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Best Jobs That Pay $13 an Hour

Looking for a part-time job that can support you through your studies or help you achieve a better work-life balance? Read on as we share with you the best jobs to help you achieve this and earn enough money to cover your needs. We also provide the names of some companies where you can find jobs that pay $13 an hour.

Most of these jobs are virtual, part-time, and freelance jobs that let you do the tasks at your own convenience. There are also full-time jobs that pay an hourly rate of $13 but require less experience and less of a technical background.

What Is a Good Hourly Wage?

A good hourly wage is one that allows you to cover your basic necessities, including housing, food, healthcare, and education. According to the United States Department of Labor, the minimum wage ranges from $7.25 to $15 per hour. Whether anything along this range is a good hourly range for you ultimately depends on your needs, location, and skillset. 

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People’s experience varies widely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual average wage in the US is $56,310, which corresponds to an hourly average wage of $27.07. This figure is more than four times the national poverty line for a single person, according to the 2021 Poverty Guidelines put out by the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Why Earning $13 Per Hour Is Important

Jobs that offer $13 an hour are usually best suited for those looking for part-time employment while they complete their studies, for people who want to work with a flexible schedule, or for those who want to get a job while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

According to the US Department of Labor, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This means that you are well above the minimum wage if you are receiving a salary of about $13 per hour. This is still enough to support your daily needs, especially if you are a part-time employee or working student.

What Types of Jobs Pay $13 Per Hour?

Most jobs that pay $13 per hour are part-time jobs with flexible hours and even students or high school grads are qualified to apply. Even if you have less than a year of experience, you are still eligible to apply. These jobs are best for working students, as they can earn money while still having enough time to study. Below is a short list of some types of jobs that pay $13 per hour. 

  • Housekeeping jobs
  • Customer Service jobs
  • Data Entry jobs
  • Virtual Jobs
  • Freelance jobs

What Do You Need to Land a Job That Pays $13 an Hour?

To get a job with an hourly salary of $13, you first need at least a high school diploma or a GED. This will help the employers evaluate your eligibility and capabilities to do a certain task. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge of computer systems as most of these jobs only require basic computer skills. Some may require one to two years of experience but most of them accept applicants with less than a year of experience or no work experience at all.

For freelance or home-based jobs, most employers may require a specific Internet speed and computer specs. You need to have a reliable Internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone. Lastly, you also need to have excellent communication skills to ace your job application. You will be evaluated on several types of communication, especially if you are applying for customer service jobs.

What Companies Pay $13 an Hour?

This section provides you with a list of several companies that pay $13 an hour. These companies offer customer service positions, virtual jobs, and freelance jobs.

  • Liveops. This is a virtual call center company that provides many virtual jobs. They hire work-from-home staff and they offer services for the business, health, and insurance industries. A customer service representative at Liveops is paid an average salary of $14.30 per hour according to Indeed. 
  • Telereach. Telereach provides services such as business development, information gathering, lead generation, and appointment setting. Telereach customer service salaries range from $10 to $14 an hour according to Glassdoor. 
  • Harris Connect. This company offers services such as data research, publishing, and fundraising management. 
  • Amazon. There are lots of job opportunities at Amazon. Amazon sellers also hire virtual assistants to help them with their business processes and advertisements. Some of these popular jobs include product listing, product research, keyword research, and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • Great VirtualWorks. This telecommunications company provides work-from-home services like customer service, sales, and support to different companies. 
  • U-Haul. This company has been offering moving and storage services since 1945. It serves people from all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces.
  • Target. The Target Corporation is considered the eighth largest retail store in the United States. It provides jobs in financing, accounting, customer support, human resources, and more.
  • Appen. The company hires people around the world and gives them chance to work part-time, flexible jobs. They offer work opportunities that pay over $13 an hour.
  • Pleio. The company creates patient support programs and hires people to provide medication support to patients. According to reviews on Indeed, Pleio pays about $15 per hour. 
  • Lionbridge. This company hires search engine evaluators that are paid $13 to $16 per hour. They also hire translators, interpreters, and corporate associates.

