Hackbright Academy Reviews and Key Information

Hackbright Academy is a coding bootcamp offering easier access to tech education for women in San Francisco. Hackbright Academy offers an ideal learning environment to prepare students for their future job search and employment in the tech industry.

Deciding if a bootcamp is right for you can be difficult, but this Hackbright Academy review should help you make an informed decision. With an in-depth look at the programs offered, payment plans, and career services, you’ll be able to decide if Hackbright Academy is worth it.

Hackbright Academy at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $249 to $16,895
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Loans, Scholarships
Courses Offered Software Engineering, Python 101, Prep Course
Career Services and Job Assistance Mentors, Personal Advisors, Career Support

What Can You Learn at Hackbright Academy?

Hackbright Academy offers three fantastic programs to choose from and they include career services to help you ace your next job interview and find the perfect job for you.

Software Engineering

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The software engineering program at Hackbright Academy is available full-time and part-time and can be completed on-site, as well as online. However, classes for the rest of 2021 have been moved online in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The full-time course takes 12 weeks to complete, in which you will be studying eight hours a day for five days a week. Meanwhile, the part-time course takes around six months. You’ll be expected to learn for three hours a day, twice a week, and eight hours on Saturdays.

The program is split into 12 modules, each of which covers different topics. You will first learn core programming skills, data structures, and APIs. You will then learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as how to use databases and data modeling. The program then delves into machine learning and is rounded off with several projects that you can use to boost your professional portfolio.

Python 101

The Python 101 course is a fully online, self-paced course designed to help you master Python. This course can be taken independently, or as a prep course for Hackbright Academy’s software engineering program.

This program takes around one month to complete, though you may be able to move through it faster or slower. You will learn to master Python, as well as data structures, control flows, and coding fundamentals.

Although it is a self-paced course, students have access to remote office hours with the course admin for the entire duration of the course.

Prep Course

If you are unsure of your ability to succeed in the software engineering program, you can enroll in the prep course. This course is meant for aspiring developers who are interested in building a solid foundation before signing up for the main course.

This course takes five weeks to complete and follows a night and weekend schedule. You will learn the fundamentals of Python, experience pair programming, learn to organize code, and much more. Upon completing this course, you will be ready to enroll in the software engineering program.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Hackbright Academy?

The application process at Hackbright Academy is quite simple. To ensure that your application is successful, it is recommended that you do prior research and take the necessary steps to prepare for the interview.

Hackbright Academy Application Process

The first step is to complete an online application that will cover basic information like your location, background, coding experience, recent employment history, and professional goals.

After submitting the application, you will be asked to attend a video call interview with the admissions team. This is your opportunity to chat with the school and discuss your career goals with Hackbright Academy’s admissions counselors.

The next stage is a technical interview where you will be asked to complete a coding challenge. While it is recommended to complete the coding challenge in Python, you are welcome to use any language you like. The school will notify the result of your application shortly after.

Hackbright Academy Interview

There are two interviews that follow your online application; admissions and technical interviews.

During the admissions interview, you will mostly focus on yourself and your goals. Hackbright Academy describes this as an opportunity to meet you and get to know you, so prepare to discuss your background in tech and coding. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about the program during this stage.

The technical interview consists of a coding challenge. After completing the challenge, you will be asked to walk the interviewers through the problem and how you approached it, as well as the reasoning behind it.

Paying for Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy offers several financing options to help make its programs more accessible to everyone.

Deferred Tuition

The deferred tuition plan allows students to put off paying their tuition until they have graduated and found employment. This means no payments are required until you enter the workforce and earn above a specific amount. However, it should be noted that there is a $250 deposit and an upfront deferment fee of $2,899.

You will have to meet with an advisor to see if you are eligible for this financing plan. If you are, you will then work out the terms of your plan in detail with the school.

Student Loans

Hackbright Academy has also partnered with a couple of different loan providers to help students fund their education. You can work with Ascent Funding or Climb to find a loan payment plan that works best for you.

Loans from both lenders can either be three- or five-year plans with low fixed-interest rates. You can begin paying back the loans as far as two years after graduating from the program.


In alignment with Hackbright Academy’s goal of making tech education available to more diverse groups, it offers a few scholarships to further close the gap.

The Hackbright Phenomenal Woman Scholarship is dedicated to women with strong technical skills and determination to succeed in the program. Recipients will receive half off on their tuition.

You can also apply for the Quip Diversity Scholarship if you are part of a group that is historically underrepresented in tech. The winners of this scholarship will receive up to $5,000 toward their tuition, while runner-ups receive up to $1,000 each.

What Makes Hackbright Academy Unique?

The most unique part of Hackbright Academy is that it is a coding bootcamp specifically for women. Seeing as the tech industry is traditionally male-dominated, getting a start in this field as a woman is often a challenge.

Hackbright Academy aims to make the industry a more inclusive space by offering women-only programs and providing them with the skills they need to start a successful tech career.

If you are a woman interested in starting a tech career, Hackbright Academy may just be the bootcamp for you. If you have zero coding background, you can start by learning the fundamentals with the school’s prep course before moving into the immersive software engineering program.

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5 Reviews


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