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Code Platoon is a coding bootcamp created to help military veterans and their spouses transition into full-time roles as professional full stack developers. Its 14-week program provides participants with hands-on training in the skills and tools necessary for real-world coding jobs. In this Code Platoon review, we break down everything the bootcamp offers.

The program’s immersive 14-week curriculum weaves together important technical skills, essential soft skills, and preparation for your job search. By the end of the program, each veteran or military spouse will be job-ready, eligible for a paid internship through Code Platoon, and will have all the guidance they need for the next phase of their career.

Code Platoon at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $16,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, GI Bill or VET TEC, Scholarships
Courses Offered Full-Stack Web Development, Beyond Tech: Personal and Professional Development, Career Prep
Career Services and Job Assistance Paid Internship; Personalized Mentors; Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Advising

What Can You Learn at Code Platoon?

To be inclusive of different abilities and lifestyles, Code Platoon offers students several ways to experience its curriculum. For those ready to commit, there are in-person and live remote options to provide coding expertise, soft skills training, and opportunities for career advancement.

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For more casual learners, there’s a self-paced version of the course, as well as a stripped-down version that covers only the basics. Finally, Code Platoon offers an evening and weekend program for those occupied during the day. This 28-week option involves live evening classes three nights a week, and all day every Saturday.

Full Stack Development

Code Platoon provides education in full stack web development, training students on both the front end and the backend.

Students will learn important programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, as well as how to use and navigate databases like PostgreSQL. To keep their code up to industry standards, they will use Git and GitHub. Students will also learn how to work in pairs, another industry best practice.

Code Platoon also teaches ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library, so that students can build interactive user interfaces. The other web framework students will learn is the Python-based Django.

Along with all this technical knowledge, Code Platoon prepares students for two professional certifications. These include an Amazon Web Services certification for aspiring cloud engineers, and one for Agile project managers.

Beyond Tech

Code Platoon knows the importance of soft skills in the tech industry, which is why it includes soft skills in its curriculum. Bridging the gap between military and civilian life, this training works to amplify the skills that students already possess and introduce them to tech-specific soft skills.

Students receive training in team building, mental toughness, diversity and inclusion, personal assessment, personal finance, negotiation, and how to search for jobs. This knowledge will be invaluable once the program is completed and participants are ready to enter the workforce.

Career Prep

The tech world is a lucrative job landscape, but also a highly competitive one. Code Platoon weaves career prep time into the program so that students come out with industry-ready resumes, professional LinkedIn profiles, and more than 100 hours of behavioral and technical interview practice.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Code Platoon?

First of all, to apply to Code Platoon, you must be either a veteran or a military spouse. Code Platoon is looking for dedicated, passionate, curious, and intelligent people who want to transition into tech careers. In your application, show a willingness to work hard, a drive for coding, and an interest in creative problem-solving.

Code Platoon Application Process

Before you apply for the 14-week program, Code Platoon recommends that you have some level of coding aptitude. One way to prepare is by taking its free, self-paced Intro to Coding course, which will teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript. You can also take Bootcamp Prep, which is designed to help you pass the application test.

Once you feel confident with your basic abilities, the application process begins. It’s a two-step process. First, you fill out a form with your personal information, your session preference, and your interest in scholarships or VA funding. You will then be sent a link to the second part of the application.

Next, Code Platoon tests you on your coding ability and problem-solving skills. You will be given a series of twelve coding challenges, which get progressively more difficult. You must submit a minimum of 10 successful challenges. Any plagiarized code will result in your automatic disqualification.

Code Platoon Interview

Rather than an interview, applicants answer a series of essay questions to illustrate their dedication to computer programming, as well as submit a brief video. To ace this part of the process, applicants should emphasize the characteristics that would make them a good match for the program.

Paying for Code Platoon

Code Platoon offers a variety of financing options to make the program more accessible. These include a wide range of scholarships and funding through the VA. Code Platoon is dedicated to making a career in coding affordable for all veterans and military spouses, who shouldn’t have to deal with massive amounts of debt.

Upfront Payment

Students can choose to pay the full $16,000 upfront. Code Platoon notes that this cost is a reasonable price to pay for a diverse set of tech skills.

Veteran Affairs Coverage

Since the program is offered exclusively to veterans and military spouses, getting funding assistance through the GI Bill, VET TEC, and VR&E are all great options for financing tuition. In many cases, these will cover the total cost.

It’s also worth noting that veterans can use VET TEC to pay for Code Platoon, and still be eligible to use the GI Bill to cover a college program later.


Thanks to a wide range of corporate sponsors, there are ample scholarships available for eligible veterans. These scholarships cover most or all of the cost, and most are aimed at serving groups underrepresented in the tech industry. Below is a list of Code Platoon scholarships and how much tuition they cover.

  • Veteran and Spouse Scholarships: $13,000.
  • Black and Hispanic Scholarships: $16,000.
  • Women in Technology Scholarships: $16,000.
  • Transgender Veteran Scholarships: $16,000.
  • Milspouse Coder Scholarships: $13,000.
  • Skillbridge Scholarship: $16,000, for active-duty service members.
  • National Military Family Association Scholarship: $13,000.

What Makes Code Platoon Unique?

Code Platoon is unique in its commitment to providing students with not only robust coding knowledge, but also marketable skills, career preparation, and internship opportunities. After the program is complete, Code Platoon offers paid internships of three to six months, which provide graduates with real-world experience before they enter the workforce.

Furthermore, Code Platoon has a proven record of connecting veterans to the tech workforce. Eighty-two percent of Code Platoon graduates have found employment in the field of coding. Of these, the median increase in salary was $25,000.

Noting the high rate of unemployed veterans, Code Platoon has sought to provide a way for veterans to find careers in software development. The school’s accessible, affordable, and fast-paced program aims to give them all the skills they need, both technical and soft, for this sort of career.

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10 Reviews


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