Jobs That Pay $13 an Hour with No Experience

A couple of hourly workers standing behind a hotel desk and working.
With the booming labor market, you can find lots of cities and job sites where American workers make at least $13 per hour. 

Marketing Intern

Average hourly salary: $14.50

Average yearly salary: $39,474

Job growth: 22%

A marketing intern assists the department manager in their marketing and advertising operations. People in this position are also responsible for marketing analysis and data gathering for promotional campaigns. Marketing interns also help the department with administrative tasks. You must have knowledge of marketing strategy to qualify for this position, but you can land the job without prior work experience.


Average hourly salary: $14.01

Average yearly salary: $37,852

Job growth: 2%

Typists are responsible for encoding reports and handwritten copies of documents. They also record minutes of the meeting, transcribe audio recordings, and proofread and edit documents. They may also be in charge of general administrative tasks, which include answering phone calls, photocopying documents, sorting files, and faxing. Typists should have strong attention to detail and fast typing skills.

Hand Laborer

Average hourly salary: $13.37

Average yearly salary: $32,491

Job growth: 7%

Hand laborers move materials such as boxes or goods using appropriate tools. They go about their tasks based on the instructions and procedures provided to handle the equipment or item properly. They also repack and transport goods or replenish inventory.

Service Crew Member

Average hourly salary: $12.40

Average yearly salary: $25,787

Job growth: 17%

Service crew members take orders from customers, prepare and serve their food, process payments, and perform other customer service tasks. They work either part-time or full-time at restaurants, hotels, or schools. Sometimes, they are also required to work during weekends, holidays, and nights. A full-time service crew member makes $496 per week. 

Sales Associate

Average hourly salary: $11.36

Average yearly salary: $44,699

Job growth: -1%

The role of the sales associate is to assist the sales representative in dealing with customers and promoting an organization’s products or services. This role offers a good opportunity to train to become a sales representative and acquire sales skills. You will learn how to properly handle clients and how to effectively promote a product or service.

Jobs That Pay $13 an Hour Online

Online Marketing Specialist

Average hourly salary: $15.09

Average yearly salary: $49,802

Job growth: 22%

Online marketing specialists help to promote a product through digital marketing. They study current marketing trends and make the best marketing strategies. They also create marketing content that is published online.

Data Entry Clerk

Average hourly salary: $14.19

Average yearly salary: $34,812

Job growth: 2%

The responsibility of this type of information clerk is to collect, compile, and input data into a computer system or database. This may include customer and accounts information, product information, and handwritten documents that come from various sources. They are responsible for adding and updating data in the computer system. Data entry skills, including fast typing skills, knowledge of computers, and skills in using word processors, are needed for this role.

Information Clerk

Average hourly salary: $14.66

Average yearly salary: $49,500

Job growth: 2%

Information clerks are responsible for administrative tasks such as providing information to customers or visitors, collecting and managing data, keeping records, and responding to inquiries. They also make appointments and update schedule calendars.

Live Chat Agent

Average hourly salary: $12.84

Average yearly salary: $26,702

Job growth: -1%

Live chat agents communicate with customers through live chat software. They promptly answer the inquiries and questions of customers and provide the best solution according to their needs. They give real-time customer support and service.

Customer Service Representative

Average hourly salary: $14.76

Average yearly salary: $39,998

Job growth: -1%

Similar to a chat agent, a customer service representative (CSR) addresses the customer’s issues or complaints and provides solutions for them. Transactions may include product support, billing, and customer inquiries. A CSR should follow communication standards implemented in the company and should organize and keep all the records of transactions and customer accounts. To succeed in this position, you must possess strong communication skills.

Jobs That Pay $13 an Hour Part-Time

Medical Records Clerk

Average hourly salary: $14.27

Average yearly salary: $32,931

Job growth: 9%

Medical clerks are responsible for handling patients’ information and health records. They organize information and retrieve records when needed. They sort medical documents and ensure the security of the information. Medical clerks need to ensure that all records are kept confidential and are complete, accurate, and in compliance with hospital standards.


