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Codesmith is a bootcamp offering full-time and part-time software engineering programs, with campuses in Los Angeles and New York City. Codesmith is considered one of the best coding bootcamps around due to its comprehensive programs and prep courses.

Through its software engineering immersive program, Codesmith produces just the kind of skilled individuals that tech companies look for. In this review, you will find out if Codesmith is indeed the right bootcamp for you. From curriculum to career services, everything you need to know about Codesmith is here.

Codesmith at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $19,350
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Monthly Installments, Personal Education Loan, Scholarships
Courses Offered Software Engineering, Prep Courses (JavaScript for Beginners, CS Prep)
Career Services and Job Assistance Resume and Online Profiles Building, Job Search, Mock Interviews, Alumni Network, Negotiation Strategies

What Can You Learn at Codesmith?

Codesmith offers a software engineering immersive program that aims to help you become a highly proficient software engineer. This program is offered in both full-time and part-time format. Additionally, Codesmith also has prep courses that will serve as the foundation and introduction to its immersive program.

Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive

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The full-time Software Engineering Immersive program runs for 12 weeks. In this course, you will learn full stack JavaScript which is widely used in web and mobile applications. Knowing how to code JavaScript opens up a floodgate of opportunities for you in the tech industry.

Additionally, there will be in-depth computer science discourses to prepare you for mid- and senior-level software engineering roles. This portion of the program includes real-world engineering exercises where you’ll work on technical communication and project management.

As you go through this program, you will be creating all kinds of projects to add to your portfolio. By the end of the course, you will have polished software engineering skills and will be ready to get hired by the best tech companies.

Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive

Codesmith’s part-time Software Engineering Immersive program runs for 38 weeks, and it is ideal for students who need to work while studying. This program primarily teaches full stack JavaScript programming, and it’s meant to help you prepare for mid- and senior-level software engineering roles.

You will be building strong foundational knowledge in programming and other key areas like problem-solving. The curriculum includes a discussion on how to manage data and databases, as well as understanding effective system designs.

To better prepare graduates for the job search, Codesmith offers career services that cover everything from building a resume to making a great impression on hiring managers. At the end of the 38-week program, graduates will walk away with a great portfolio and should be ready for the job search.

Prep Courses

There are two prep courses that Codesmith offers to help students ease into the immersive programs. They can greatly benefit beginners with no coding experience or those looking to polish their foundational knowledge.

JavaScript for Beginners

This short course is composed of two Saturday sessions that will introduce you to JavaScript. If you have no prior coding experience, it would be best to take this course as it teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript. It is also meant to expand your knowledge of what coding is all about. This way, you will not be intimidated by new concepts and terms.

CS Prep

Codesmith Prep, or simply CS Prep, is a two-week part-time remote program initiative meant to build your knowledge of JavaScript. It also includes problem-solving workshops and coding activities.

By the end, you will be more than ready for an immersive program in software engineering; you will have improved your technological and engineering understanding.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Codesmith?

To get into Codesmith, you need to be technically and mentally prepared. The admissions process is competitive as you will go through several stages of assessment.

To qualify, you need to have basic skills and the determination to finish the course. In fact, the software engineering program is designed to push you as far as you need to become a software engineer.

Codesmith Application Process

There are four steps in the Codesmith admissions process:

  1. Fill out your application form and wait for Codesmith to contact you for the next steps within a week. To apply, you must have at least finished high school. The application contains questions about your coding experience, as well as an optional coding challenge.
  2. A nontechnical interview will be conducted where you will be asked about your background and goals.
  3. You will go through another interview, a technical one this time. In this interview, you need to work on a JavaScript coding challenge with a team and an engineer. The interview can be taken multiple times in case you do not pass.
  4. Once you have completed your interviews, the admissions team will contact you to tell you whether you are accepted or not. You will then receive instructions on how to prepare for the software engineering immersive program.

Codesmith Interview

No specific interview questions are available online, but you need to prepare for a couple of interviews to get into Codesmith. The nontechnical interview is all about your background and goals in software engineering. You must be completely honest to help the admissions team assess what prep you will need.

The other interview is a technical one, but this time it is not the sit-down-and-talk kind. You will need to finetune your JavaScript knowledge and skills as you will have to undertake a coding challenge with a team. If you feel unprepared, you can enroll in theJavaScript for Beginners or CS Prep courses.

Paying for Codesmith

Codesmith offers two payment options: upfront or installment. You can also avail of a personal education loan through Codesmith’s partner. Several scholarships are also being offered to students that meet certain criteria.

Upfront Payment

If you have the means to pay your tuition right away, then you can make an upfront payment. You need to pay $2,400 upon acceptance to secure your slot. You need to pay the remaining $16,950 by the first day of class.

Installment Payment

There is the option to do 10 monthly payments. You will be required to pay $2,400 as a downpayment to secure your slot. Next, a payment of $2,550 is required before the first day of classes. The rest is paid as installments of $1,800 every month.

Personal Education Loan

Through Codesmith’s partnership with SkillsFund, you can apply for a loan for your program. Depending on your credit score, short-term and multi-year loan options are available. Just remember to be careful and properly manage your debt.


There are scholarships available for women in tech, minorities or members of underrepresented groups, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is Codesmith’s way of making the tech world more diverse.

Aside from these, there are opportunities for students who have studied in other bootcamps. In addition, the Codesmith scholarship can be awarded to someone who exhibits an incredible passion for coding. Finally, veterans have access to scholarships from Codesmith because the bootcamp currently does not accept GI Bill funding.

What Makes Codesmith Unique?

Codesmith’s software engineering immersive program is made for those chasing upper-level positions in the software engineering field. The courses are advanced and you need to have at least a beginner-level knowledge in coding.

In a matter of 12 to 38 weeks, you can expect to achieve your dream of becoming a full-fledged software engineer. In addition, Codesmith boasts a variety of scholarships to help you finance your program.

Aside from the perks of having an intensive software engineering curriculum, you can also expect hands-on career assistance from Codesmith. You will enjoy resume and salary negotiation assistance and benefit from networking opportunities with alumni and partner companies. Finally, you will build a large project portfolio that will prove extremely valuable in finding a job.

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5 Reviews


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