The Best Job
Boards of 2021

The best job search websites in 2021 list tons of job openings in a variety of industries. These sites also offer resources that can help you become a more employable candidate.

You can find general job search websites as well as job boards for niche job markets like tech, finance, and education. This article will outline how these job-hunting websites work and which one can benefit you the most. Read below to learn more about the best websites for job searching.

How Do Job Websites Work?

Job websites work by showing you different job opportunities according to your preferences. Potential employers post listings for open positions at their company to find the best available talent. Job seekers use these sites to find careers that interest them and companies that are hiring in their area.

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Applicants can enhance their prospects of employment by posting their education, special skills, and past careers. They can also use the site to upload a competitive resume and cover letter. With some job sites, users can test their skills and receive a rating for their skill level.

Why You Should Use a Job Search Engine

Job search websites are great because they eliminate the need to contact companies directly. You can search for specific businesses that have posted jobs you’re interested in. Many of these sites can be used for free or for a small cost. You can gain access to resources like how to ace a job interview or how to write a great cover letter.

Most job search sites also have a relationship or business arrangement with major employers and recruiters, which gives you access to some of the best available jobs in the United States and beyond. Job search sites are more prepared for the digital age of employment than traditional recruitment models like newspapers and career centers.

Top Five Job Search Sites

The sites listed below are easy to navigate, deliver regular job alerts, cover a broad spectrum of work, and are trusted by potential employers and employees. Below are our top picks for the best websites for general job searching.



Indeed is one of the premier job search websites today. The most compelling feature is its ease of navigation. Its desktop site and mobile app are both clean and user-friendly, making it easy to find job postings. This website is popular among employers, meaning new job listings are being posted daily. Indeed is also free to use.



LinkedIn has a growing network of around 756 million people. This website is essentially a social media platform for business professionals. It opens you up to networking opportunities that would ordinarily only be available through personal contacts or in-person conferences.

Although it can seem like an intimidating platform, you’ll have access to a whole new professional world once you’re comfortable using it. Creating a profile and searching for open positions is free, but LinkedIn does offer paid membership packages for specialized services. It also offers online courses for professional development and job applications.



This job search website has about 100 million job listings associated with some of the biggest employers in the world. You can use the online site or mobile app, making the job search easy from anywhere. You can search job listings for free, and CareerBuilder makes it easy by letting you sort by specific skills and positions.



This job search website was established in 2010, making it one of the younger employment pages. The company’s partnership with social media giant Facebook is all the evidence you need to rely on ZipRecruiter. Its real strength, though, is that the site is so easy to navigate, which is especially useful for first-time job seekers.



On the Glassdoor employment site, you will have access to 70 million salaries, reviews, and career insights. It has a rating system that can help you decide whether or not a company suits your needs and values. There are 1.3 million employers associated with Glassdoor, according to its official website.

Niche Job Websites

Niche Job Websites

If you’re interested in working in a certain industry, you should use a niche job website. These websites focus on one industry, which ensures that you are only looking at the most relevant job postings. Not only does this remove the need to filter through jobs, but it also helps employers know that you’re serious about the position you’re seeking.

Retail Jobs

Best Overall: SimplyHired

This site is useful for people who are just entering the job market, with part-time jobs, teen jobs, and summer jobs featuring prominently on the listings pages. The site lists jobs that are tailor-made for you, and it also offers resources on how to create a resume, write a cover letter, and prepare for job interviews.

Runner-up: AllRetailJobs

This job search website has a strong association with companies like FedEx, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Thrift Superstore, and Lowe’s. If you are seeking employment at large retail companies, then AllRetailJobs is the place to go.

Startup Jobs

Best Overall: The Muse

Muse assists nearly 75 million job seekers and employers every year. A compelling feature of this platform is that it works best for people who are looking for professional advancement or upskilling opportunities. The most popular job searches on this site are for engineering jobs, marketing jobs, and information technology jobs.

Runner-up: AngelList

If you want to be part of a company’s story from the beginning, AngelList provides one of the best opportunities to get involved. This job search website is used by platforms like Crunchbase, which is itself associated with dynamic and innovative companies. Other companies linked to AngelList are Medium, IFTTT, Chartbeat, and Patreon.