Average hourly salary: $13.94

Average yearly salary: $28,999

Job growth: -1%

A merchandiser is a type of sales occupation that manages the inventory of a store’s products. They manage product displays and monitor the sales of each item. As a merchandiser, you should ensure that the right product is displayed in the store or on the website.

Front Desk Receptionist

Average hourly salary: $13.10

Average yearly salary: $31,533

Job growth: 4%

Front desk receptionists welcome and greet visitors entering a building or establishment. They also address concerns or questions and answer phone calls from different offices. They may also schedule appointments and direct guests to the proper place or person. A front desk receptionist should be highly organized and be able to handle multiple tasks.


Average hourly salary: $10.51

Average yearly salary: $22,352

Job growth: -10%

Cashiers receive and process customers’ sales transactions or orders. They scan goods, compute the total cost of orders, receive payments, and record purchases. They collect payments through cash, debit cards, or credit cards.


Average hourly salary: $12.37

Average yearly salary: $48,663

Job growth: -1%

A salesperson helps customers to find products suitable to their needs and assists them in purchasing the product. Good communication skills are needed to succeed in this position. You must be knowledgeable as well about the products of your store. The salesperson may be tasked with product promotion and advertisement as well. 

Where to Find a Job That Pays $13 an Hour

Below is a list of places where you can find jobs that pay an hourly rate of $13. Many openings posted there offer flexible schedules and are easy to complete. Some may require working experience but mostly are entry-level jobs. These are great places to search for part-time jobs with a flexible schedule, but they also provide several full-time jobs.

Freelance Jobs Websites

The world of freelancing is becoming more popular among job seekers and employers. Many people prefer the convenience of working from home. You will find lots of websites that offer freelance job opportunities where you can earn an hourly wage of about $13. These are easy tasks and you will still have quality time with your family or be able to take care of other responsibilities.

Companies’ Official Websites

Another way of finding a job that pays $13 is to directly look for the official website of the company you want to work for. Search the entry-level job openings in that company, look for jobs that will suit your skills and preferences, and write an effective entry-level cover letter and resume

Online Job Boards

Many third-party websites post job listings from different companies all over the world. These include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. You will find on-site and remote jobs that pay around $13 per hour. 

Is It Easy to Find a Job That Pays $13 an Hour?

Yes, you’ll find lots of job postings from different organizations that pay an hourly wage of $13. These are perfect jobs for working students and for those who are looking for extra income. Most of these are freelancing jobs with flexible part-time schedules, but some companies also offer full-time jobs if that’s what you prefer. The most common industries where you can find these jobs are customer service, hospitality, retail, and freelancing.

Since these industries receive a great number of applicants, keep in mind that you will be competing with many job seekers. Be selective on your job search, practice some of the most common interview questions, and create a strong and personalized resume and other required documents to help improve your chances of landing the role.

Jobs That Pay $13 an Hour FAQ

What are the best jobs for working students?

If you are a working student, you can apply for a part-time job to support your schooling. You can also look for freelance jobs such as content writer, proofreader, and virtual assistant. You should be wise in choosing a job that will fit your schedule so you can still focus on your education.

What do I need to get a virtual job?

You need to have a personal computer with a reliable Internet connection. Most employers will require a specific Internet speed. They will also test your communication skills and knowledge of several types of computer software used in virtual jobs. These include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets.

How can I land a freelance job that pays $13?

First, you need to prepare your resume and portfolio. Employers will evaluate your skills through assessment tests and your previous experience documented in your portfolio. Then, search for job sites that post freelance jobs such as Upwork. How much you can make on Upwork depends on several factors, and you may be able to make more than $13 per hour. 

What skills are needed to become a customer service representative?

The most important skills are communication skills. You will be interacting with different people from different parts of the world, so you must know how to communicate properly with them. You also need to have strong listening and organizational skills. Basic computer skills are also required.

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