15 Best Tech Jobs:
The Most In-Demand Tech Careers of 2021

If you want to launch a tech career, you should look into the most in-demand options in the technology sector. The list below features the jobs with the best outlooks and highest salaries, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and PayScale.

Some of the best tech jobs in 2021 pay well despite not requiring a degree or coding experience. In many cases, acquiring the necessary education and skills for a tech career is easy. Read on to learn more about these careers in tech and find out which career path is right for you.

15 Best Tech Jobs

IT Manager

Median Salary: $151,150

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Projected Job Growth Rate: 10%

Because businesses are so reliant on technology, they need IT managers to manage resources, implement new policies and systems, and oversee cyber security operations. They make sure that the technology serves short-term and long-term business needs. All of these responsibilities mean that IT managers make a lot of money.

Depending on the size of the business, their role might expand to include the assessment of technology needs, strategic alignment, and risk management. An IT manager with project management skills, system analyst skills, and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology will stand out in the candidate pool. This job is similar to chief technology officers.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Median Salary: $126,830

Projected Job Growth Rate: 15%

Computer and information research scientists find ways to use technology to solve complex problems in computer science. Their job involves doing experiments and collaborating with other experts to come up with theories, which they test out using algorithms developed for that purpose. Their work can also help improve existing hardware and software.

They publish their research in journals and participate in conferences. To play a key role in building computer science knowledge, these scientists need dedication, expertise, and at least a master’s degree. It is one of the highest-paying careers on this list with an annual wage of $126,830.

Solutions Architect

Median Salary: $119,630

Projected Job Growth Rate: 5%

When businesses want solutions for their business problems, they hire solution architects to design applications and services. The main focus of this tech job is on how a given technical solution impacts business development. The job growth rate above is the same as the rate for computer network architects.

Solutions architects use business and technical skills to understand the technological needs of a business. They communicate with stakeholders and management to diagnose specific problems. They must come up with software and hardware solutions that serve both the business and the customer.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Median Salary: $119,560

Projected Job Growth Rate: 2%

Computer hardware engineers design and develop hardware for products and services. Identifying hardware needs is an important part of the job. Even though the job growth rate is lower than average, this is still a fantastic job with a high salary.

To become a computer hardware engineer, you need to learn how to work with hardware installations, schematics, circuits, chips, and other computer equipment. You can get this training by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

Computer Network Architect

Median Salary: $116,780

Projected Job Growth Rate: 5%

With so much work being done over the Internet, companies seek architects to design networks that can handle increased workloads and enhance communication. Computer network architects design intranets, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs).

To snag a network architect job, you might want to brush up on your technical skills in network design, cyber security, Cisco networking, and software-defined networking (SDN). You also may want to get a cloud certification to validate your understanding of cloud infrastructures.

Machine Learning Engineer

Median Salary: $112,806

Projected Job Growth Rate: 31%

Machine learning engineers work on machine learning models and algorithms that teach computer programs to run without human intervention. They usually have background knowledge in data science and software engineering, which can now be picked up in any of the best machine learning bootcamps.

Tech companies are willing to pay higher salaries for machine learning engineers with skills in natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and big data. This is one of the fastest-growing careers related to data science. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that data science occupations will grow by 31 percent between 2019 and 2029.

Software Engineer

Median Salary: $110,140

Projected Job Growth Rate: 22%

Companies of all kinds are eager to hire software engineers to build and program profitable software applications. Despite the growing demand for these professionals, you don’t need a degree to become a software engineer. Coding bootcamps such as General Assembly offer immersive training programs that you can take online or on campus.

Software engineers, sometimes known as software developers, must have a versatile set of technical skills to be able to design, test, and implement new software products. They must be aware of the risks involved in the different phases of the software development lifecycle. They must also share feedback and make suggestions for future improvement.

Sales Engineer

Median Salary: $108,830

Projected Job Growth Rate: 6%

This is one of the best tech jobs that don’t require coding. Sales engineers use their knowledge of technology and their business savvy to sell computer hardware and software. Tech companies need sales engineers to sell their products and services and generate higher revenues.

Sales engineers are excellent communicators who interact a lot with clients. A background in sales or business will help you break into this field. You can also find tech sales bootcamps to help you make connections and get a job. This position might also involve customer service duties and secretarial duties.

Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $103,590

Projected Job Growth Rate: 31%

Businesses hire information security analysts to secure their sensitive information. These systems analysts are responsible for protecting an organization’s digital information systems from security breaches and cyber threats. Every company in the tech industry needs security, so there are many open tech positions in the job market.

