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In 2021, students rely on resourceful, convenient, and effective education models to achieve their career goals. Instead of attending a four-year university program, would you like to take a 14-week course to acquire new skills? LaunchCode is a coding bootcamp that gets you job-ready for a lucrative tech career.

As with many bootcamps, LaunchCode boasts a comprehensive curriculum that helps students learn career-ready skills. The school has campuses in Saint Louis, Kansas, and NW Arkansas for in-person study. However, all courses are currently being held virtually due to COVID-19.

Read this in-depth LaunchCode review to gain an understanding of the coding bootcamp.

LaunchCode at a Glance

Cost of Tuition Free
Financing Options N/A
Courses Offered Immersive CodeCamp, LC101 WebDev JavaScript, CoderGirl, Prework
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Support, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at LaunchCode?

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To start your career in technology, LaunchCode should be in your top selection. The coding bootcamp provides full-time and part-time courses to help students land a tech job. Let us take a look at the different courses the school offers.


This is a bootcamp prep course that helps you prepare to join the main course in web development. The prework will help you learn the basics of both programming and programming languages.

Immersive CodeCamp

Learning to code is quite straightforward if you enroll in the right school. LaunchCode offers the most in-demand skills to students who aspire to become web developers. The school bases its entire curriculum on best practices in the current tech landscape.

LaunchCode’s Apprenticeship Program is the main attraction of the school’s Immersive CodeCamp Course. When you graduate from the course, you get the chance to do a paid week of work with a team of experienced developers. More than four out of five apprentices secure jobs this way.

Get to learn the fundamentals of web development and learn to think like a computer programmer by attending this immersive bootcamp. You will learn in-demand programming languages, frameworks, and technology best practices.

In addition, you will get to grips with JavaScript and its foundational concepts in programming. The curriculum will also help you learn angular, front end programming, and testing. If you want to have job-ready skills for building full stack web applications using Java or C#, this is the course for you.

LC101 WebDev JavaScript

LaunchCode offers a free flagship web development program to teach you high-end skills in technology. The beginner-friendly LC101 WebDev JavaScript Course (LC101) creates a supportive environment to help you excel. Expect to get extensive support from mentors, instructors, local developers, and teaching fellows, too.

LC101 is a 20-week course. To begin with, you will need to commit 20 hours each week to the coursework. This time includes weekly meetings that run to three hours. To complete the class, you must spend an additional 15 hours watching tutorials, reading coding books, and completing assignments.

On finishing this introductory course, you will be competent in front end programming through JavaScript. Furthermore, the curriculum features world-class resources to ensure you get a head start in your tech career. If you want to launch your coding career, consider taking this free course. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


This is a LaunchCode program aimed at educating women in St Louis about technology. The program began as a meet-up for women in the technology industry but bloomed into a job prep bootcamp.

At LaunchCode, you have the option of selecting either the 24- or 40-week specialized track designed to help you get job-ready. The training ends with a world-class apprenticeship job program.

Companies such as World Wide Technology and Asynchrony hire the school’s top graduates immediately after graduation. You can choose to specialize in any learning track. You can learn data analysis, C#, data science, Java, SQL server and database, user experience, Salesforce, and front end web development.

If you want to start your career as a software developer, you should consider attending LaunchCode.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to LaunchCode

Getting into LaunchCode is not impossible. The coding bootcamp recommends you to have a tech background, but it is not a criterion for enrollment. If you are passionate and driven about technology, you have a place at LaunchCode.

LaunchCode Application Process

You have to prepare well before starting to apply at LaunchCode. LaunchCode features a two-hour written application process. Part of this is filling out an in-depth questionnaire with your details and reasons for selecting LaunchCode.

You will sit through technical assessment tests for the team to determine your skill level. It is also a good way for them to identify the background knowledge of a student.

The admissions team will take you through a tech interview process. This is an excellent opportunity to display your tech skills and show your passion for tech. LaunchCode interviews are conducted online due to the pandemic.

If you are successful in the coding bootcamp interview session, you will receive a notification to start LaunchCode prework. The prework consists of 10 hours of extensive introduction to different coding concepts. Once you finish the prework, you will receive an email invite from LaunchCode.

LaunchCode Labs Interview

The admissions team is keen on getting passionate students on board who want to learn how to code. The coding bootcamp interview seeks to establish your coding background, technical skills, and passion for technology. This information will help them gauge the best program for you.

Paying for LaunchCode

Worried about paying the LaunchCode tuition fee? You don’t need to because the school programs are free of charge. You can sign up for any of LaunchCode courses at absolutely no cost.

What Makes LaunchCode Unique?

LaunchCode is a unique proposition because of its free immersive courses. Additionally, you do not need any experience in tech to get started at LaunchCode. Follow the application process and start chasing your dream job in the tech industry.

The school also has a job placement rate of 86 percent. Graduates land jobs in software development, front and backend web development, mobile app development, and data science or data analytics. You could soon be working for top-rated companies including Mastercard, Boeing, and Express Scripts.

Another unique factor is LaunchCode’s Apprenticeship Program. This offers you a paid week of work after graduation. You will have the opportunity to work with top web developers and mentors to improve your technical and soft skills. It’s a great platform to update your job interview skills and application processes to secure a long-term position.

As a non-profit coding bootcamp, LaunchCode welcomes contributions. So, if you want to pay it forward, you can support future tech students by signing up to make monthly donations to the school.

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7 Reviews


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