How to Get
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Hiring Process and Tips

Salesforce is a software company focusing on cloud-based software. In this article, you will learn more about this company, their job application process, and some of the most common positions they hire for.

If you want to work in the technology industry, then you can’t miss this opportunity to learn a little more about this company that offers in-demand software business solutions for customer service and marketing.

Why Work for Salesforce?

According to Glassdoor, Salesforce is one of the best places to work in 2022. The company is the number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce provides employees with opportunities to grow and improve their careers. If you work for Salesforce, you will get hands-on experience working in tech.

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Salesforce is the leader in customer support and cloud computing. It has worked with large companies helping them to improve their relationship with their clients. Salesforce is an equal opportunity employer. The founder of Salesforce states that, “We believe the business of business is to improve the state of the world.”

In addition, this company offers one of the highest average salaries in the market. According to Payscale, the average annual salary of a Salesforce employee is $117,000.

Top Perks of Working for Salesforce

Working at Salesforce can bring you numerous benefits including insurance, health and welfare benefits, financial and retirement benefits, family and parenting benefits, vacation and time off, perks and discounts, and career support. The benefits listed below were found on Glassdoor.


Health, Insurance, and Wellness

In this category, Salesforce offers several benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), life insurance, disability insurance, supplemental life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, mental health care, and occupational accident insurance.

All of the above health benefits represent financial savings because all of these services are very expensive. The important thing is that you are well enough to perform your job.


Financial and Retirement Benefits

Financial and retirement benefits are some of the most important things job seekers consider when accepting or declining a job. Among the benefits offered by Salesforce are a 401K plan, employee stock purchase plan, retirement plan, charitable gift matching, performance bonus, and stock options.

These plans are important for Salesforce employees, as they provide them with a secure future, meaning they can rest assured that when they retire they have money saved. While working, employees can enjoy various bonuses throughout the year.


Family and Parenting Benefits

Salesforce offers benefits for you and your family. If you already have children or are thinking of having children, Salesforce offers support like maternity and paternity leave, work-from-home options, family medical leave, adoption assistance, dependent care, unpaid extended leave, childcare, and fertility assistance.


Vacation and Time Off

Vacation and time off are necessities for any employee. Time off is very important for a person to perform well and be efficient at work. Among the benefits that Salesforce offers are vacation and paid time off, volunteer time off, paid holidays, bereavement leave, sabbatical, and sick days.


Perks and Discounts

According to Glassdoor, Salesforce offers some perks and discounts such as free lunch and snacks, company social events, gym memberships, commuter checks and assistance, employee assistance program, mobile phone discount, pet-friendly workplace, and travel concierge. These additional perks attract many professionals for the comfort they provide.

Salesforce: Company Profile

Salesforce: Company Profile

Parker Harris, Marc Benioff, Frank Dominguez, and Dave Moellenhoff founded Salesforce in 1999. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. It is a service company that offers cloud-based software and provides CRM and other applications for marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT.

The company’s goal is to create a space where a company’s customers and employees can help a company grow. According to its LinkedIn profile, the company currently has 65,210 employees and is ranked in the top companies to work for in 2021.

Salesforce’s Company Culture

Salesforce calls its employees, partners, and customers “Trailblazers.” They have the idea of forming a family that achieves success through learning and growth, without forgetting the importance of having fun.

Salesforce’s Top Achievements

Salesforce offers the number one customer relationship management (CRM) system on the market, including marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and app building.

Salesforce has been at the top of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list for the past few years. In 2021 it reached the number two spot on the list because of the recognition it receives from its employees.

People in an office working with computers. What Is Life as a Salesforce Employee Like?

What Is Life as a Salesforce Employee Like?

A Salesforce employee is considered a Trailblazer, a success-focused professional who seeks to change and improve the lives of others. The company’s success is based on the services it provides to the many companies that use Salesforce’s services to fulfill complex business requirements.

Salesforce employees have many growth opportunities. The company provides an innovative environment where employees are encouraged to explore, keep learning, and build a better world.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Salesforce?

It is not difficult to get a job at Salesforce. You just need to apply by following five easy steps. The application process is quick and the interviews are average in terms of difficulty. Most reviews on Glassdoor state a positive experience throughout the interview process. Most offers to potential candidates are obtained by referral from an employee or through an online application.

What Do I Need to Study to Work at Salesforce?

Salesforce is linked to technology, cloud computing, and marketing. To work at Salesforce, you must be specialized in one of these areas. We suggest that you earn a degree in computer science, business intelligence, or a related field. Having previous coding experience or a marketing background will improve your chances of getting hired.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at Salesforce?