Information security analysts must be able to analyze data to enhance security, perform risk assessments, check for vulnerabilities, and install more secure frameworks. You can get into this career with certificates and prior experience in cyber security. Good analytical skills are especially valuable for security specialists.

Database Administrator

Median Salary: $98,860

Projected Job Growth Rate: 10%

If you have a passion for data and hope to earn a high annual wage, database administration is the career for you. Database administrators are in demand due to the high value of the information stored in databases. Companies want to make sure these complex databases are managed properly.

The job of a database administrator is all about collecting, storing, and securing data in a central location. It is also important to understand the data needs of the organization you work for. Depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of its database systems, database administrators can have more responsibilities.

Data Scientist

Median Salary: $98,230

Projected Job Growth Rate: 31%

Employers like Amazon and Microsoft are willing to spend big money on data scientists who can collect, clean, and present data for useful analysis. To become a data scientist, you should have knowledge in data analysis, big data, and machine learning. With a 31 percent job growth rate, there will be no shortage of data science jobs in the future.

There are many different ways to earn a higher salary. You can get a database administrator certification and learn code software to get better job opportunities or improve your current opportunities. A data scientist role is one of the best in the industry.

Data Analyst

Median Salary: $86,200

Projected Job Growth Rate: 25%

Data analysts are recruited by businesses to analyze and interpret large volumes of data. To become a data analyst, you should take classes in math, statistics, science, economics, and business. If you have a keen eye for numbers, this is a great career for you. There is a very high job growth rate along with a lucrative salary.

Web Developer

Median Salary: $77,200

Projected Job Growth Rate: 8%

Organizations are always looking for tech talent to design and maintain their websites. Web developers apply programming skills, design elements, and various strategies to create functional, user-friendly, secure, and integrated applications. The highest-paid web developers stay up-to-date with programming skills and graphic design concepts.

To start a career as a web developer, you at least need to learn HTML or XML for application development, interfaces, and website navigation. Designing website prototypes, developing graphics, and monitoring traffic are all important parts of the job. It will also include user experience and user interface design. You can also become a Java developer.

Computer Network Support Specialists

Median Salary: $65,450

Projected Job Growth Rate: 6%

Computer network support specialists help users of computer networks maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade their systems. To provide support, they need to have technical know-how as well as soft skills like communication. This is one of the best tech jobs that don’t require a degree.

These professionals need a degree in tech fields like network administration or computer science. They can work with systems administrators to build communication networks and help make tech companies better. The annual salary isn’t as high, but this is still a top tech job.

PHP Developer

Median Salary: $64,618

Projected Job Growth Rate: 8%

PHP developers are great candidates for web design job openings. They are much needed for their skills in the PHP scripting language, which is the foundation of the WordPress websites that many businesses still use.

This is a type of web development, so the projected job growth for PHP developers is similar to that of web developers. If you want to learn PHP in a hurry, you can join one of the best PHP bootcamps. The projected job growth rate above has been sourced from BLS information on web developers and digital designers.

How Can I Get a Tech Job Without a Degree?

How Can I Get a Tech Job Without a Degree?

You can get a tech job without a degree by attending a coding bootcamp. Many companies hire workers straight out of bootcamps, which specialize in helping students level up their technical skills for in-demand tech jobs. You will have many opportunities to become a product manager, business analytics expert, and more with a bootcamp.

Instead of going to school for a computer science degree, you can learn programming languages and other coding skills at a bootcamp. There are also data science bootcamps and cyber security bootcamps for students who want to become machine learning engineers or information security analysts but would rather not spend four years at a university.

Bootcamp training programs are typically short-term, immersive, hands-on, and career-focused. General Assembly, for example, offers targeted courses for aspiring software engineers and data scientists. BrainStation, meanwhile, has programs for web developers, and SV Academy has an award-winning tech sales program.

In a bootcamp, you can learn about current computer systems, database management systems, and other complex systems to help you get career opportunities. You can access competitive salaries and assist in business decisions. A four-year computer science degree program is good, but a bootcamp is even better.

The most important thing that bootcamps offer is flexibility. Not only is it less expensive than getting a bachelor’s degree, but the availability of part-time options also makes it possible to make a career change without quitting your job. Some of the best coding bootcamps are online, so you can even pursue a career in tech without leaving your home.

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