Jobs for Recent Graduates

Best Overall: Idealist

A unique feature of this job search site is that it publishes a comprehensive guide to internship programs, which makes it suitable for people who are just entering the job market. Idealist also provides opportunities for you to join volunteer programs. At the time of writing, there are more than 214,150 opportunities available on the site.

Runner-up: College Grad

If you are searching for entry-level work or internships, College Grad is a good place to start your search. The job search platform offers you numerous tools that can be used to enhance your prospects of employment, like guidance on creating a resume, interviewing techniques, and securing a good salary at your first job.

Finance Jobs

Best Overall: eFinancialCareers

There are around 15,000 jobs listed on eFinancialCareers at any given time. A compelling feature of this search platform is that it also keeps you updated on all of the latest developments in the financial sector. Companies associated with this platform include J.P Morgan, Wellington Management, and Goldman Sachs.

Runner-up: Finance Jobs

This job search platform is suitable for candidates trying to become chief financial officers, accountants, auditors, investors, brokers, and financial analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial job opportunities are growing at a rate of five percent by 2029, which is faster than average.

Tech Jobs

Best Overall: Dice

This job dashboard has been specially designed for people who know their way around general computing. This is a job search site for software engineers, cloud architects, programmers, network engineers, and more. You will learn all you need to know about potential industry salaries and the latest tech news.

Runner-up: Google For Jobs

Google For Jobs shows you listings when you make a Google search for a new job position. It is a great resource for all industries, but particularly tech. Google For Jobs gathers data about job listings across the board, whether that be from other job search sites or directly from company pages.

Freelance Jobs

Best Overall: FlexJobs

As the name would suggest, this is a suitable job search site for people who want to work remotely. Freelancing can offer people a lot of flexibility, making it a good option for parents or people who live outside of cities. Full access starts at $6.95 a week, with discounts offered for monthly and yearly memberships.

Runner-up: BloggingPro

When you use this job search site, you can narrow your search down to contract work, freelance jobs, remote jobs, part-time jobs, and temporary jobs. The emphasis on this platform is placed on online content jobs like writing and editing. The platform also offers advice on how you can be a better freelancer and blogger.

Sales Jobs

Best Overall: Monster

Monster is among the best established online job search tools today. The platform is available to users worldwide. Its search options are easy to use and offer filters for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, remote jobs, and more. It also offers resources on resumes, interviews, and how to find the best job for you.

Runner-up: Simply Sales Jobs

Simply Sales Jobs is associated with the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, which offers support to those people who desire a career in sales. The institute is highly involved in the training of sales practitioners. This website offers services like CV assistance and recruitment advice in addition to posting industry jobs.

Remote Jobs

Best Overall: HireMyMom

Although HireMyMom doesn’t stop anyone from joining, its content is targeted towards professional parents looking for freelance or remote work. If you want to use this service, you can pay $24.99 for one month or reduced rates for longer periods. Despite the paywall, this site offers resources and training that will assist with your job search.

Runner-up: ProBlogger

ProBlogger is quite specific in that it offers jobs for bloggers, journalists, and writers. The jobs listed on this platform can be filtered to contract, freelance, part-time, and full-time work. A sizable portion of the jobs listed at ProBlogger can be done remotely or at your own pace. ProBlogger is also associated with agencies like Hands Off Publishing.

Construction Jobs

Best Overall: Construction Jobs

This job search site is most suitable for people seeking employment at major firms like Taylor Morrison, Gemco, Harris Rebar, and more. These major firms are not only associated with Construction Jobs but also cover a broad spectrum of employment. Job listings on this site include commercial work, engineering, residential work, and energy supply.

Runner-up: Construction Job Search

If you are looking to work for top companies like Anderselite, Element Consulting Engineers, O’Neill and Brennan, or the Barker Ross Group, this employment platform could be ideal for you. Your job listings will be personalized, and you will be able to make use of the Quick Apply feature as well as job alert emails.

