GreyCampus Reviews and Key Information

GreyCampus is a learning institution with more than 30 workshop locations around the world. This bootcamp’s flagship program is on Project Management but it also offers a laundry list of business and technology courses.

GreyCampus partners with global accreditors for its certificate programs that graduates can use to attract prospective employers in the business industry. This bootcamp also offers career services including dedicated and supportive mentors.

The career programs take six months to complete while the certificate programs vary depending on your chosen course. Know that all offered programs are currently delivered online. Nonetheless, each course is designed to be intensive and outcome-based.

GreyCampus at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $0 to $3,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Installment, Scholarships
Courses Offered Project Management, Quality Management, IT Service Management, Data Science and AI, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Programming
Career Services and Job Assistance Career-prep, Interview-prep, Resume- and Profile-building assistance, Resume forwarding.

What Can You Learn at GreyCampus?

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GreyCampus offers more than 30 part-time programs. Program schedules are designed for full-time and part-time working professionals who want to grow. We recommend you look into enrolling in data science and full-stack development career programs which take up to six months to complete.

GreyCampus can help you expand your expertise through its globally-recognized certification programs. Some courses take only a few days to complete while others take six months. The free courses in GreyCampus, on the other hand, can be completed in just two days.

Expect your future mentors and teaching assistants to be emphatic and supportive of you. GreyCampus understands that abilities without soft skills are a recipe for disaster, so they’ll help you improve both your technical and non-technical skills together.

Career Programs

GreyCampus offers two interesting career programs you should consider enrolling in. Both programs are intensive and require students to deliver industry-standard results within six months.

GreyCampus’s data science career program implements project-based learning to help you become a data analyst, data scientist, AI engineer, data specialist, or machine learning engineer. The program’s curriculum teaches statistics, basic Python and machine learning, SQL, deep learning, and Git topics.

Meanwhile, the bootcamp’s full-stack development career program is for you if you are aiming to become a full-stack developer. You’ll encounter and engage with topics such as CSE and Git, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and SQL, React.js, and React-Hooks in the curriculum of this program.

Certificate Programs

GreyCampus offers project management, quality management, IT service management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, or programming, and there’s a certificate program for you. A certificate accredited by PMI, Prince2, ITIL, IASSC, or Microsoft will impress the hiring managers of your dream company.

There are three management programs that you can enroll with GreyCampus. If you’re into the management discipline that deals with initiating, planning, controlling, and executing tasks to meet project goals, then you can choose from the 10 certificate programs in project management.

Individuals who are into quality planning, assurance, control, and improvement, can look to GreyCampus’s seven certificate programs. Meanwhile, the bootcamp’s IT Service Management certificate program offers the ITIL 4 Foundation Training and Certification.

GreyCampus also has certificate programs for tech career-seekers. You can choose to enroll in the CISSP and CompTIA certification programs to upskill in cybersecurity. If you’re interested in on-demand cloud computing platforms, then the Microsoft Azure certificates will make your resume look good.

Programmers who are on-the-hunt for workshops that can improve their skills in solving computational problems are urged to check out the Java Training Program in this bootcamp.

Free Courses

If you’re not yet ready to commit to either a program but are interested in data science or full-stack web development, then GreyCampus has a solution for you.

You can enroll in the two-day online bootcamp that GreyCampus offers to help you test the waters. Both courses will provide you with resources and an overview of what you can expect from their in-depth career programs.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to GreyCampus?

Getting into GreyCampus is not as extensive as other bootcamps, but pay attention to the eligibility requirements of your chosen course to make your application process go smoothly.

GreyCampus Application Process

Applying to GreyCampus takes three simple steps. You only need to choose a course, then sign up for it through its website. The application confirmation usually takes a day or two, but the PMP training course takes 10 days to complete. After GreyCampus confirms your application, pay the tuition fee and wait for further details about your class.

GreyCampus Interview

Other bootcamps subject applicants to technical and non-technical interviews before accepting applications. GreyCampus, however, does not require a formal interview for you to get accepted.

Paying for GreyCampus

GreyCampus offers installment and scholarship options to those who don’t have enough funds to pay upfront in full. These are enough to prevent students from dealing with debt while in between jobs.

Take note that this school expects you to be committed to completing the program, so it does not entertain cancellation and refund requests. Only rare and exceptional cases of cancellation or refund are considered and pass through their own extensive process.

Income Share Agreement

Some coding bootcamps offer an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) as a financing option to students, allowing them to borrow money from the school to pay for tuition. After graduating, the student pays the money back in the form of a salary deduction. GreyCampus, however, does not offer an ISA.

Upfront Payment

GreyCampus offers a limited-time tuition fee discount to its enrollees. Students currently can avail of up to 20 percent discount off the tuition fees if they enroll and pay upfront now.

The career programs in GreyCampus cost $3,000 each. But if you register early, you’ll only pay $2,000. For enrollees in India, the standard and early registration fees are ₹125,000 and ₹100,000, respectively. For the certificate programs, students should prepare about $140 to $1,300 for tuition.

Installment Loans

For the six-month program, you can pay in three installments. You need to pay half of the tuition fee at the start of the program. Then, settle the remaining balance by paying 30 percent at the beginning of the third and fifth months.


GreyCampus gives equal education opportunities to talented individuals, regardless of gender and societal class. You can apply to attend the Women-in-Tech Scholarship Program and avail of its 100 percent tuition fee waiver.

There’s also the GreyCampus Scholarship Program that is open to all dedicated learners. The winning scholar receives $2,000 while the runner-up gets $1,000.

What Makes GreyCampus Unique?

GreyCampus has steadily grown in the last five years, producing over 100,000 graduates across more than 50 countries. The increase in the number of enrollees implies greater trust and confidence in what this bootcamp can offer.

Certificate programs from GreyCampus are created in partnership with global accreditors and industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Project Management Institute, Axelos, PeopleCert, and IASSC. Once you accomplish a GreyCampus program, you can bring your certificate anywhere without second-guessing its credibility.

GreyCampus is also very generous of its resources which is a characteristic of a learning institution that puts a premium on spreading knowledge instead of making a profit. Take advantage of the 365-day subscription from GreyCampus that lets you try 50 courses on business and technology.

GreyCampus does not guarantee a job to its graduates, but it offers every bit of help and assistance it can to prepare its students for the workforce. Instructors, mentors, and teaching assistants will provide you with career support services such as career-prep, interview-prep, building resumes and profiles, and resume forwarding.

Resume forwarding is perhaps the most sought-after career service in this bootcamp.
From a shortlist of its student profiles, GreyCampus forwards them to the actively-hiring employers. This job placement service ensures that the skillset of the student matches the description of the job position. It’s a win-win for both students and employers.

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