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Online Digital Marketing Courses of 2021

Would you like to become a digital marketer? Any of the digital marketing courses listed below can help you. These courses will train you on paid searches, SEO, email marketing, Google Analytics, and much more. Read below to learn more about the best online digital marketing courses in 2021.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of advertising products and services electronically. The process involves using digital platforms to help businesses achieve maximum engagement and profits. These digital channels include emails, search engines, and social media.

Digital marketing has diversified various business processes. Unlike traditional methods of advertisement, digital marketing cuts across many different barriers. Business owners and web designers can attract customers from far and wide through more cost-effective digital marketing methods.

Breakdown: The Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses

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If you would like to become a digital marketer, consult our list of the top online courses. Just like the best online colleges, these courses provide you with the flexibility to learn on your own time. Most courses are affordable or even free.

Read below to learn more about the 10 best online digital marketing courses of 2021.

Provider and Course Certificate Length Price
Digital Marketing Specialization
Yes 8 months Free
Digital Marketing
Cornell Certificate Program
Yes 2 months $2,520
Google Digital Garage
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Yes 40 hours Free
LinkedIn Learning
Social Media Marketing Foundations
Yes 1 hour Free
Northwestern Kellogg
School of Management
Professional Certificate
in Digital Marketing
Yes 6 months $6,950
Digital Marketing Specialist
Yes 200 hours $1,499
Introduction to Social Media Strategy
No 1 hour Free
UCLA Extension
Marketing with Concentration
in Digital Marketing
Yes 3 months $5,800
Become a Digital Marketer
Nanodegree Program
No 3 months $399 for 3-month access
The Complete Digital Marketing Course-
12 Courses in 1
Yes 20 hours $12.99

What Can I Learn in a Digital Marketing Course?

In a digital marketing course, you can learn affiliate marketing, email marketing, Google Analytics, content marketing, and more. Some go deeper and explore pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, and SEO. These are some of the vital aspects of digital marketing that you must grasp to provide value to your clients.

The Best Digital Marketing Courses of 2021

The Best Digital Marketing Courses of 2021

We have compiled a list of the best digital marketing courses to help you launch your marketing career. These courses feature a comprehensive curriculum and lead instructors to help you learn best practices in the industry.

Digital Marketing Specialization | Coursera

Subjects Covered: 3D printing, search engine optimization, digital marketing analytics, social media marketing

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing? Coursera offers this course to help you understand how data collection and analysis are woven into digital marketing.

You will learn how to choose proper web analytic tools and techniques. You will also learn about the frameworks that can help you track digital consumer actions. By the end of the lessons, you will be much more confident in creating promotions and pricing consumer products and services. You will also complete a capstone project.

Key Takeaway: This free course is a great way to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing without breaking the bank.

Digital Marketing Cornell Certificate Program | eCornell

Subjects Covered: Digital media, digital marketing planning, digital marketing landscape

Cornell is a prestigious school, so it is a great place to learn online. This certificate program will give you an overview of digital marketing. You will learn both major and minor concepts of online marketing. You will also be able to assess opportunities in paid and owned digital media and implement a digital marketing plan.

The course will help you identify different customer needs and create objectives aimed at satisfying those needs. You will also be well equipped to develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your clients.

Key Takeaway: With small class sizes and expert instructors, you can get a digital marketing certificate from Cornell in only two months.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing | Google Digital Garage

Subjects Covered: Content marketing, display advertising, e-commerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, social media marketing

If you are looking for a free online digital marketing course, you should consider Google Digital Garage. The platform features 26 modules to help you acquire the proper skills and education to succeed in the industry.

This course is highly recommended if you want to improve your job outlook and develop your career. The certification program features a 40-question exam at the end of the program. You will finish with a certificate on your resume to help you start your digital marketing career.

Key Takeaway: If you’re interested in search engine marketing, this course from Google Digital Garage covers it all.

Social Media Marketing Foundations | LinkedIn Learning

Subjects Covered: Social media marketing, best practices, digital marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This course takes you from the definition of social media marketing to the innovative segments of online marketing. It will touch on major topics in social media, including customer interaction, selling online, and evaluating social media activity.

LinkedIn Learning features multiple free courses in digital marketing that make it easy to connect the marketing concepts. This program is part of the Digital Marketing Foundations program, which can help you learn everything you need to know.

Key Takeaway: This course from LinkedIn Learning is a great way to add social media marketing to your digital marketing portfolio.

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing | Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

Subjects Covered: Content marketing, customer experience and engagement, marketing experimentation, SEO, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization

Northwestern designed this certificate in digital marketing to help professionals advance their careers. It’s a fantastic online program to help you learn in-demand skills. It will also equip you with the knowledge to take your career to the next level. You will learn digital marketing techniques, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation.

This program also leads to multiple certifications in the digital arena. You will be able to sit for Google and HubSpot certification exams. This program can help you get hands-on digital marketing experience to solidify your career.

