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Evolve Security is a company that provides technical cyber security services like managed penetration testing, security strategy consultation, and corporate training. The company eventually created Evolve Security Academy, a cyber security bootcamp that helps beginners launch careers in cyber security.

Boasting a holistic curriculum, Evolve Security Academy seeks to transform its students into top-tier cyber security talents in as short as 20 weeks. If that sounds like something you’d sign up for, you’re in luck. In this in-depth Evolve Security Academy review, we’ll walk you through the core features of this coding bootcamp.

Evolve Security Academy at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $14,500 (In-Person), $12,500 (Remote), $7,250 (OSCP Bootcamp Program)
Financing Options Loans, Installments, Upfront Payment, GI Bill, Scholarships
Courses Offered Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, OSCP Bootcamp Program
Career Services and Job Assistance Job Preparation, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Evolve Security Academy?

Evolve Security Academy students get the chance to explore cyber security, from the most fundamental level through to the most advanced topics in the field. Its program offerings include a cyber security prep course and an immersive cyber security training program.

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Both programs are ideal for beginners who simply want to explore the field or perhaps launch a cyber security career. Cyber security professionals who wish to get a leg up in the career ladder can also enroll in Evolve Security Academy’s OSCP Bootcamp Program.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

This free introductory course is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into cyber security and get a firsthand glimpse into the life of a cyber security professional without paying a dime. While a beginner-friendly course, expect to dive deep into the core elements of the cyber security field like ethical hacking, computer networking, and Linux fundamentals.

You will have access to Evolve Security Academy’s CyberLAB simulation platform, the perfect learning environment for you to get real-world experience on what happens in the cyber security sector. This course is a prerequisite to taking Evolve Security Academy’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program

This 20-week part-time cyber security program teaches you cyber security fundamentals from the ground up. You will learn about scripting for security, the current threat landscape, security operations architecture, cryptography, incident response, and more. To master these topics, prepare to commit around 20 hours per week to your studies.

Some of the tools you’ll use in the program are MySQL, Apache, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, AWS, Python, and Carbon Black. Aside from rigorous cyber security training, you’ll also undergo job preparation training to help you in your job search.

This includes career coaching sessions to help you ace your job interviews and impress prospective employers. You will also gain access to Evolve Security Academy meetups, which will give you the chance to expand your network, increase your visibility in the industry, and find a job.

Evolve Security Academy also boasts a list of hiring partners that choose outstanding graduates to work at their companies.

OSCP Bootcamp Program

Evolve Security Academy’s OSCP Bootcamp Program trains cyber security professionals who plan on sitting the Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) certification exam. Lasting 18 weeks, this training program offers a structured learning experience as well as unlimited access to the school’s proprietary CyberLAB platform.

The program grants you hands-on experience in identifying vulnerabilities in corporate networks, investigating cyber security threats, and using the tools used by penetration testers. Classes are held four days a week in the evening, so you get to train for the OSCP certification exam without sacrificing your day job.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Evolve Security Academy?

To attend Evolve Security Academy, you’ll need to follow the school’s six-step admissions process. While that may sound like a lot, rest assured that the process does not include any aptitude or technical skills test. That said, you must have familiarity with basic cyber security concepts, computer networking, and Linux.

Evolve Security Academy Application Process

The application process at Evolve Security Academy begins with the completion of the application form. The form only takes a minute to complete and requires your full name and contact details.

After this, a school representative will reach out to you to schedule an interview. This could be held in person or online. An admission board review follows the interview, during which the board decides whether to accept you right away or put you on the waitlist.

Assuming you get accepted, you will receive an enrollment agreement that lays out your class schedule, curriculum, and tuition fee. If you find these acceptable, you will be required to make a down payment to secure your seat.

Finally, all accepted candidates are expected to complete Evolve Security Academy’s Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Doing so ensures that you’re well-equipped to undergo the immersive training program. The course is free so consider this stage as a bonus in jumpstarting your training.

Evolve Security Academy Interview

The application interview is an opportunity to stand out from other candidates and get immediately accepted into the program. This interview covers two areas. The first one focuses on your education and professional background as well as your interest in cyber security.

The second one focuses on your cyber security background, particularly your technical experience or knowledge of the field. While you don’t have to be an expert, having a basic understanding of cyber security is necessary.

Paying for Evolve Security Academy

Evolve Security Academy offers a variety of payment options to its students. Take your pick from any of the options listed below.

Upfront Payment

If you decide to pay upfront, you will immediately receive a $250 discount from the tuition cost.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Evolve Security Academy does not offer an income share agreement.

Private Student Loans

Evolve Security Academy partners with Skills Fund to allow students who can’t pay out of pocket to pay for their education by taking out a student loan. Skills Fund has two repayment options: deferred tuition payment and interest-only installments. The first option allows you to join your program without worrying about costs until three months after graduation.


Evolve Security Academy has a merit-based scholarship that partially covers the tuition cost. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must submit a brief essay that explains why you deserve it. Successful applicants will be selected after an interview.

GI Bill

The in-person program is certified by the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs State Approving Agency. Therefore, you can use your GI Bill benefits in this program. Note that due to COVID-19, Evolve Security Academy has transferred its in-person classes to live online instruction.


At Evolve Security Academy, you can also choose to pay for your tuition in two installments. Pay at the beginning of the program and fulfill the rest by the 10th week.

What Makes Evolve Security Academy Unique?

Evolve Security Academy has been recognized by many renowned companies like NBC, ABC, and Tech Crunch as one of the best cyber security bootcamps today. It is also one of the few tech schools to be certified by the Offensive Security institution to provide OSCP training.

If you’re looking for a bootcamp that can provide you a beginner’s and advanced tracks to a career in cyber security, consider attending Evolve Security Academy. A bonus: none of Evolve Security Academy’s programs are offered full-time. This means that you can still receive your training without compromising your other responsibilities and commitments.

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9 Reviews


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