What Are the Best Ruby on Rails Bootcamps in 2021?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development framework used by companies such as Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify. While many say the web development framework is declining in popularity, it continues to power thousands of websites for giant tech companies. This is why you should take a look at the best Ruby on Rails bootcamps of 2021.

While learning Ruby on Rails at one of these coding bootcamps, you can also expect to learn important skills necessary for careers in digital marketing, web design, and software engineering. The best Ruby on Rails bootcamps can help you land your dream tech job.

Due to COVID-19, many in-person courses are being held online. Check with each bootcamp for its current response.

The 10 Best Ruby on Rails Bootcamps

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Coding Dojo is a relatively well-known coding bootcamp offering courses in software development and data science. In the full-time or part-time Software Development Program, you will learn the Ruby programming language. You will also get up to speed with the Ruby on Rails framework to develop web applications.

This course costs between $7,745 and $15,995, depending on if you decide to enroll full-time or part-time, and if you choose an onsite location or online. You can pay for the course in a number of ways. These include an upfront payment, a standard deposit and full payment plan, signing an income share agreement, or taking out student loans.

Tuition: $7,745 to $15,995

Locations: Arlington VA, Bellevue WA, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Online

Flatiron School is a coding bootcamp with eight onsite locations as well as an online option. This bootcamp offers quite a few different courses. So, you can learn the Ruby programming languages and Ruby on Rails in the onsite or online Immersive Software Engineering Course, or the free Introduction to Ruby course.

With both options, you will learn valuable skills necessary to master the Ruby on Rails web development framework. If you enroll in the Immersive Software Engineering Course, you will spend less time on Ruby on Rails and more time developing skills for a career as a software developer.

The software engineering course costs $16,900 for both online and on-site curriculums. Both can be paid for upfront or with student loans.

Tuition: $16,900

Locations: Austin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Online

General Assembly is one of the most well-known coding bootcamps around the world. It offers bootcamp programs at nearly 40 different locations in almost every continent. This school boasts a job placement rate of 92 percent if you participate in full-time career counseling.

You can enroll in the Online Software Engineering Immersive Course to learn a variety of programming languages and technologies, including Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

There is also the Free Intro to Ruby on Rails Class held regularly at various General Assembly campuses. Depending on which program or workshop you enroll in, you will pay between $950 and $15,590. This can be paid upfront, with monthly installments, by signing an income share agreement, taking out student loans, or even using the GI Bill.

Tuition: $950 to $15,590

Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa, Toronto, Washington DC, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Paris, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Online

Holberton School is a unique coding bootcamp, as it offers one full-time software engineering program with six different career pathways. Options range from AR/VR to Machine Learning, but we recommend taking the Full Stack Web Development Pathway to learn Ruby on Rails.

The programs at Holberton School are a bit pricier than other coding bootcamps, costing students $85,000 in tuition. However, they run for upto two years, so you will graduate with in-depth skills and knowledge.

You can pay for the tuition upfront or by signing an income share agreement. Included with the cost of tuition is Holberton School’s career services, which have helped 78 percent of graduates find employment within six months of graduating.

Tuition: $85,000

Locations: New Haven, San Francisco, Tulsa, San Juan, Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Hauts-de-France, Tunis, Beirut, Montevideo, Mexico City, Online

Best Online Ruby on Rails Bootcamps

While onsite coding bootcamps can be one of the best environments to learn in, many students don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to an on-campus program. Luckily, there are plenty of online Ruby on Rails bootcamp options for those who need a more flexible course schedule.

The Best Online Ruby on Rails Bootcamps

Actualize is a bootcamp based in Chicago with a strong online program. Students enrolled in the $14,900 Online Live Coding Bootcamp will have the luxury of choosing between two different live online schedule options.

You can choose the daytime schedule, in which you are in class from 11am until 4pm every Monday through Friday. The nights and evenings schedule runs from 6pm to 9:30pm every Monday through Thursday, and every Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

In the coding program, you will learn all of the skills needed to enter the workforce as a software engineer. Actualize prides itself on teaching the most common technologies and languages needed to succeed in the tech world, including Ruby on Rails.

The school also offers an impressive career support program that meets twice a week to prepare students for work post-graduation.