Key Takeaway: This program is a great choice because you can finish with a Google Analytics certification to help you get a job in the field.

Digital Marketing Specialist | Simplilearn

Subjects Covered: Digital marketing, social media marketing, content strategy

To become a digital marketer, you need a series of industry-standard skills. You must be knowledgeable in search engine optimization, conversion optimization, digital analytics, and email marketing. This program from Simplilearn can teach you everything you need to know.

Simplilearn combines all the basics of digital marketing under its digital marketing specialist course. With over 200 hours of live online classes, you will learn both theoretical and practical aspects of the job. Hence if you are a digital marketing specialist, marketing manager, entrepreneur, or marketing consultant, consider this program.

Key Takeaway: This self-paced digital marketing program is a great way to become an expert on your own time.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy | Skillshare

Subjects Covered: Social media advertising, social media marketing, content strategy

This is an exceptional program to help you learn how to use the right tools in digital marketing. The instructor will show you how to choose the right platform to advertise and curate the content. A good social media marketer should know how to match content to different audiences on different platforms.

At the end of the course, you will complete a hands-on project to equip you with exceptional fundamental skills. This is a great way to build your portfolio so you can get a job later on. You can become a social media marketer with this course in only one hour.

Key Takeaway: If you want to learn social media strategy, this course from Skillshare will teach you all the basics.

Marketing with Concentration in Digital Marketing | UCLA Extension

Subjects Covered: Digital analytics, social media marketing, content strategy

This certificate course is available for both in-person and online students. This school designed the program to help students stay up to date with emerging digital trends. It is curated for business professionals, managers, and beginners in the field.

For this program, students have access to federal financial aid to cover their tuition fees. You can check if you are eligible on the official website. You will also have access to internship opportunities, which can help you get work experience as you study. The website clarifies the requirements you need to meet.

Key Takeaway: Anyone can benefit from this digital marketing program from UCLA.

Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program | Udacity

Subjects Covered: Social media marketing, content strategy, marketing fundamentals, search engine optimization, social media advertising

If you want to become a digital marketer, this three-month Udacity course may be what you are looking for. The course will take you through training in digital marketing strategy, campaigns, and advertising on Facebook.

This is a fantastic course to learn the content strategy and social media marketing. Today, there are even more users shopping on digital platforms. This has led business owners to seek professionals with social media expertise. At Udacity, you will cover all bases to become a social media manager.

Key Takeaway: This course from Udacity is a great place to start learning digital marketing in a business-led context.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1 | Udemy

Subjects Covered: Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, market research

Udemy provides a fantastic opportunity for students to land high-paying jobs in digital marketing. The complete digital marketing course is curated for business owners, affiliate marketers, and career changers. You will have lifetime access once you sign up.

The 12 courses in this program feature major topics in digital marketing to help you start your career in any company. They include app marketing, copywriting, email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords. You will also find LinkedIn marketing, market research, SEO, social media marketing, and YouTube marketing.

Key Takeaway: This comprehensive digital marketing program is one of the best choices you can make as you become a digital marketer.

Professional Digital Marketing Certifications

Professional Digital Marketing Certifications

To advance your career, you will need more than a good mastery of skills and education. You must be able to prove that you are as skillful as you state in your cover letter or resume.

Acing a digital marketing interview is one thing, but acing a certification exam can help you advance your career quickly. Certifications validate your expertise in specific areas in the industry. Below are the top digital marketing certifications.

Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

This certification is vital to prove your ability to create top-level engaging content with Facebook and Facebook Ads. It will showcase your skills in using audience insights, targeting relevant audiences, implementing credible strategies, and optimizing reach.

Google AdWords Certification

The Google Ads certification is instrumental for practitioners who want to showcase their prowess in using Google Ads. This certification is one of six that Google has to offer aspiring digital marketers.

American Marketing Association - Digital Marketing

The professional Certified Marketer program provides students with affordable and flexible learning options to validate their skills in marketing. You will demonstrate your skills in market research and data analytics, customer behavior, market strategy, and product positioning.

How Much Can I Earn as a Digital Marketer?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of a digital marketer is $54,672. This figure is subject to change depending on your level of experience and education level. The highest-paid digital marketers, according to the site, live in Richmond, California, where they earn an average of $66,895 per year.

If you want to advance in your career, consider earning a master’s degree. Certifications are also quite effective at landing top marketing positions in the digital arena. ZipRecruiter indicates the highest-paid position in this career track is a Vice President of Digital Strategy, who earns $182,836.

Min salary


Average salary


Top salary


Should You Learn Digital Marketing in 2021?

Yes, you should learn digital marketing in 2021. As long as there are businesses online, digital marketers will always play a huge role in the market. They are responsible for the virtual presence of a business and digital brand loyalty. Enroll in one of the digital marketing courses listed in this article to start learning today.

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