How to Get a Job at Spotify

How to Get
a Job at Spotify: Hiring Process and Tips

Hiring Process and Tips

Spotify is the perfect place for talented people and music lovers to work. With millions of active users, Spotify has a large recruitment team. You could become an operations manager, backend engineer, product manager, or artificial intelligence engineer if you have a technical background.

Spotify hires employees who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about music. This guide will inform you about the working environment at Spotify as well as the many job opportunities available at the company. We’ll also go over how to get a job at Spotify by acing the interview process

Why Work for Spotify?

You should work for Spotify if you’re ready to enter a fast-paced, engaging, and interesting workplace. Employees are intelligent and diligent. You will receive free meals on a regular basis and be invited to office events. Overall, employees are treated well at Spotify.

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According to PayScale, a Spotify employee makes about $108,914 per year. The atmosphere at Spotify is unlike any other organization. The people you’re surrounded with are passionate, motivated, and entrepreneurial. They care about the work they do and the firm as a whole.

The networking opportunities at the office can provide a boost to your career opportunities. Working for a prestigious company like Spotify has numerous benefits besides a high salary. You’ll be able to land high-profile jobs if you have previous experience.

Top Perks of Working for Spotify

Spotify offers its employees a variety of benefits, and we list the top five below. If you work at Spotify, you’ll be able to have a steady income as well as benefits like life insurance and retirement assistance.


Fertility Coverage

Spotify offers some of the best fertility insurance in the tech industry. Fertility coverage is a relatively new phenomenon, and the tech industry has taken the lead in offering it to employees. In vitro treatments can be expensive, so having fertility insurance can save you serious money if you’re planning to have kids.


Health Insurance

Spotify offers three distinct health insurance plans: a PPO (High Plan), an EPO (Low Plan), and a High Deductible Health Plan that is HSA compatible (HDHP). The HDHP, as the name implies, has a higher deductible for in-network coverage: $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for families.

This plan can also be used in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA). This is a special medical expense account to which you can contribute pre-tax (payroll deduction) and withdraw tax-free for medical expenses.


Dependent Care Benefits

Spotify also offers a Dependent Care FSA. This allows you to save up to $5,000 each year in pre-tax savings for childcare bills. If your children attend daycare or after-school care, you may be able to save money on taxes. If you already have children, you should think about working at Spotify to take advantage of these benefits.


Dental Insurance

Spotify pays for two standard dental plans, a PPO and a Dental HMO, in full, with the opportunity to upgrade to Buy-Up Coverage. If you foresee orthodontic treatment needs for your family or high out-of-pocket dental expenses in the next year, the Buy-Up plan is a good option.


Disability Insurance

Spotify offers short and long-term disability insurance. After an eight-day waiting period, short-term coverage begins, covering 26 weeks at 67 percent of your weekly wage up to $2,000 per week. After 180 days, or when your short-term disability ends, long-term disability kicks in, paying 60 percent of your base salary up to $15,000 per month.

Spotify: Company Profile

Spotify started out as a small business in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, the company has redefined how people listen to music in the modern era. With over 70 million songs and 2.6 million podcasts, the site boasts 158 million members and 356 million monthly users, according to its own data.

According to Statista, Spotify is the most popular audio streaming service in the world. After ten years of exponential growth, Spotify went public in 2018 and is now traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SPOT.

Spotify’s success stems from its live programming as well as its industry-leading streaming music business. Spotify Singles is a popular show in which musicians are invited to perform their songs live in a studio. On each artist’s page, Spotify also assists musicians in publicizing other live concerts and gigs.

Spotify’s Company Culture

The organizational culture at Spotify is open and trusting. Individuals and teams practice collaborative communication among project teams for mobile app development and marketing. Spotify’s organizational culture directs efforts toward business growth and expansion through innovation in the music industry.

Spotify’s Top Achievements

It’s been 10 years since Spotify first opened its doors to users, and discovering new music and artists has never been the same. This Swedish company was founded to provide an alternative to piracy that helps to fairly reward artists for their labor while also shaping music consumption and sharing through streaming.

Through continuous dedication, Spotify is known as the best digital music, podcast, and video service provider in the world. It presents you with the ability to access millions of songs and other content from creators all over the globe.

What Is Life as a Spotify Employee Like?

When it comes to employee happiness, Spotify commits to providing benefits. Employees can develop their professions and grow in their personal lives by working in a positive atmosphere. Every year, thousands of people apply to work for the company.

Spotify’s offices offer live concerts by musical artists. When it comes to hiring, the organization aims to work with music fans from all walks of life who are also highly skilled. Live performances demonstrate that the workplace is completely concentrated on music.

According to Spotify reviews on Glassdoor, the organization is very keen on keeping its employees well-fed. As well, the company’s policies state that you will be compensated in proportion to your value to the company. Salaries are modified to reflect current market conditions, ensuring that you are fairly compensated.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Spotify?

Yes, it can be hard to get a job at such a high-demand company. Former employees claim that getting a job with Spotify requires a passion for music and technology. Many tech-related positions are listed on the company’s website’s employment section. There are, nevertheless, certain positions available for business and finance professionals.

