The Data Incubator Reviews and Key Information

The Data Incubator is a data science bootcamp for STEM degree holders and professional data scientists or data analysts looking to upskill. While headquartered in Boston, the Data Incubator also has campuses in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Known to be one of the best data science bootcamps, the Data Incubator is a top pick for a higher level of data science training. If the Data Incubator is one of your prospective bootcamps, then you’ve come to the right place.

This Data Incubator review will walk you through the key features of the bootcamp. That includes its programs, curricula, tuition costs, and even its job placement services. By the end of this guide, you will have a better grasp of whether the Data Incubator is the right coding bootcamp for you.

The Data Incubator at a Glance

Cost of Tuition $2,895 – $17,000
Financing Options Income Share Agreement, Upfront Payment, Private Student Loans, Scholarships
Courses Offered Data Science Essentials, Data Science Fellowship
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Data Incubator?

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Data Incubator has two major programs: Data Science Essentials and Data Science Fellowship. Both programs work with real-world datasets, allowing students to gain hands-on experience as they learn the fundamental theories and principles of the field.

Data Science Essentials

This is an eight-week online program for people who don’t have prior work experience in data science but want to get into the Data Incubator’s Data Science Fellowship program. It’s also perfect for data analysts or software engineers who wish to switch to enter the data science field.

The program includes instructor-led classes that cover the fundamental aspects of data science, preparing students for more advanced studies. There are classes dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals of quantitative analysis, data statistics, data extraction, object-oriented programming, and Python for data science.

Despite being a foundations course, interested applicants must have basic knowledge of statistics and programming to excel in the class. The program also does not hold out on hands-on training courtesy of short projects that require the use of real-world datasets.

Data Science Fellowship

This is a certificate fellowship program that runs for eight weeks full-time and 20 weeks part-time. The program is perfect for professionals looking for a skill-boost for career advancement or individuals who wish to transition from academia.

Topics include data visualization, data structures, algorithms, navigating data science tools like Hadoop, and applying machine learning and big data analysis techniques. You will also learn Python and SQL, both of which are known as the resident data science programming languages.

Being an immersive program, taking the full-time option means hitting a pause on other commitments as you are expected to commit 45 hours of your week studying. If that doesn’t sound like a feasible option, consider taking the part-time option.

The schedule is flexible enough to maintain your studies without compromising other responsibilities. Just put aside eight hours of your time per week to attend evening classes.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to the Data Incubator?

The Data Incubator has an acceptance rate of a mere two percent, so getting into the bootcamp will not be easy. This isn’t unusual for a fellowship program that only admits students with advanced STEM degrees or extensive experience in a data-related role. The requirements are looser for the bootcamp’s Data Essentials program.

Having these credentials is only the tip of the iceberg. You should still go through the Data Incubator’s application process.

The Data Incubator Application Process

The application process at The Data Incubator happens in stages, with the completion of the entire process taking about six weeks. It starts with filling an online application form on the bootcamp’s website. The website is intuitive so you should not run into any trouble filling in the required details.

After filling in your details, wait for an advisor to send you the coding test. This stage is crucial since failing the test means you cannot move on to the next stage. The advisor will give you 72 hours to complete the test and submit it.

Students who pass the coding test can move on to the next stage of the admissions process, which will see you sitting through an interview with a school representative. This is the last stage of the application process.

The Data Incubator Interview

The interview stage is vital in informing the decision of the admissions board. The interviewer will ask you questions about your experience with data science. You will also be asked questions about why you chose data science and how far you intend to push for a career in the field.

Keep in mind that the interviewer’s goal is to find out more about you, your goals, and your motivations to see if you are a good fit for the bootcamp. At the same time, your goal is to determine whether the bootcamp’s programs and teaching style meet your learning needs. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions of your own during the interview.

Paying for the Data Incubator

Attending the Data Incubator’s fellowship program generally costs $10,000 when taken online and $17,000 when taken in person. The foundations program, meanwhile, costs $2,895. You can pay for your tuition through one of four options: upfront payment, private loans, income share agreements, and scholarships.

Upfront Payment

With this option, you can enjoy the early registration discount of $2,000. Even when you pay during the regular registration timeline, you will get a tuition discount that ranges from $1,000 to $1,400. You will not qualify for the discount if you opt for any of the other payment plans.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

This works like every other ISA: you attend the program without paying the full tuition and pay later when you’ve landed a job that pays at least $40,000. You can pay monthly percentages from your salary.

Once you hit the income threshold, you are expected to pay a particular percentage of your income. While an ISA means that you do not have to pay upfront, you may need to make a small deposit before attending lectures.

Private Student Loans

Private loans are the perfect option for people who cannot afford to pay upfront and are not comfortable with an ISA. You can take out a loan via the Data Incubator’s loan provider partner Ascent Funding.

If you opt for a Ascent Funding loan, you may choose among three repayment options: deferred repayment, interest-only repayment, or immediate repayment.


The Data Incubator offers fully-funded scholarships to fellows with exceptional backgrounds in data science. Only a few people qualify for this scholarship, so you can apply if you believe your credentials are impressive enough.

What Makes the Data Incubator Unique?

The Data Incubator has a proven track record as one of the most successful data science bootcamps for individuals with advanced STEM degrees. Even if all its programs are delivered online, the quality of education it delivers remains high. One of its defining features is the heightened focus on providing hands-on training.

The Data Incubator has many hiring partners that tap into the bootcamp’s graduate pool. Students who get jobs with The Data Incubator’s hiring partners get 50 percent of their tuition back as a placement fund. Only a few bootcamps offer placement funds to candidates after helping them get jobs.

Thanks to bootcamp’s career coaching and mentorship programs as well as its extensive employer network, Data Incubator reports a job placement rate of 82 percent. Most Data Incubator graduates get their first job within six months after they finish the program.

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6 Reviews


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