Noble Desktop Reviews and Key Information

Noble Desktop offers a variety of tech courses to help you land a job in tech. With positive student reviews, a comprehensive curriculum, and a high job placement rate, the school attracts attention from students and employers alike. Read through this comprehensive review and find out why Noble Desktop is a top coding bootcamp.

This school features multiple programs in digital marketing, web design, and programming. If you want to become a web designer, web developer, or social media marketer, Noble Desktop might be the right bootcamp for you.

Noble Desktop at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $325 to $15,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Student Loans, Discounts, Monthly Installments
Courses Offered Python for Data Science, UX Design, Social Media Marketing, Full Stack Web Development
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Noble Desktop?

At Noble Desktop, you can learn data science, UX design, social media marketing, and web development. You should check the course offerings on the official Noble Desktop website. You will find short courses and training to help you earn a certificate in technology.

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You can attend Noble Desktop programs in New York City, Chicago, or online. Whether you have an extensive or minimal tech background, you can learn more skills at this bootcamp. Read below to learn more about what Noble Desktop teaches.

Python for Data Science

If you are looking for a data science certificate program, Noble Desktop should be your first choice. The school provides Python courses for aspiring data scientists, data analysts, and big data engineers. This particular course will teach you how to clean and combine data.

The program only costs $1,495 and will take you 30 hours to complete. You can also earn a certificate at the end, which will look good on your resume. This beginner-friendly course will help you land a career in data. You can find other Python-related courses as well as data science courses.

UX Design

If you are looking for a design course, Noble Desktop is a great choice. This program is project-based and features hands-on portfolio development. This is a highly recommended class if you want to become a web designer.

By attending the Motion Graphics class, you will learn video editing and animation using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. The class only takes 72 hours to complete, and you will have to pay $2,995 in tuition. Don’t forget to research the different Noble Desktop financing options.

Social Media Marketing

This course can teach you how to create engaging content for businesses. Noble Desktop’s social media marketing program will teach you how to build and convert leads on social media. You will rely on three major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you are looking for a part-time class in digital marketing, take this course. You only have to pay $650 and commit 12 hours to the program. This is a great option if you are already working and want to improve your skills.

Full Stack Web Development

You can become a software engineer, web developer, or data scientist with Noble Desktop. You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Django for web development. The coding classes cover both front end and backend web development.

This course can help you get a full stack web development certificate and start earning over $100,000 annually. For only $5,490, take this 132-hour course on weekdays or weeknights and get certified. This is a highly recommended course for beginners or experts who want a refresher.

Google Analytics Bootcamp

This two-day workshop will take you through different aspects of Google Analytics. You will learn how to set up an account, understand the tracking process, and interpret Google Analytics reports. You can finish this bootcamp in 12 hours either in New York City or live online.

Noble Desktop offers other business-related courses such as Excel and SQL. You can become business savvy in a matter of weeks, if not hours. If you want to start making a profit from your online business, Noble Desktop courses are the perfect way to learn.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Noble Desktop?

You can get accepted to Noble Desktop if you have a strong application and desire to learn. Noble Desktop is keen on opening doors for all students who want to join the vast tech community. If you don’t have any experience, you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the concepts before starting.

The school does not disclose its admission rate, but you can get in if you show commitment and passion. If you are eager to learn new tech skills you have a high chance of getting accepted into Noble Desktop.

Noble Desktop Application Process

To apply to Noble Desktop, you must first create a student account on the official website. You need to input your personal details and your preferred choice of payment. After you submit this information, you can check available courses and select the one you want.

Noble Desktop Interview

Noble Desktop does not interview applicants, so you don’t have to worry about preparing for one.

Paying for Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has a few different tuition financing options. You can talk to an advisor and decide which one is best for you.

Monthly Installments

The monthly installments are only available for classes that cost $2,995 or more. You have to make a downpayment of 10 percent and submit your credit card information. You do not need to go through a credit score check for this mode of payment.

Upfront Payment

Paying tuition before class can help you focus on the curriculum. This option will allow you to cover your entire fee in full. You can get a $100 discount on your fee if you pay upfront.

Private Student Loans

In partnership with Noble Desktop, Climb Credit provides flexible loan repayment options. For this option, you must deposit 10 percent of your tuition. Apply for the loan-free interest and repay the entire loan in only 12 months. This option is only available for courses that cost $2,495 and more.


If you are alumni of Noble Desktop, you qualify for a 10 percent discount for any course you take. This is a great option if you’re interested in learning multiple skills.

What Makes Noble Desktop Unique?

Noble Desktop is not your average education provider. Whatever your educational needs are, you can meet them by attending Noble Desktop. You have resources to learn WordPress, After Effects, Git, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and more. At this school, you will have all the resources you need to succeed.

Noble Desktop offers plenty of free seminars in design, coding, and business. You will find seminars about topics like digital marketing, graphic design, and how to get started in the field. You can find free archived seminars on Noble Desktop’s website. This school also has training workbooks to help you learn.

Noble Desktop has an entire page dedicated to showcasing student projects. You will have massive exposure if you create an endearing portfolio. You should enroll at Noble Desktop if you’re ready to build your portfolio and get a great job in tech.

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9 Reviews


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