It’s not as difficult as you would assume to get employed by Spotify. Its hiring process is lengthy, but that is expected of a major music firm like Spotify. Throughout the process, make sure to apply all you’ve learned about producing a CV and prepare for your interview.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at Spotify?

Yes, you can get a job at Spotify after attending a coding bootcamp. You’ll discover graduates of coding bootcamps like Fullstack Academy working at Spotify. Most coding bootcamps try to ensure that you have the technical skills necessary to secure a job within a few months after graduation.

People working in the Spotify office

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Spotify

It’s best to be straightforward and genuine in your explanation of why you want to work at Spotify. Choose two to three main reasons why you want to work at the organization, keeping them particular to your area and career ambitions, to give your answer some structure.

Make Your Application Simple

Often, your application will simply be given a cursory glance before being accepted or rejected. That’s why it’s critical to make it simple to scan. Use subheadings and bulleted lists to your advantage. Use the words in the job description that will attract the attention of hiring managers.

Describe Your Interests

It’s important to include hobbies and interests in an application for two reasons: to exhibit your positive traits and to demonstrate how you fit into the company culture. Always be truthful, and choose your words carefully. Align your personal interests with company culture to help convey that you’re the right person for the job.

Apply for a Job that Suits You

Concentrate on your strengths. Only apply for jobs where the job description excites you and where you truly believe you are a good fit. Prior experience in the related job will add to the chances of your application being considered for further evaluation.

Common Job Titles at Spotify

Spotify offers new positions according to company needs, so you’ll have to check the job board often to find the right position for you. If you’re interested in getting a high-paying job at Spotify, below are some of the best jobs available at the time of writing.

Software Engineering Manager – Client Platform

  • Level: Senior
  • Average salary: $144,093
  • Experience requirements: 3 years in a similar position
  • Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development or Engineering

A software engineer at IBM is responsible for designing and developing software solutions. This is a technical role where you’ll need to have an in-depth knowledge of existing IBM software. You’ll test code, provide insights, and maintain products. Software engineers also troubleshoot issues and enhance the product with upgrades.

Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer

  • Level: Mid-career
  • Average salary: $93,583
  • Experience requirements: 3 years of expertise creating machine learning infrastructure and data pipelines
  • Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

There are various user experience roles at IBM. These range from visual designers, to UX/UI designers, to content designers. In the UX/UI design team at IBM, your duties would include designing workflows, site maps, and the structure of web programs. The UX/UI designer also tests the performance of the apps to see if users have a seamless experience.

Senior Data Scientist

  • Level: Senior
  • Average salary: $142,258
  • Experience requirements: 5 years of experience working in the field of data science
  • Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Economics

You will produce insight for Spotify’s podcast as a senior data scientist. You’ll look at how users interact with material, create Spotify design success tactics, track results, and make data-driven suggestions. If you can expertly manage these tasks, you may be the perfect candidate for the position.

Senior Data Engineer – Personalization

  • Level: Senior
  • Average salary: $140,000
  • Experience requirements: 5 years of experience working in a data engineering department, preferably as a data engineer
  • Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or any other technology-related discipline

The perfect candidate for this job will be the one who has the ability to focus on technical designs and assist Spotify in personalizing its features in this New York-based position. You’ll also be in charge of driving data quality improvements through optimization, testing, and tooling.

Marketing Manager

  • Level: Senior
  • Average salary: $66,802
  • Experience requirements: 2 years of experience in marketing, advertising, brand management, or sales
  • Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, or related field

A marketing manager is in charge of a company’s brand promotion and positioning, as well as the items and services it sells. Marketing managers are typically hired to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to the company by creating marketing campaigns.

Spotify Hiring Process

You’ll need to be well-prepared for the entire hiring process beforehand. On average, the interview process at Spotify takes two to four weeks. The process as a whole is lengthy, so you should be ready to invest that much time and wait patiently until you hear from the talent acquisition team. You can learn more about the process below.

Apply Online

On Spotify’s website, you can easily begin the application procedure. Keep in mind that each job position is different, so personalize your application to the position you seek. Following the approval of your resume, a hiring manager will schedule an initial phone screen interview with you.

Phone Screen Interview

The initial interview is critical for determining your interest, salary needs, and relocation options. It assists the organization in gaining a general understanding of who you are as a person.

The phone interviewer will likely ask you about your professional background and resume highlights, as well as ask you some common interview questions. You should also expect the interviewer to inquire about any reservations or questions you may have regarding the position.

Video Interview

If you pass the phone interview, you’ll be invited to a Skype interview, which may include technical questions as well as personal questions about your motivation. You’ll also need to perform a technical interview, in which you’ll be asked to solve a programming problem so that the team can assess your work in real time.

Onsite Interview

If you pass the video interview, you’ll be invited to an on-site interview. Another programming test, portfolio review, system design exercise, and an introduction to certain team members will be part of this interview. After that, you’ll have one final interview to see if you’re a good fit for the company’s work culture.

Should I Get a Job at Spotify?

Yes, you should get a job at Spotify. The music company has grown at a breakneck pace during the last decade. Spotify has offices all around the world, so you could work for the company in Turkey, Poland, Hong Kong, Mexico, or the United States.

However, in order to get the position, you must be imaginative, dependable, and a team player due to the nature of the music-streaming business. The organization provides a fantastic opportunity for you to learn, grow, and advance your career.

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