Epicodus Reviews and Key Information

Epicodus is a coding bootcamp that offers classes on-site and online. Its primary mission is to propel its students to web development and mobile development careers by equipping them with the field’s most in-demand skills.

Through this review, you will learn some key information on what makes Epicodus one of the best coding bootcamps around. From its programs and payment options to its career services, find out whether Epicodus is the right training ground for you.

Epicodus at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $11,700
Financing Options Income Share Agreement, Loan/Payment Plan, Upfront Discount
Courses Offered Intro to Programming, Full-Stack Web Development
Career Services and Job Assistance Mentorship Program, Mock Interviews, Internship Experience, Job Search Bootcamp

What Can You Learn at Epicodus?

Epicodus offers a comprehensive program that begins with its Introduction to Programming course. This course can be taken as a standalone or in preparation for the immersive web development program.

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The immersive program focuses on front end and backend programming languages and ends with a five-week internship.

Intro to Programming

If you need a refresher or a preparatory course in programming, Epicodus has a six-week part-time program for you. You will learn about the fundamentals of programming through this course. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to juggle your memory, this course allows you to be more comfortable and confident with writing coding.

Expect to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the main trio of web development. You will also discover how to use other tools that are useful to programmers. These include Git for tracking codes and Bootstrap for making your website look good.

Full-Stack Web Development

Epicodus offers a full-stack web development course that can be taken full-time or part-time depending on your availability. The course material covers advanced JavaScript and React that you can then follow up with a specialization in a backend programming language. In particular, you can choose to learn C# and .Net or learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

One of the highlights of this course is the pair programming exercise where you get to work on the same code with a peer. This aims to help you catch the mistakes of one another and be more comfortable with engaging in collaborative work.


Upon completion of your training, you will move on to gaining real-world experience via a five-week internship in a company. This is in line with Epicodus’ mission to equip its students with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Epicodus?

The admissions process in Epicodus is by far one of the easiest ones in the coding bootcamp space. To begin with, you do not need coding experience to get into Epicodus. It is enough that you can navigate a computer well and that you can speak conversational English.

Epicodus Application Process

The following is Epicodus’ signup process. Make sure to follow every step so that you can secure a seat in the code school.

  1. Watch the introductory video on Epicodus’ homepage.
  2. Make sure to read the “What to Expect” section on the site, including their career services and FAQ sections.
  3. Check out the tuition fee breakdown and financial aid options to see which option is within your budget.
  4. If you have further questions, you can always email Epicodus or attend the Saturday workshops in its Portland and Seattle offices.
  5. Once you are sure of the program, fill out the online application form. Note that Epicodus does not require any application fee.

Epicodus Interview

There is no interview stage to get into Epicodus. You just need to sign up for a class.

Paying for Epicodus

Epicodus has various financing options for you to choose from. These options address concerns of applicants who are facing unemployment or simply lack financial capability.


Loans are available via the official lending partners of Epicodus: Mia Share, Skills Fund, and Climb Credit. Applying for a loan with any of these companies is said to only last 10 minutes or less. As long as you have a decent credit score, you are good to go. You can also add a co-signer.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

With Mia Share, you can apply for an income share agreement (ISA), which follows a “learn now, pay later” policy. Students who take this option must pay 9.8 percent from their salary for four years or until they reach the payment cap.


Epidocus offers scholarships for both full-time and part-time classes. For the full-length program, around one to four students receive scholarships if they are from underrepresented groups or the LGBTQIA+ community.

Meanwhile, if you plan to only take the introduction to programming course, you may enjoy a tuition reduction of up to $25. The only requirement is that you need to prove that you are unemployed or making 150 percent below the poverty line.

Un-/Under-Employment Retraining

Being in Oregon and Washington states means you get to benefit from their employment retraining funds. Apply for funding through their respective local offices to help out with your study and living expenses. This is available for unemployed and low-income students as well as war veterans.

What Makes Epicodus Unique?

Epicodus provides a comprehensive training program that hones your skills in web development and web design. It has an intact skill-building curriculum and emphasizes practical learning through its internship component.

Finally, Epicodus is transparent with the career standing of its graduates. Most of its graduates land a job in software engineering roles.Epicodus also keeps track of its graduates and connects them with potential employers.

Price Range
Programs Available
Financing Options

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10 Reviews


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