Healthcare Jobs

Best Overall: Health eCareers

This job search site is linked to major healthcare associations and certification bodies in the United States. With this site, you are searching for work on a platform that has taken all of your career needs into account. Healthcare jobs are growing at a rate of 15 percent by 2029 according to the BLS, which is much faster than average.

Runner-up: CareerVitals

When you search for work on this site, you will have access to free resume critiques and more. You can also sign up for specific healthcare job alerts, which also won’t cost you a penny. The site is associated with major corporations like Comfort Keepers, Parkland, Good Samaritan Hospital, and Precyse.

Executive Jobs

Best Overall: ExecuNet

The site is designed for professionals who want to work in heavy leadership positions like CEO, CFO, and business intelligence developer. This platform provides you with the tools you need to get ahead in the field. You will get guidance on your resume, market trends, and new career paths.


If you harbor aspirations of working at a major firm like Coca-Cola, Aviva, Investigo, and even AWE, then this might be the best stop for you. On this job search site, you will be able to set up a profile of your own and get access to meaningful career advice. When you sign up for this service, you will get access to job alerts and the latest industry news.

Education Jobs

Best Overall: Higher Ed Jobs

This is a highly specialized job search page dedicated to those seeking faculty, executive, or administrative employment in academia. This is not a platform for entry-level candidates. There are multiple resources on the site, which are designed to help you employ better job search techniques, access useful salary data, and attend educational webcasts.

Runner-up: Academic Positions

If you want to work at some of the best universities and research institutions in the world, then this job search platform is the ideal solution for you. You can look for jobs in anything from agricultural science to theology. The job search site differs from Higher Ed Jobs because it is for all branches of higher education.

Non-Profit Work

Best Overall: Work For Good

The jobs available on this platform center around many different non-profit fields. The biggest issue in this line of work is integrity because not all non-profit organizations are what they claim to be. However, this job search website only hosts open positions from companies you can trust.


This job search website works with employers like Accion International, 360 Youth Services, BUILD, the Kenneth Young Center, and Hektoen Institute. The site is designed for people who want to make a meaningful contribution to society. It has a platform for job seeker registration which will connect you to people who care just as much as you do.

Government Jobs

Best Overall: USA Jobs

This is an official website of the United States government, which gives you access to a future in civil service. This field can be highly competitive, but it offers great job security once you’ve made your way in. This website provides information on how to enter the field and find the right career pathway for you.

Runner-up: Government of Canada Jobs

This job search platform is an official website of the Canadian government. All of the jobs listed on this site are open to the public, granted that they meet the requirements of the advertised job. When searching for a job here, you can search for a salary range, language requirements, and different job types within civil service.

How Much Do Job Search Websites Cost?

How Much Do Job Search Websites Cost?

Most job search sites can be used for free, making them great resources for people new to the job market. Some websites, like LinkedIn, offer users free and paid options depending on what resources they need. Some specialized websites, like HireMyMom, are only available with a membership but can offer great access to careers in specific sectors.

Tips for Using Job Engines

ob engines are the most useful when you’re prepared to enter the job market. We’ve put together a few tips for maximizing the usefulness of online job search tools.

Update Your Resume

Having a relevant resume prepared will help you complete a successful job search. There’s more to a resume than contact details and employment history. You want to prove to potential employers that you possess the unique skills that make you the best for the job. Some job search websites provide resume assistance.

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Most job seekers do not realize just how essential your LinkedIn profile can be. It is your official window to employment and among the first things that companies review, regardless of the platform you’ve used to apply. Your LinkedIn profile is also a place to provide extra information that may not fit on a resume.

Do Your Research

Make sure that the job site you are using can be trusted with your information. You want to make sure you’re using the best website for your purposes, whether it be a general website or a niche one. It also never hurts to do your research on a company you’re applying to.

Is Using a Job Website a Good Way to Find a Job?

Yes, a job website is a great way to find a job. Job search engines make finding open positions much easier. Employers and recruiters have strong relationships with many job search sites, so you can find great jobs in your field more easily. If you want to get a great job in 2021, you should use one of these best job search websites.

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