Coding bootcamps can be a great help you get started in the world of cloud computing. The skills you can acquire at a bootcamp can be of great help, especially if you’re applying for a technical role. However, it is important to note that bootcamp programs typically focus on a few key principles. Degree programs tend to cover more information.

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Salesforce

Top Tips to Ace Your Job Application for Salesforce

Here are some interview tips that you can put into practice when applying for a job at Salesforce. If you learn from the tips provided and meet the requirements requested for the job, you can be a great candidate.

Research the Company’s Values

Salesforce emphasizes its company values. You should read about the company’s values and try to link them with yours so that you can explain how your values align with Salesforce.

Prepare Challenging Questions

Be sure to challenge yourself and your interviewer. Ask interesting questions during your interview that demonstrate your willingness to learn. In an interview, it is good to ask any questions you may have. This shows sincere interest in the company and position.

Emphasize Your Passion and Energy

During your job interview for Salesforce, you can also highlight your passions. Discussing what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and what motivates you shows that you are passionate and determined to work hard.

Common Job Titles at Salesforce

Below are some of the most common job openings at Salesforce. Remember that you can find all these offers on their website and apply for the positions that suit your skills, knowledge, and interest.

Security Engineer

Level: Senior

Average salary: $117,004

Experience requirements: Six years of experience in writing detection, security incident response, or related fields

Education requirements: Undergraduate degree in computer science, information technology, or similar subjects

At Salesforce, security engineers are responsible for security alerts and detecting threats to the company’s infrastructure. This professional works alongside other engineering teams. They detect threats using specialized technology to simulate attacks and improve responses to these attacks.

Product Manager

Level: Senior

Average salary: $150,000

Experience requirements: Five years in a similar position

Education requirements: N/A

The product manager is in charge of developing marketing campaigns and is responsible for Salesforce Clouds integrations so that platform users can use Tableau to answer questions about their data. Product managers perform a similar job to project management. They work with engineers to make the product easy to use and improve the customer experience.

Software Engineer

Level: Mid-level

Average salary: $129,295

Experience requirements: Experience with Agile development methodology

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The work of a software engineer at Salesforce is based on making the platform’s tools work correctly and helping to improve them. This professional works with the scrum team to identify, diagnose, and solve problems on the platform.

Technical Support Engineer

Level: Mid-level

Average salary: $104,250

Experience requirements: Four to five years in a similar position

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Salesforce is looking for technical support engineers to handle technical support operations for customers on the platform via phone, web, or mail. This professional is responsible for providing support to other departments. They are also responsible for the first contact with customers to provide support.

Customer Success Manager

Level: Senior

Average salary: $112,000

Experience requirements: Several years of experience in a similar position

Education requirements: N/A

Salesforce customer success managers are responsible for guiding customers to the best decisions for the success of their business through the use of the MuleSoft platform. This professional is responsible for providing support to customers who purchase this product.

Salesforce Hiring Process

Salesforce Hiring Process

Salesforce’s hiring process consists of five steps which are outlined below. Salesforce claims that its hiring process is equal and fair, offering an equal opportunity to all candidates. You need to be passionate about innovation and focused on personal growth and the growth of others.


The first step to getting a job at Salesforce is to explore the currently open positions. You should research and learn more about the company, its services, and the teams that it is made of to identify the right role for you.

The teams that make up the company include sales, technology and products, customer success, marketing and communications, employee success, real estate, workplace services, finance, legal and corporate affairs, salesforce research, and business technology.


You must prepare for your application for a job at Salesforce. You can identify what defines you and makes you unique. This way, you will stand out from other candidates applying for the same position. You should also verify that you have the necessary education and meet other requirements set by Salesforce. You can also prepare by practicing interview questions.


To apply for a job at Salesforce, you can search directly on their website. There are three ways you can apply, the first is by uploading your resume, the second is by manually entering your information, and the third is by sharing your LinkedIn profile.


During the Salesforce interview process, you will be working with a recruiter who will answer any questions you may have, guide you through the interviews, and explain everything about the job you applied for.

You will also meet the hiring coordinator, who is in charge of the interview logistics. Finally, you will meet with several interviewers that belong to the department you are applying for. Currently, all Salesforce job interviews are conducted virtually.


Upon completion of the hiring process, the company will decide if you are a good fit. If you get the job, you will become a Trailblazer. You are ready to learn new soft and technical skills that will help you succeed. You will be able to connect with different professionals in the community and find more career opportunities.

Should I Get a Job at Salesforce?

If you are interested in the IT industry, cloud computing, and customer success, then a job at Salesforce may be right for you. To apply for a job, you need to follow the five steps outlined above and have the required experience for the job you want to get.

Remember that you will be competing with many other qualified professionals like you. To stand out from the competition, make sure that your values and goals are linked to those of the company.

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