Cost: $14,900

At App Academy, you can enroll in the 16-week or 24-week online Software Engineering Immersive Course. You’ll pay $17,000 to $25,000 for the 16-week program, and $20,000 to $31,000 for the 24-week program. The price depends on which payment method you choose. You can pay upfront, with a deferred tuition plan, or with a hybrid plan.

These programs are meant to be an immersive experience and teach in a live online format from a project-based curriculum. You will learn everything from computer science fundamentals to web development fundamentals. You will learn JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, React, Express, and SQL, among other languages and technologies.

Cost: $17,000 to $31,000

Wyncode Academy is a coding bootcamp based in Miami and offers easily accessible online programs. While there are four different programs you can apply to at this bootcamp, if you want to learn Ruby on Rails, you’ll want to pursue the Full Stack Web Development or Front End Web Development Program.

The Front End Web Development Program costs $5,000 in tuition, while the Full Stack Web Development Program costs $15,000. Both teach important coding languages and technologies, such as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

The front end course takes 12 weeks to complete, and studies exclusively front end skills. Meanwhile, the full stack course takes 10 weeks to complete and teaches both front end and backend skills.

Cost: $5,000 to $15,000

What About Free Ruby on Rails Bootcamps and Courses?

Many people want to pursue a tech education on a budget or as a hobby, and can be caught off-guard by the tuition costs of popular bootcamps. Luckily, there are plenty of free bootcamp options out there. These three will all help you to learn Ruby on Rails.

The Best Free Ruby on Rails Bootcamps and Courses

Ada Developers Academy – Full Stack Web Development

Ada Developers Academy is a coding bootcamp for women and gender nonconforming adults only. It teaches a full-time software development program that focuses on JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and other popular programming languages.

While Ruby and Ruby on Rails are not considered part of the curriculum at this bootcamp, they are commonly taught to students who express interest in learning. Students have even reported using various technologies and programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails, for the capstone project at the end of the program.

App Academy Open – Full Stack Web Development

App Academy, as mentioned before, offers a software engineering program that teaches students Ruby on Rails amongst other engineering and developing skills. With App Academy Open, you will have access to all of the same course materials as the regular program, but totally free of cost.

The only difference between App Academy Open and the regular programs is that you will have to do all of the work on your own. You won’t have instructors, but you will have access to over 1,500 hours of learning materials, as well as a community chat room to help learn with your peers.

Codecademy – Learn Ruby on Rails

Codecademy is well-known for offering a plethora of free courses for coders. You can enroll in the Learn Ruby on Rails Course totally free of charge, and learn how to use the web development framework as a total beginner.

While enrolled in this course, you will have the opportunity to build eight different web applications. This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Upon completion, you will be presented with a certificate.

Why Learn Ruby on Rails Now?

Ruby on Rails is an extremely powerful tool for web developers to use. Though the Ruby language and web framework may initially seem intimidating, it is actually meant to be extremely user-friendly. This makes it the perfect web framework to learn as a beginner or an expert.

What Do Ruby on Rails Developers Actually Do?

As a Ruby on Rails developer or other professional, you will do many of the same tasks required for any web development job. The primary difference is that nearly everything you do will be using the Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework.

Writes, Tests, and Develops Software and Applications

The most common part of a Ruby on Rails developer job is writing, testing, and developing various software and web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This involves coming up with ideas, writing code, testing the code, and fixing bugs in the apps.

Creates and Maintains APIs

APIs can easily be built and maintained using Ruby on Rails, which is why this is often a large part of a Ruby on Rails developer career. APIs allow for communication between multiple applications, and using Ruby on Rails to build APIs simplifies the entire process.

Troubleshoots Existing Software

As a Ruby on Rails developer, you will likely find yourself troubleshooting and improving existing software. If software or a web application was created using Ruby on Rails, it takes a developer with Ruby on Rails knowledge to troubleshoot and improve these applications.\

Should You Attend a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in 2021?

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework, and with its user-friendly design, is one of the easier frameworks to learn. With more people working from home and breaking into tech than ever before, attending a Ruby on Rails bootcamp in 2021 is a great route to your dream job.

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