Data Science Dojo Reviews and Key Information

Data Science Dojo is a coding bootcamp designed to make data science accessible to people who aspire to launch careers in the field. With already 5,000 graduates from more than 1,500 companies, Data Science Dojo has been successful in its mission so far.

This review is your gateway to learning more about how the Data Science Dojo bootcamp equips its students with in-demand and essential data science skills. By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea whether Data Science Dojo is the right coding bootcamp for you.

Data Science Dojo at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $3,799 (Dojo); $3,999 (Guru); $9,999 (Practicum)
Financing Options Credit Card, Loan Financing, Deferred Payment
Courses Offered Data Science Bootcamp Program (plus optional Practicum), Python for Data Science, Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Support Program, Networking Opportunities

What Can You Learn at Data Science Dojo?

As the name implies, Data Science Dojo only offers data science programs. Through these programs, you will learn about essential data science concepts and technologies. While all programs focus on one field, each was designed for different types of audiences.

Data Science Bootcamp Program

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This is a full-time online bootcamp program for beginner students who aspire to become professional data scientists. The instructor-led training component lasts 16 weeks, although the program could extend depending on the plan you avail.

Per the Dojo Plan, you receive instructor-led training. The instructors are also data scientists, so you can count on their real-world experience and knowledge to guide you throughout the program.

The program emphasizes coding as an integral part of data science and overall process automation. So, expect to learn R programming as well as Python programming. The program also covers statistics and math.

If you avail of the Guru Plan, you get all that instruction plus additional support and a verified certificate of completion. The support includes bonus exercises to hone your skills further, recorded lectures, and access to the alumni network.

The Practicum Plan, meanwhile, integrates both theory and practice. Availing of this plan makes you eligible for instructor-led training, additional learning support, verified certificate of completion, practical experience, and career support. After completing the 16-week training, you get the chance to work as a data science trainee with Data Science Dojo’s data science team.

Not only that, but you also benefit from career services courtesy of the bootcamp’s career support program.

Python for Data Science

If you do not have the time to commit to a 16-week-long program, consider enrolling in Data Science Dojo’s Python course. Python is a programming language widely used in software engineering, data engineering, and data science.

Through this program, you’ll learn how to load and store data using Python, as well as how to handle and manipulate them. This course runs for only five days yet it is packed with a comprehensive learning outline.

Lectures are delivered through live online instruction, so you will learn along with everyone else in the class. You will receive a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico once you complete the course.

Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

With most businesses migrating their operations to the digital space, reliance on the use and analysis of data has increased. This course is highly recommended for managers and business leaders who want to learn how to leverage data analysis to make informed decisions and, ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Among the highlights of this short course is showing how data science and machine learning can help in product development. Common machine learning techniques will also be discussed to help you improve your company’s products and services.

The course only runs for five days, after which you will receive a certificate from the New University of Mexico. The class is taught via live online instruction. You can also constantly connect with your instructors throughout the course’s run.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Data Science Dojo?

Data Science Dojo has no formal application process, making it accessible to individuals and companies who wish to train their employees.

Data Science Dojo Application Process

The application process for Data Science Dojo is easy. You only need to look for the program that you are interested in on their website and apply from there. You don’t need to have prior knowledge and experience in data science to qualify for any of the programs.

Data Science Dojo Interview

There is no interview process for Data Science Dojo. You only need to select a program of your choice and pay for your slot.

Paying for Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo has four available plans: Dojo, Guru, Sensei, and Practicum. Your tuition will vary by the plan you choose, with Dojo being the most affordable and Practicum as the most expensive.

Keep in mind that each plan provides different services and features. For instance, the Dojo Plan does not come with a certificate of completion and career support. The Practicum Plan, meanwhile, awards you both in addition to an internship opportunity.

With these options to choose from, there are payment plans for you to consider. At the moment, Data Science Dojo does not offer a scholarship.

Deferred Payment

Through this payment plan, you can learn now and pay when you’re earning. This plan also gives you a three-month grace period after completing the program. After this, your payment obligation starts.

Early-Bird Discount

Students who pay upfront can receive up to a 27-percent tuition discount. However, note that this option comes on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all discounted seats are occupied, you will have to pay for the full tuition cost.

Low-Interest Loan

If paying out of pocket is not for you, consider taking out a low-interest loan made possible by Data Science Dojo’s partnership with loan provider Ascent Funding.

What Makes Data Science Dojo Unique?

Data Science Dojo sets itself apart by offering data science programs that are well-suited for all kinds of audiences. Its programs cater to aspiring data scientists, professional data scientists looking to upskill, and even business leaders looking to learn the value of the field.

What’s more, Data Science Dojo also offers its proprietary internship program which is rarely seen in other bootcamps. This allows students to further hone their knowledge and skills and stand out among other data science practitioners.

The coding bootcamp also delivers its classes through live online instruction, a setup that’s become especially appealing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever your background is, Data Science Dojo provides instruction that’s dynamic and accessible.

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7 Reviews


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