How to Get
a Job at Netflix

Hiring Process and Tips

Do you have a favorite show or movie on Netflix? Netflix has thousands of titles and hundreds of originals to choose from. With millions of people paying for its services, it is not surprising that thousands of people are swarming to get a job at Netflix.

How can you set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd when applying to Netflix? Continue reading this comprehensive guide to ace your job interview and see if working at Netflix is right for you. Read below to learn how to get a job at Netflix.

Why Work for Netflix?

You should work for Netflix because you can earn a high salary and have access to great benefits. Netflix CEO Reed Hasting’s unique take on leadership and work-life balance has created a striking impression of his company on the public. If you want a healthy work environment, Netflix is the place to go.

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Netflix has some seriously unconventional employment benefits. This includes a flexible schedule where employees can create their own hours, encouraging artistic liberty without being confined to the typical nine-to-five work schedule.

While the exact salary of Netflix employees varies depending on the job title and organizational function, the average annual earnings for Netflix employees, according to Comparably, are $103,486 for finance, $115,170 for IT, $155,700 for engineering, and $162,767 for sales. All of these salaries are above average.

Top Perks of Working for Netflix


Time Away

Netflix believes in working smarter, not harder. The company does not follow a nine-to-five workday, so they do not have a specific time off policy for salaried employees. Netflix also encourages its employees to take time off when they need to for their mental health or personal commitments.

Because there is not a set holiday and vacation schedule, employees can observe what is important for them and decide on their own. The freedom to choose which holidays to observe is one of the main reasons why people are fighting their way to land a job here.


Stock Option Program

Netflix allows its employees to choose whether to get paid annually by stock or salary. The employees are free to choose payment in all stocks, all cash, or a combination of the two options. This unique payment plan is a great choice for financially oriented employees who want to invest in the company.

As for the stock option, you can choose a 10-year vested stock that you can still keep even after resigning from your job at Netflix. This is over and above the automatic free stock awarded by the company, which usually equals five percent of your salary.


Personal Top of Market

Netflix pays employees at the top of its market. You can see that even its entry-level and mid-level salaries are above the industry standard. This is because the company believes that its success lies in the people working for them, and they should therefore be paid generously.

The company believes that the market for talent should not be defined by set bands and grades. Consequently, if the market adjusts, employees do not have to wait for an annual compensation event for changes to be made.


Relocation Benefits

The company also believes that if its employees are focused on what they do, they will be most productive. This explains Netflix’s goal of removing distractions by providing benefits that allow employees to settle quickly and focus on their role in the company.

If Netflix requires you to move locations for your new role, you can access the Talent Mobility team dedicated to supporting you and your family. This means they’re offering meaningful and fair benefits to help you get started in a new work location.


Parental Leave

Netflix’s parental leave policy is centered around the principle of allowing the parents to take time off to take care of themselves and their babies. Regardless if you’re the father or mother, you’re entitled to this benefit.

New parents could take four to eight months off work. Additionally, the company supports its employees during their adoption, surrogacy, and fertility, surrogacy journey. This is available to any employee regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or marital status.

Netflix: Company Profile

Netflix: Company Profile

Established in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix spearheaded DVD rentals by mail. Hasting and Randolph tested the concept by mailing themselves a DVD. The DVD arrived intact, and that is how the idea for Netflix began.

In 1999, the Netflix subscription service debuted, offering members unlimited DVD rentals without due dates, late fees, or monthly rental limits. Seven years later, in 2006, membership grew to five million subscribers. The following year, Netflix introduced streaming, allowing members to watch series and films through its website instantly.

In 2012, Netflix climbed up to 25 million members, expanding into the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Nordic countries. In 2015, Netflix Originals introduced its first original feature film. Membership also extended to Australia, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Spain, and New Zealand, bringing it to its present milestone of over 200 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix’s Company Culture

Netflix redefined the typical company culture. In this company, employees are granted freedom, flexibility, and trust. Starting with their work schedules, Netflix staff have full authority, given that they keep their number of vacation days at a reasonable amount.

Generally, most of Netflix’s workforce appreciate this freedom to work on their schedules to stay ahead of their responsibilities. However, its unique management style tends to put unintended pressure on those planning to start their career there. It can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated and feel confident with a laissez-faire manager.

Netflix’s Top Achievements

With over 200 million subscribers worldwide, it is no doubt that the release of Netflix in the market was an unmitigated success. However, to elaborate, below are some of Netflix’s highest distinguished achievements over the years.

In 2013, Netflix received 31 primetime Emmy nominations, including outstanding drama series, comedy series, and documentary or nonfiction special for “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Square.” House of Cards won three Primetime Emmy Awards, making Netflix the first Internet TV network nominated for the primetime Emmy.

Netflix also got 36 nominations, far more than any other studio, at the 93rd Academy Awards. It won seven Oscars Awards in 2021, the most wins for a single studio since 2017. When it comes to dominating the streaming industry, Netflix is only getting bigger and better.

What Is Life as a Netflix Employee Like?

What Is Life as a Netflix Employee Like?

Working at Netflix is incredibly rewarding and freeing compared to other jobs. It has no fixed schedule and no strict rules. Most people enjoy this one-of-a-kind management style and the transparency and work-life balance. Some employees, however, have also posted online some of the common issues they encounter in their workplace.

Netflix employees can face intimidatingly high expectations from everyone within the company. They sometimes feel a constant need to make the right decisions as employees have to take complete control of their job. If you aren’t self-motivated, you probably shouldn’t work at Netflix.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Netflix?

