NYC Data Science Academy Reviews and Key Information

Starting your career as a data scientist is one of the best decisions you will make in 2021. As the demand for data scientists grows, more education providers offer data science courses. At NYC Data Science Academy, you can learn about data science at a post-graduate level.

This NYC Data Science Academy review can help you decide if it is the best option for you. If the high job placement rate doesn’t convince you, then the course selection will. NYC Data Science Academy offers both online courses and on-campus classes.

NYC Data Science Academy at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $1,500 – $17,600
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Loans with Ascent Funding and Climb Credit
Courses Offered Data Science, Python, Machine Learning, R Programming, Big Data
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at NYC Data Science Academy?

You can learn everything you need to know about data science at NYC Data Science Academy. It offers many different courses in data science topics and different useful tools. Read below to learn about some of NYC Data Science Academy’s most popular courses.

Data Science Bootcamp

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NYC Data Science Academy designed this project-based curriculum to train students at every level. You can enroll live online or on campus in New York. Not only do you have multiple platforms to choose from, but also you can choose the 12-week full-time program or the 24-week part-time program.

As part of the curriculum, you will cover an intro to Python and R and use them for data analysis. These are essential tools for analyzing and visualizing data. You will also learn about machine learning, deep learning, and big data.

If you would like to work at top tech companies like Google, Spotify, Bloomberg, Barclays, Samsung, or IBM, you should consider signing up for a course. Data scientists earn an average of $107,000 per year. The full tuition cost for the data science bootcamp is $17,600.

Data Science R: Machine Learning

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of machine learning and applications of R programming. This program will teach you data mining, dimension reduction, and regression models. By the time you complete the lessons, you will know how to use machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems.

This program costs $4,662 and involves 35 hours of class time. Before you start, you should know the basics of R. You can get a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

Big Data with Amazon Cloud, Hadoop/Spark and Docker

In only six weeks, this course can teach you vital components of Hadoop and Spark ecosystem’s vital components. The entire curriculum is based on Python, which is a popular language amongst data scientists. If you want to learn big data, this course is the perfect option for you.

This course costs $2,990, but you can often find it at a reduced price. Since this is a short evening program, you can learn these subjects while still working full-time.

Data Science Launchpad with Python

This is one of NYC Data Science Academy’s newer programs. You can learn tools for data analytics, visualization, and machine learning. The school designed this program to feature three different professional development courses. You will graduate with all the skills you need to be successful in your career.

This bundle includes multiple other courses, including data science and Python courses. They only cost $4,770 if you take all of them at once. You can finish learning in 15 weeks. You can also attend the courses individually if you’d like.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to NYC Data Science Academy?

To get accepted into NYC Data Science Academy, you need to express your desire to learn and show your skills. The school provides you with three different bootcamp prep courses to help you learn the skills you need to know. All you have to do is express passion about data science, data analysis, or machine learning to gain acceptance.

NYC Data Science Academy Application Process

To apply for the bootcamp, you should visit the school’s official website. You must fill in your details and submit the document. Them, you have to complete a self-assessment test to determine whether you should go through the bootcamp prep courses. These prep courses can make sure you’re ready for the more intermediate programs.

NYC Data Science Academy Interview

The school’s admission team will ask you questions regarding your experience in programming and data science. The interviewer will also want to establish if you are a good fit for the program. Similar to a job interview, you should research tips and tricks to ace your interview.

Paying for NYC Data Science Academy

Paying for tuition at the bootcamp can be easy if you choose the right financing options. Although NYC Data Science Academy doesn’t provide an extensive list of options, you can still find the right one for you. You can also research outside loans if you need extra help.

Upfront Payment

If you can afford to pay upfront without affecting your lifestyle, then it is the best option. Make sure you budget properly before paying the full tuition amount. Once you pay your tuition upfront, you never have to think about it again.

Private Student Loans

NYC Data Science Academy has partnerships with Climb Credit and Ascent Funding to provide student loans. This is a great way to cover your tuition payments. These loan providers have different terms and conditions attached to the loans they issue. You should check which option would work for you before applying.

What Makes NYC Data Science Academy Unique?

NYC Data Science Academy is unique because it’s one of the most extensive bootcamps out there. Not many schools focus on one subject, and data science is a growing field. As well, NYC Data Science Academy only accepts expert data scientists with a master’s or PhD degree. The courses are immersive and require a lot of experience.

You can start your career as a big data engineer, data analyst, or machine learning engineer at this school. Unfortunately, it does not have courses for you to become a web designer or network engineer, but it’s ideal for data science. If you want to enroll in a high-level data science bootcamp, NYC Data Science Academy is the right choice.

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6 Reviews


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