What Are the Best San Francisco Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The demand for software engineers and web developers in the US is growing fast and is unlikely to stop anytime soon. San Francisco has gained fame as the home to many major tech companies from around the world.

So, if you want to get started in any field of technology, San Francisco will have plenty of opportunities. Whether you want to study web design, software engineering, or data science, this city is a great place to kickstart your tech career in 2021.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

In order to streamline your search process, we’ve created this list of San Francisco’s best coding bootcamps. Check out all 10 to find the one that most closely matches your career goals.

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Always Hired aims to train students who want to become proficient in the sales tools used by leading tech companies. Its four-month course teaches students the inner workings of the tech industry. Students will learn the fundamentals of creating sales pitches, negotiating contracts, and cold calling.

After the second month, students will get paid, real-world experience working for an outside employer. This tech training institution is a fantastic way to get a leg up in the tech sales industry.

The school’s campus is located in the Yerba Buena district of San Francisco, but courses are currently being offered remotely due to COVID-19.

Tuition: $2,299

App Academy prepares its students for employment as full-stack software developers. The school’s 16-week course is centered around Ruby, a beginner-friendly coding language that is used by huge companies like Airbnb and Github. Students also have the option to learn Python and backend engineering if they opt for a longer 20-week course.

App Academy is a great option for those who are seeking an intimate, yet interactive learning experience. Classes usually consist of around 50 students. Keep in mind that the application process at App Academy is competitive, with only 5 percent of applicants admitted.

Tuition: 16-week course: $17,000; 20-week course: $20,000.

Hackbright Academy is a women-only coding bootcamp that trains its students in full stack software development. The school primarily teaches the versatile coding language Python, which allows graduates to seamlessly transition into the workforce.

Short introductory courses are also available at Hackbright. This helps students with no background in tech get up to speed with programming fundamentals before starting in on a more intensive course.

Hackbright Academy also provides students with top-tier career advice and mentorship. The academy’s overarching objective is to combat systemic gender inequality in the tech industry.

Tuition: Full-time: $12,900; Part-time: $12,900; Short course: $250

Hack Reactor’s San Francisco campus is located near South Beach. It’s a fantastic seaside location that would definitely improve any student’s learning experience. However, it’s important to note that at the moment, the two courses offered by the campus are being taught fully online, and on-campus events are also temporarily on hold.

Hack Reactor’s two immersive courses are in data science and software engineering. The principal language used throughout both programs is Python. Once it has reopened, the campus will again be a great place for co-working and meeting with peers.

Tuition: $18,000

Situated in the Soma district in the heart of San Francisco, Holberton offers a very unique teaching method. Effectively, the school takes a project-based approach to learning, with no formal teachers. Students at Holberton learn as much from their peers as they do from their course mentors.

The basic two-year course structure starts with the fundamentals of programming and systems engineering. Students must then choose to specialize in either full stack, front end, or backend development.

Other specializations are available in areas such as machine learning, as well as augmented and virtual reality. Soft skills like teamwork, team building, and public speaking are also crucial elements of Holberton’s education strategy.

Tuition: $85,000

Kenzie Academy’s program structures offer density and depth. The 12-month software engineering program allows students to immerse themselves in every aspect of programming. Students who need more flexibility in their schedule might want to opt for the six-month, part-time UX design program.

Kenzie Academy intentionally focuses on immersive and lengthy learning processes, rather than quickfire memorization routines. This means students will be able to absorb the course content in their own time.

Tuition: $11,000

Make School offers a fully accredited bachelor’s degree in computer science. The San Francisco campus gives students a socially rich experience, although it also offers an online option.

The school’s unique vision combines liberal arts with programming. It prides itself in educating young tech professionals in important tech industry issues such as ethics, race, and gender.

Tuition: On-campus: $70,000; Online: $65,000

Metis offers a variety of short immersive and prep data science courses. These are suitable for any beginner wishing to get started in data science or analytics. Students who already have some experience can jump right into one of the school’s six-week, full-time courses in data analytics, data science, or programming.

The Metis bootcamp offers expert-led online classes in which students will create a project-based portfolio ready for showcase when applying for jobs. Each program also has a designated career week aimed at getting students ready for their job search and interviews.

Tuition: $18,500

The Rithm School has small classes of only 18 students so that students can get a robust learning experience in a short time frame. The school’s 16-week course covers programming fundamentals with a focus on JavaScript. From the third week on, the curriculum delves into design patterns, Python programming, and building applications with React frameworks.

In the last three weeks of the course, you will get prepared for the job application process and will finalize your portfolio. At The Rithm School, a huge emphasis is placed on helping students find work through one-to-one career coaching.

Tuition: $24,000

UC Berkeley offers online, market-driven software development courses. Upon finishing your course, you will get a certificate of completion from UC Berkeley Extension to boost your CV.

UC Berkeley offers many courses that aren’t common at other bootcamps, such as financial technology analysis, cybersecurity, tech project management, and digital marketing. More traditional courses are also available, such as coding (with a JavaScript focus), UX/UI design, and data analysis.

Tuition: $11,995

Should You Attend a San Francisco Coding Bootcamp in 2021?

In recent years, San Francisco has built up a solid reputation as a hub for major tech companies and startups. Google, Apple, HP and others have paved the way for up-and-coming tech enterprises to establish themselves. Because of this, San Francisco is a very exciting place to attend a coding bootcamp in 2021.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Reputation

Listing a San Francisco area bootcamp in the education section of your CV will definitely increase your chances of landing a well-paid job in the tech industry.

A Creative City

One of the benefits of attending a coding bootcamp in San Francisco, besides the education you’ll receive, is the people you’ll meet in the process. For decades, the city has been known to inspire a huge amount of artists, musicians, and other creatives.

Coding is a creative endeavor, so it will be beneficial to mingle with other people who take a unique approach to their work.

Networking Opportunities

San Francisco has become, for better or worse, a tech city. Most bootcamps will provide you with networking events and opportunities. Simply residing in San Francisco while you attend a bootcamp will increase your chances of bumping into your next business partner or colleague.

The city’s reputation as a diverse hub for finance, business, art, and technology makes it an exciting place to learn and work. There are plenty of coding bootcamps to choose from in San Francisco, so get ready to kickstart your career.

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