Yes, getting a job at Netflix is hard. According to an article published on LinkedIn, Netflix had over 350,000 job applications in 2019. The company, on the other hand, had fewer than 6,800 full-time employees around the globe. It is a very competitive workplace where even the best applicants in their field have equal chances of not getting hired.

What Do I Need to Study to Work at Netflix?

To work at Netflix, you just need to have the appropriate skills for your position, and it doesn’t matter where you go to school. Netflix accepts applicants from bootcamps as well as degree programs. Degrees in computer science, mathematics, and statistics are some of the most common degrees Netflix is looking for to increase your chances.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at Netflix?

Yes, a coding bootcamp can help you get a job at Netflix. For senior positions, you might have to have a higher degree, but a bootcamp education will be just fine for entry-level and mid-career jobs. Most coding bootcamps also include career services that can help you prepare for your job applications.

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Netflix

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Netflix

Unlike other companies looking for someone to fill an empty chair, Netflix receives hundreds of thousands of applications every year, allowing them to pick the best for the job. This also means that applicants are under overwhelming pressure to stand out from the crowd. Read below for the best tips for applying for Netflix.

Get to Know Netflix

It is always helpful to read about the company you are applying for. Take time to learn about the company beyond the app and become familiar with what it has on its platform. You can do so by visiting Netflix’s website and reading about its history and service offerings.

It would also be best if you dig deep into Netflix’s core values and company culture. You can make the necessary adjustments to fit in and reflect these specific principles they are looking for. This is also a time for you to see if your personal values align with the values at Netflix.

Diversify Your Network

Netflix, similar to other companies, relies on employee referrals in filling the seats in its growing team. If you want to get a job at Netflix, it is vital to find someone who already works there and ask if they can refer you.

This means that you have to be ready to reach out to your friends, acquaintances, and network to see people who can refer you to the company. If you don’t know anyone working for Netflix, then apply yourself and let them decide on your merits.

Keep in Touch

Interviews do not always guarantee a callback. However, keeping the line of communication and following up with the HR department will increase your chances of getting a job at Netflix, even if you don’t get hired. This shows that you are eager and determined.

Also, if you don’t get the job, be cordial enough to thank the interviewer for their time. Maintain a professional and friendly relationship, even if the hiring process didn’t turn out well in your favor. They might reconsider you for future offerings because of your tact and professionalism.

Common Job Titles at Netflix

No matter what your skills are, you’ll be able to find a job that suits your needs at Netflix. You could work in every department from tech to marketing to customer service. Below are some of the most common job titles that Netflix is always looking for.

Customer Service Supervisor

Level: Mid-Career

Average salary: $71,741

Experience requirements: At least five years of experience

Education requirements: Associate Degree in Customer Service or Bachelor’s Degree in any business-related course

In this role, you will support content strategy for customer service content. This includes the help center, internal knowledge base articles, customer service email messages, and other materials. If you have good communication skills, this job at Netflix will serve you well.

Software Engineer

Level: Senior

Average salary: $166,439

Experience requirements: Expertise in at least one primary programming language

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

This position is one of the highest-paying options at Netflix. In this role, you will partner closely with other engineers, data scientists, and technical program managers to design, prototype, develop, run, and improve software. This includes data cataloging, detection, and metadata systems at scale.

Marketing Manager

Level: Senior

Average salary: $204,100

Experience requirements: At least four years of professional experience

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Marketing

If you’re interested in marketing, you should become a marketing manager. In this role, you will help plan advertising campaigns and lead a team of marketers. Your job can include digital marketing, content marketing, ad marketing, and branding. You can access other digital marketing careers if you’re not ready for a senior position just yet.


Hiring Process

If you want to get a job at Netflix, you’ll need to follow its hiring and interview process. This can differ depending on your position, but the general process to get a job at Netflix remains the same across the board. Below is the most common step-by-step Netflix hiring process.

Step 1: Initial Interview

Netflix’s hiring process starts with a phone interview that is about 30 to 45 minutes long. Before the call, you’ll be sent a copy of Netflix’s fundamental beliefs and company culture. The interview questions could include technical questions, behavioral questions, and questions about company values.

In this call, you will be required to answer questions about why you want to work at Netflix and your current career status. They will also ask about your past work experiences and get some information about your range of abilities. They will also gauge your personality to see if you will fit in well with your department.

Step 2: Meeting with the Hiring Manager

This following phone interview will happen after a couple of days or even a week following your first call with a recruiter. This time, the hiring manager will ask some detailed questions about your past work experience. You may be asked about your resume and about your thoughts on Netflix’s company culture.

An option that you may also encounter instead of this call is a take-home task. You should finish this within six to eight hours. This can vary based on the position you’re applying for, but it could include a coding test or data analysis project. Technical interviews are common for more technical jobs.

Step 3: Onboarding

Followed by your onsite interview, you might get an offer from Netflix after a few weeks. This gives the company adequate time to assess your application among other job candidates and draft an offer letter. This process might also include drafting and discussing your benefits package.

The hiring manager will likely call you to discuss salary, start date, and other agreements when you receive this offer letter. However, if you do not receive any feedback within that time, you can probably assume that you did not get the position. If that is the case, you will need to wait six to 12 months to reapply.

Should I Seek a Job at Netflix?

Yes, you should try to get a job at Netflix. Although it is difficult to land a job at this giant company, its management style and open-mindedness remain a great choice to keep in mind for future job listings and career opportunities. Netflix has a unique core philosophy and believes in people over process.

With Netflix’s high compensation and growing community, job opportunities are likely to increase. If you have the skills and determination to make it through the fast-paced environment, Netflix might be an excellent fit for you.

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