills, and your ability to work in a team.

Should I Seek a Job at Epic Games?

If you have a passion for game development and thrive in high-energy environments, you should take a job at Epic Games. This company is a great way to be creative in the workplace and earn great bonuses while doing it.

Remember that although the offer sounds lucrative, you need to match their requirements with your skills. Otherwise, you’re only setting yourself up to frustration because the demands are high. You can try getting an entry-level job elsewhere before you apply for your dream job at Epic Games.

Apply only when you know you can add value to the company and the role you’ll be filling in. If you decide that you have what it takes to be the next Epic Games employee, start preparing for the job application process now and enter an exciting career within the next few weeks.

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