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Hiring Process and Tips

Cisco Systems Inc. is a prestigious tech company that offers a variety of tech services and products. If you are looking for hands-on experience, knowledge, and technological innovation at its finest, Cisco is the right place to grow as a professional.

In this article, you will find all the information you need on how to get a job at Cisco.
You’ll learn about the requirements for working at Cisco, the roles available in the company, and how to ace the job interview. Read on to learn how you pursue this lucrative career path.

Why Work for Cisco?

Cisco emphasizes career growth while providing an attractive and competitive salary for its employees, which contributes to its reputation as an excellent place to work in the IT industry. Cisco works with the manufacture, sale, maintenance, and consulting of telecommunications equipment.

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Past and present employees have provided reviews on Glassdoor about their experience working with Cisco. They speak highly about the good work environment, flexibility in working hours, and effective communication between collaborators.

According to Glassdoor, Cisco offers salaries ranging from $48,002 to $174,646 annually. Cisco is known in the industry for managing one of the best job and salary profiles in the United States.

Top Perks of Working for Cisco


Medical Insurance

Cisco offers complete medical coverage. Their health insurance policies include dental care, surgeries, clinical consultations, laboratory tests, and psychological care. The most attractive aspect of Cisco health insurance is that it includes coverage for all family members, helping to provide a secure future for workers and their loved ones.


Vacation and Time Off

Downtime is essential for the high-performing, high-level tech workers at Cisco. For that reason, the company offers three weeks of fully paid vacation. This is one week more than the average number of days offered by US companies. This gives employees more time with their families and a better work-life balance.


Health and Family Services

Cisco offers its employees various health and social care services for its employee’s families. Some benefits include genetic testing for certain cancers, diabetes prevention and management, and one-on-one financial counseling and support.


College Admissions Coaching

Children of Cisco employees will receive educational advice through college admissions coaching to help them improve their chances of being admitted into the best universities and academic institutions in the country. Vocational guidance for the future of young people is a priority at Cisco.


Legal Advisory and Protection

In addition to medical coverage, legal coverage is another critical benefit for Cisco tech workers. Employees and their families will have access to MetLife Prepaid Legal to get unlimited access to expert legal advice.

This program offers legal services in personal and family matters like estate planning, small claims assistance, and adoption assistance. The benefit includes Medicare and Medicaid documents, nursing home agreements, as well as buying, renting, and selling a house.

Cisco: Company Profile

Cisco: Company Profile

Cisco Systems is a multinational company based in San Jose, California. It was created in 1984 by founders Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner, both from Stanford University. The company currently employs more than 74,000 professionals and has offices in three states in the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia.

Cisco’s enormous capacity for the interconnection of computer and communication networks makes it the largest in the world. Through the years, Cisco has created the standard for global telecommunications networks.

Cisco stands out for its wide range of connected devices for computer networks, including routers, switches and hubs, and security devices such as firewalls and concentrators for VPNs. In addition, the company manufactures IP telephony products, runs export devices, and develops network management software, such as CiscoWorks.

Cisco's Company Culture

The work environment at Cisco consists of cooperation and shared success among all its members. The principles of the culture at Cisco surround equality and diversity, with a focus on being an encouraging and safe place for their team members to be themselves.

Cisco's Top Achievements

Fortune’s yearly report for 2021 rates Cisco as the world’s best place to work. To be part of these rankings, each company must manage high-quality standards, excellent working conditions, and salaries, in addition to factors.

Cisco reached the top-level of the tech industry thanks to its innovation in the market with its information technology products. Cisco revolutionized the way we access the Internet through its networking hardware and software in areas like networking, domain security, Wi-Fi networks, cloud networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2020, the company won the Industrial IoT Innovation of the Year IoT Breakthrough Award. In 2021, Cisco held its Cisco Global Advocate Awards event to celebrate its excellence in advocacy and innovation.

What Is Life as a Cisco Employee Like

What Is Life as a Cisco Employee Like?

The routine of a Cisco worker involves constant learning, teamwork, working under pressure, and precision during all assignments. The work environment is focused on brainstorming and technical quality and encourages assertive communication amongst its team members.

The company guarantees an effective work methodology for individual improvement. Promotion opportunities are also prevalent at Cisco Systems. In addition, starting your career at Cisco will give you access to significant financial benefits, health insurance, family care, and participation in large corporate expansion events.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Cisco?

Yes, it is somewhat hard to get hired by Cisco, as they uphold their strong reputation in the industry by having some of the most experienced professionals in the market. Cisco is a prestigious company and its recruiters are looking for the best candidates.

The company administers exams to test technical skills in various tech areas to determine if you have the know-how to be an effective member of the team. The interview process and hiring protocols can be complex but necessary to maintain Cisco’s high-quality standards.

What Do I Need to Study to Work at Cisco?

Most Cisco candidates have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, design, or math. Education will always be essential to know tech trends and learn in-demand skills. To get an opportunity at Cisco, you can study at universities, community colleges, coding bootcamps, or online courses.

Cisco offers a specialized coding program called Cisco Networking Academy. If you want to be hired for key technical roles in this company, it is best to specialize in hardware and software engineering or corporate networking.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at Cisco?

