Software Guild Reviews and Key Information

Software Guild is an in-person and online coding bootcamp. It offers web development programs to teach you the fundamentals of Java and .NET/C#. The full-time program lasts for 12 weeks while the part-time program takes 24 weeks. You can also choose a self-paced track that takes around 10 months to complete.

Software Guild’s online and in-person programs are project-based. You will also complete assignments and participate in lectures. At the end of the program, you will use your skills to build an excellent portfolio. This Software Guild review will cover everything you need to know if you are interested in learning web development.

Software Guild at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $10,125
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Student Loans, Scholarships
Courses Offered Web Development
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Job Assistance, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Software Guild?

At Software Guild, you can learn comprehensive web development skills. You can enroll in-person or online, and either way, you have access to expert instructors and teamwork opportunities. Read below to see Software Guild’s programs and what you can learn.


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The Java course can prepare you for an entry-level position in a tech company. It covers all you need to know about Java from the basics to more complicated topics. The curriculum includes the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in Java. If you want to learn Java, this is the place to go.

You will learn all about debugging, basic Java syntax, and using NetBeans IDE. You will also learn to develop Java classes that use polymorphism and inheritance. The program can also teach you querying in-memory locations, unit testing, enums and lambdas, and error handling.

.NET/C# Bootcamp

This program focuses on the fundamentals of object oriented programming with C#. You will learn how to use expressions, Visual Studio IDE, operators, arrays, and methods. This program can teach you how to understand inheritance and unit testing with other intricate subjects like collects, enums, and DateTime.

During this web development program, you will also learn System. I.O namespace and how to use LINQ. By the end of the course, you will be able to fix error handling and troubleshoot to prevent issues. Dependency injection and mocking for unit testing are also a part of the curriculum.

Introduction to Web Development

This program is a prep course for the coding bootcamp. It is an excellent way to try coding and see if you want to enroll in the longer course. This course is also a foundation for the programs in the coding bootcamp.

The prep course includes training on how to use Git, a source control system for collaboration. This way, you can keep your work safe. You will also do basic training on GT, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Software Guild?

If you are also good at problem-solving and are ready to learn, you can get accepted to Software Guild. This bootcamp chooses applicants who identify as self-starters. It prefers students with tenacity and outstanding levels of motivation.

Beginners and experts alike can apply to this coding bootcamp. The prep course can help you prepare for the program if you have never coded before. You should also have a good personality, be able to collaborate with others, and remain positive in tough situations.

Software Guild Application Process

The application process for Software Guild is simple. It involves an online application, an interview, and a test. To start the process, you need to fill an online form on the coding bootcamp’s website. After 24 hours, an admissions team member will contact you to schedule an interview.

The interview takes one hour and involves typical behavioral questions. It is followed by an aptitude test. This test includes pattern matching, logic, basic algebra, and pattern matching. The goal of the test is to determine if you have the right skills to succeed in the program.

Software Guild Interview

Software Guild performs one-hour interviews to get to know candidates. The interview is mainly behavioral. The interviewer may want to know more about you and your experience with coding. You may also need to talk about your motivation to enroll in a bootcamp.

The interviewer may want to learn about your soft skills, communication skills, and teamwork skills. These are essential for a tech career, so they want to ensure that you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Paying for Software Guild

This coding boot camp has a $125 application fee. The tuition costs $10,000 for both programs. However, there are several available discounts to reduce this payment. You will be able to speak with a member of the enrollment team to help you choose. Keep in mind that tuition may vary in some states due to a sales tax.

Upfront Payment

This coding bootcamp has an upfront payment plan for students who can afford to do so. It offers some discounts to reduce the total tuition cost. If you can pay upfront, this is a great option.

Private Student Loans

Software Guild partners with Climb Credit and Skills Fund to offer low-interest student loans. Students can spread out the repayment into affordable installments. Sometimes, the financing also covers living stipends to make sure you’re living comfortably during the program.


This coding bootcamp has several scholarship awards. One is the Code Louisville Award which offers a $1,000 scholarship to students who qualify. It also has the Women in Tech scholarship that offers a $2,000 discount to women who qualify.

Veterans receive a $2,000 discount from the Veterans Who Code program. It is also available for qualifying active military personnel.

What Makes Software Guild Unique?

Software Guild focuses on Java and .NET training to prepare you for a rewarding career as a web developer. The coding bootcamp has flexible learning methods to make it easy for people from different walks of life to attend.

Self-paced students who don’t finish the program at the allotted time have the option of extending the program for a whole month without any extra cost. This is a good option if you are a slower learner. You can finish your program at your own schedule.

Software Guild organizes speed interviews for you to meet potential employers in the bootcamp. It also has employer network managers to assist with interview preparation, resumes, and the job search. You’ll have all the resources you need to ace your next job interview.

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8 Reviews


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