Lambda School vs Coding Dojo

Lambda School vs Coding Dojo

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Lambda School vs Coding Dojo detailed comparison as of July 2024

There's a lot you need to factor into your decision about which job training program to choose. It's a big decision, and not one that you should take lightly.

The first thing to consider is what you want to study and the pace at which you want to study.

Lambda School teaches Full-time and Part-time courses in Software Engineering, Design and Data Science. Coding Dojo offers Full-time in Software Engineering.

Next, you'll want to think about cost. There's no point in enrolling in a program if you are not going to be able to afford it. Lambda School charges between $0 and 15,000 for its offerings. Coding Dojo charges between $0 and $14,995 for its training programs.

How about financing options? That's a good question. As a student at Lambda School, you'll be able to finance your education through Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing and Living Stipends plans. Students at Coding Dojo can pay for their education using Upfront, Financing and Scholarships.

Overall Rating

Price Range



Programs Available

Software Engineering, Design, Data Science

Software Engineering

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time


Financing Options

Upfront, Financing, Income Sharing, Living Stipends

Upfront, Financing, Scholarships

Contact Info

250 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States 415-262-4219

1920 Zanker Road, San Jose, California 95112, United States of America 844-446-3656

Lambda School VS Coding Dojo is based on 16 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
7 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
Like many others, I’ve researched a lot of code schools for cost and remote options. I’ve looked over hundreds of reviews, youtube videos, articles and it was really difficult to choose. I actuall

9 Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
I came to the states five years ago as a refugee from Burundi, my goal was to go to school and start a career however it was hard to find the right program that was also affordable. In December of 201

Coding Dojo Reviews and Key Information

Not all coding bootcamps are created equal. Coding Dojo demonstrates this by offering accessible and immersive programs that focus on today’s most in-demand programming languages. As one of the best coding bootcamps around, expect quality instruction from Coding Dojo. Flexibility lies at the heart of Coding Dojo as it offers both online and in-person immersive programs that can be taken full-time or part-time. Learn more about what a Coding Dojo education entails through this review. It might just open the door for you to become a full stack web developer.

Coding Dojo at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $15,745 to $15,995 (Full-Time Software Development); $7,745 to $7,995 (Part-Time Software Development); $4,745 to $4,945 (Part-Time Data Science)
Financing Options Tuition Discount, Income Share Agreement, Loan / Financing, Scholarships / Grants, Relief Funds
Courses Offered Full-Stack Software Development, Data Science
Career Services and Job Assistance Job Search, Application Guidance, Interview Preparation, Skills Test, Unlimited Community Support

What Can You Learn at Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo offers an immersive software development program that can be taken online or in-person and part-time or full-time. If you’re a complete beginner, consider taking Coding Dojo’s free introductory course to programming. Finally, Coding Dojo also offers a part-time data science program for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of the field.

Coding Bootcamp Program

The full-stack software development course of Coding Dojo covers as many programming languages as possible. Expect to learn C#, Python, and MERN when you enroll in the program. The curriculum begins by walking you through the basics of front end development as well as the core front end languages: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. After this, you will move on to advanced programming in Python, MERN, and C#. You will also cover database management and design, which is important to securing your data and making it more accessible. Apart from the lectures, you will also learn how to build small-scale eCommerce and social media websites, an online marketplace, and an event-planning app. By the end of the program, you will have a compelling project portfolio at hand and the coding experience you will need to impress prospective employers. The part-time program can either follow a flexible or accelerated format. The flexible option allows you to study without compromising your other commitments while the accelerated program gives you access to some full-time program materials.

Intro to Programming

The introduction to programming workshop only runs for two to three hours. It aims to introduce you to the world of programming for free. This is Coding Dojo’s way of helping its students gain foundational knowledge in programming so they can advance to higher-level programming courses. You will explore the workings of the world wide web and HTTP requests, as well as learn HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. Despite only lasting hours, this course doesn’t hold out on practical learning. You’ll find coding activities that you will find helpful to enhance your skills.

Data Science Bootcamp Program

Coding Dojo’s data science program is offered on a part-time online basis only and designed for both beginners and advanced learners. The entire program runs for 12 weeks and demands about 20 hours of study per week. This course intends to teach the fundamentals of data science and machine learning in Python, an in-demand programming language for data analysis and visualization. Through this course, you will learn everything from data preparation to the application of machine learning to various situations and problems. Theory meets practice in this course as you learn how to navigate the data science project life cycle, from end to end. You will learn how to build visualizations, experiment with real-world datasets, and how to train an algorithm.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo is committed to transforming beginners into professional software engineers, web developers, data scientists, and more. It demonstrates this by eliminating any technical assessment during its application process, which is usually seen in other coding bootcamps. This helps lower the barrier to entry in Coding Dojo.

Coding Dojo Application Process

Coding Dojo’s application process focuses more on your potential, commitment, and availability and less on your coding proficiency. With that in mind, here is the step-by-step process that you can follow when applying to your chosen program.
On-site Coding Bootcamp Program:
  1. Submit your application online.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email from the school and then schedule your interview.
  3. Once you have been interviewed, wait for another email that would tell you if you have been accepted or not.
  4. If accepted, you are required to pay a deposit to secure your slot and officially enroll.
Online Coding Bootcamp Program:
  1. Complete the online enrollment form.
  2. Create an account in the Coding Dojo learning platform.
  3. Enroll in the course that you want to take and pay your tuition fee.

Coding Dojo Interview

While the bootcamp doesn’t provide any guidelines for the interview, here are some pointers worth keeping in mind. Coding Dojo looks for students who are driven and committed to learning to code. You need to be able to show this during your interview. The questions will also revolve around whether you fit with Coding Dojo’s learning environment and teaching style. Remember that this goes both ways. Take the interview as an opportunity whether Coding Dojo also meets your learning needs and goals.

Paying for Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo has a wide variety of payment options and available funding for its students. These include flexible payment plans, loans, income share agreements, and scholarship programs.

Various Payment Options

You can pay your tuition fee upfront to avail of the $250 discount. If this is not feasible, you can either do a split or a monthly payment plan. For the split payment, you will pay before at the beginning of the program and midway through the program. You can also talk to admissions about the possibility of paying in monthly installments.

Financing Options

Loans are available via Ascent Funding and Affirm. An Ascent Funding loan can cover up to 100 percent of your tuition. Meanwhile, an Affirm loan can cover up to $5,000 of your tuition. You only need to answer their online application form and have a co-signer for a smoother process.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

An income share agreement is ideal for students who meet certain criteria such as a credit score that’s higher than 550. Through an ISA, you can learn now and only start paying when you’re earning at least $32,000 per year.

Scholarships / Grants

Coding Dojo offers six scholarships, each catered to different groups of people. These include women, military veterans, members of underrepresented groups, re-skillers, recent high school graduates, and the financially challenged. All six scholarships cover up to $1,000 of the tuition.

Relief Fund

Coding Dojo sets aside a fund that is ready for use to assist students who experience economic or social constraints.

What Makes Coding Dojo Unique?

Coding Dojo presents a variety of program schedules that can best fit your interests and circumstances. It’s also one of the few coding bootcamps that offer multiple payment options as well as scholarships to help students reach their career goals in the tech industry. What’s more, interested applicants do not have to worry about technical assessments as Coding Dojo looks more into your determination and willingness to partake in an immersive training program. Aside from Coding Dojo’s skill-building curriculum, expect assistance from them in terms of career development support. This includes one-on-one mentorship, job search workshops, and networking events, all of which are designed to help you find a job.

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