Code Fellows Reviews and Key Information

Code Fellows is a Seattle-based coding bootcamp specializing in software development and cyber security. Its courses come in all shapes and sizes. There are options for newbies and advanced learners alike, and you have several study schedules to choose from. This Code Fellows review will cover everything you need to know about the school.

Code Fellows has graduated over 1,400 students who have gone on to work for over 800 companies worldwide. Upon completing your program, you will receive a certificate and career support to help you ace your next job interview.

Code Fellows at a Glance


Cost of Tuition $99 – $12,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Monthly Installments, ISA, Private Loans, Scholarships, Washington State Worker Retraining Program
Courses Offered Cyber Security, Software Development
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Code Fellows?

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At Code Fellows, you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, threat analysis, ethical hacking, and many other topics in coding and cyber security. You also get to work on real-world projects that will give you a better sense of what the tech industry is like.

If you are looking for a course in data structures and algorithms, machine learning, or some other tech-related field, you might be better suited for a different bootcamp.

Software Development

If you’ve been thinking about a career in software engineering, Code Fellows has a series of classes in full stack development to help get you there.

Courses at Code Fellows are organized by difficulty. Code 101 and Code 102 are for beginners. Code 201 and Code 301 are for intermediate programmers. And advanced students can choose from five Code 401 options, including Advanced Software Development in Full Stack JavaScript. At the 401 level, you can also focus on Python or ASP.NET Core.

In varying degrees of complexity, courses in the first three levels explore how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work. By the end of a 401 course, you will have completed a sophisticated website or application. Your time at Code Fellows rounds off with career support.

Cyber Security

Cyber security involves the protection of hardware, software, and cloud systems. Code Fellows’ cyber security courses are categorized according to experience and difficulty.

Ops 101 is an entry-level course designed to help you learn the basics of cyber security. You will try out various real-world hacking techniques in a controlled environment. You will also learn how attackers find weaknesses and exploit them. By the end of the course, you will know about various cyber security careers, from penetration tester to network engineer.

Ops 102 is another introductory course, this one designed to help you learn how computers work. You will learn how to install and manage various operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

Ops 201 and 301 are advanced cyber security courses that will teach you computer operations and security. By the end of these courses, you will have the skills necessary to work as an entry-level IT support technician.

Ops 401 is the most advanced cyber security course offered at Code Fellows. By the end of this intensive course, you will have the requisite training to secure a high-paying job in the realm of cyber security.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Code Fellows?

Getting into Code Fellows is fairly straightforward. If you are enrolling in one of the school’s entry-level programs, you shouldn’t worry about having a technical background. However, the school does vet students for its intermediate and advanced classes.

Code Fellows Application Process

The Code Fellows application process varies depending on your level of experience. If you want to join as a beginner, just head over to the school’s official website and follow the instructions to sign up.

The process is slightly longer for advanced students. After signing up with your personal information, including your career ambitions, and educational background, you will be expected to showcase your problem-solving abilities in a technical interview.

Code Fellows Interview

Code Fellows usually schedules two interviews. The first one is designed to find out more about you and your tech aspirations. The second is a technical interview designed to evaluate your technical and problem-solving skills.

You can expect your interviewers to ask about your interest in Code Fellows, your strengths, career aspirations, coding background, and other technical questions.

Paying for Code Fellows

Code Fellows gives you several ways to finance your bootcamp tuition, whether you’re a part-time or full-time student. Remember to seek financial guidance before choosing any of the options listed below.


If you can’t afford to pay upfront, you can make monthly or weekly installments instead, and at no extra cost. Code Fellows does not deny this option to students with low credit scores.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

An income share agreement (ISA) is an innovative way to fund tuition costs. Unlike traditional bank loans, the ISA option allows you to defer payment until you land a job and meet a minimum income threshold. You will also not owe any interest.

Washington State Worker Retraining Program

Under this program, qualifying residents of the State of Washington can get up to 15 percent of their total tuition costs covered. Eligible candidates include unemployed students, self-employed students, and military veterans.

Loan Financing

Code Fellows offers student loans through its lending partners, Climb Credit and Skills Fund. Each of these partners has its own terms and conditions, so make sure to do your research and choose the option that works best for you.

Code Fellows Scholarships

Code Fellows is committed to making its courses accessible to underrepresented individuals. To that end, it offers scholarship opportunities to women, veterans, unemployed students, and students facing economic hardship due to COVID-19.

What Makes Code Fellows Unique?

Code Fellows has one of the highest job placement rates in the bootcamp world. Due in large part to its stellar career services, 96 percent of Code Fellows graduates have gone on to become professional web designers, iOS developers, software developers, and more.

You should apply to Code Fellows if you’re looking for an immersive experience, especially if you’re a beginner. The courses are updated to make sure students learn in-demand skills that qualify them for the best jobs in tech. And while the school lacks a job guarantee, it makes up for it with high-quality, accessible, and affordable programs for all students.

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8 Reviews


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