A coding bootcamp is the ideal educational center to acquire tech skills. The content of the programs can turn you into a professional on a quick timeline. America’s most prestigious coding bootcamps have sent their graduates to world-class companies like Cisco, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and more.

Bootcamps offer practical classes, IT tools, technological resources, and key information to learn how to develop software, build hardware equipment, and configure computer networks, among other technical skills. If you apply this content in your educational path, you will be a strong candidate for Cisco or any large tech company.

Two people shaking hands in an office. Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Cisco

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Cisco

Getting hired at Cisco is a dream achievement for many software and network engineers. If you are a professional pursuing a position at Cisco, consider the following tips to navigate the application process and increase your chances of being hired.

Practice Answers to Interview Questions

Write a list with possible questions related to your area of ​​knowledge. Practice recalling proven experiences you’ve had in problem-solving in former positions or with projects. Employers are looking for applicants who master real-world problems, help colleagues, work as a team, and offer solutions to issues within the company.

Create an Honest Resume

Sincerity is a key value in any interview experience. In the case of Cisco, the recruitment department looks for experts who can verify their expertise. Create a resume focused on real skills and experiences. Be sure to include any courses, technical programs, certifications, and related projects that will attest to your knowledge.

Research Cisco

Before attending the interview, learn as much as you can about the company’s logistics, infrastructure, and operations. Learn about Cisco’s work style, history, and achievements. You should also understand the values, culture, and services of the company. Once you learn these key points, you can explain how you can contribute to its goals.

Share your Professional Goals

Describe your career goals and how they align or support Cisco’s values and goals. Companies want to hire candidates who want to grow along with them and who have a focus on what they want to accomplish during their time with the company.

Review Comments from Former Employees

Reading reviews of both former and current employees at Cisco will give you a good idea of what working there will be like. In addition, reading the feedback is useful to understand the dynamics of the company you’d be joining. Each worker has a different perspective, so make sure you read a variety of reviews.

Common Job Titles at Cisco

At Cisco Systems, you can find various job positions in different technical departments. The characteristics of each job vary according to the needs of the company. Below are some of the common job titles and roles available for tech professionals at Cisco.

Senior Change Management Analyst

Level: Senior

Average salary: $100,378

Experience requirements: Skills in functions such as stakeholder assessment, change networks, Arista networks, impact analysis, communications, training, and adoption measurement

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in management

A senior change management analyst works as a program manager to plan and manage project changes at Cisco. These managers work in all company departments, to implement changes to programs and strategies according to any new objectives.

Business Process Architect

Level: Mid-Career

Average salary: $162,628

Experience requirements: Two to three years of experience in process or business architecture

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in management information systems, business operations, or a related field

A business process architect conducts business requirements analysis, evaluates user stories, and assesses the quality of project proposals. They must also detect errors or irregularities within the architecture of programs. They also develop projects with operations leadership and engineering resources.

Software Program Manager

Level: Senior

Average salary: $124,500

Experience requirements: At least eight years of experience in program management, with a total of at least 10 years of experience in leadership roles in product development

Education requirements: Associate or bachelor’s degree in business science or engineering

As a program manager, you will lead product management, development, QA, support, and operations teams. Your main objective will be to define, build, and launch access networks software applications. You must also manage the development of software programs from definition to market launch.

VPN Software Engineer

Level: Senior

Average salary: $108,744

Experience requirements: Five years of experience in a production software engineering environment

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in software engineering

A VPN software engineer offers high-quality network solutions for customer regressions, technical problems, and negative marking. You will be responsible for improving and redesigning existing components and subsystems. You will be in charge of developing new features to support the product’s functionality, simplicity, scalability, and availability.

Business Systems Analyst

Level: Senior

Average salary: $121,920

Experience requirements: 10 years of relevant experience in business systems

Education requirements: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or information science

In this role, you must develop creative solutions to challenges in connectivity and the expansion of computer systems. You will participate in cross-functional projects to identify areas for improvement within Cisco, and analyze internal processes, data, and technical problems in the company’s communications networks.

Cisco Hiring Process

Cisco Hiring Process

The Cisco recruitment process is simple and agile. While the hiring protocols for each department will vary, you can expect a phone screening, rigorous interview process, and thorough job training.

Submit your Job Application

Submit your job application online, or you can deliver it in person to any of the Cisco offices. Ensure that the submitted resume includes the correct contact information, job references, copies of educational credentials, and a cover letter.

Phone Screening with a Recruiter

Once your application is approved, you will speak with the company’s recruiter. They will ask you about your goals as a prospective member of Cisco’s team. Be sure to have a stable Internet connection during the pre-interview with the recruiter.

Onsite Interview

The onsite interview consists of four or five technical interviews to test your coding, CCNA, and computer skills. Practice your knowledge beforehand in order to be as accurate as possible. Technical tests are the most important part of this interview, though your personality and theoretical level will also play a role in your suitability for the role.

Complete the Cisco Training

If you pass the interview, it’s time to start Cisco training. During this process, you will learn about the company’s work style, activities, leadership, and clients. This stage helps you understand the Cisco vision, manage its platforms and tools, and smoothly transition into the company.

Should I Get a Job at Cisco?

Yes. Working at Cisco Systems Inc. is a very special opportunity because of all the experience, knowledge, and opportunities that you will gain in this company. At Cisco, you can add top-notch experiences to your career plan and get amazing workers’ benefits.

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