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The Top Podcasts for Therapists to Follow

Just like everybody else, therapists can also have mental health issues. Although talking about our problems often seems to help, starting that conversation can be difficult for anyone. Therapy podcasts can further your knowledge in the field and also help you deal with your own issues. If you’re wondering what the best therapist podcasts are, this is the article for you.

Caring means going the extra mile to help, which is why we took the time to curate a list of the best podcasts for therapists. These podcasts will help you learn new things, stay up to date on the current developments in the world of psychology, and help you regain your energy when you’re feeling low. We have also created a list of the best therapist podcast episodes to get you started.

Why You Should Listen to Therapy Podcasts

Listening to a podcast can easily lift your mood and engage your mind. Therapy podcasts aim to more than just motivate you to deal with your mental health challenges, they can also help you become a better therapist. You can gain new perspectives on a wide range of clinical health issues and learn how to better approach certain clients and issues. 

What Makes a Great Therapy Podcast?

  • It is theoretically and technically informative. Listening to podcasts by mental health experts should expose you to the latest trends, topics, and cases in clinical and counseling psychology, which can help you become a better mental health practitioner. 
  • It helps you appreciate your therapy profession. A mental health podcast is supposed to help you better yourself professionally and emotionally. The job of a therapist can sometimes feel thankless, so a little encouragement can go a long way. Everyone needs to hear affirmative words, including therapists.
  • It is a source of professional support. You should try to choose a helpful podcast that recommends mental health courses, books, tips, and forums. The podcast should also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It should address issues that may occur in real life and give you insight into how to navigate them as a therapist. 
  • It lets you explore career opportunities. Some experienced therapists use their podcasts to help other therapists establish their clinical private practices. Some give mental health practitioners practical advice on how to break into the psychological consulting industry. You should consider listening to these types of podcasts if you’re looking to explore your career options.
  • It is relatable. Your favorite podcast should acknowledge your struggles as an average therapist. You should be able to connect to the experiences talked about. They shouldn’t be solely instructional. The tone should be conversational and make you feel like your opinions matter. 

The 10 Best Therapy Podcasts

1. Therapist Uncensored 

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Available On: Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify 

Subjects Covered: Relational neuroscience, modern attachment, trauma

For years, professional therapists Sue Marriott and Ann Kelley have been providing professional advice on psychology and neuroscience to their audience in an engaging and informative way. Through interviews with industry experts, you’ll discover challenging cases plaguing individuals in our world. Topics covered include dynamic perspectives in brain science, neuroanatomy, and psychology.

2. All in the Mind

Available On: ABC Listen app, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Subjects Covered: Addiction, pop psychology, parenting, artificial intelligence.

Ever since ABC introduced its mental health podcast hosted by Lynne Malcolm, it’s been a hit amongst practitioners and enthusiasts. This podcast is an insight into the everyday human experience with mental health and behavioral issues. You’ll explore how mental health illnesses are being addressed in pop culture, as well as how to handle your mental well-being. 

3. Selling the Couch 

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean

Subjects Covered: Therapy business management, social media marketing, entrepreneurship.

This is a popular podcast amongst students and professional therapists who wish to become business owners. You’ll learn from Dr. Melvin Varghese how to start and run a private mental health practice. Through interviews with therapists who have established successful private practices, you’ll learn about the different factors involved in running your own therapy business, including financial planning advice for business owners.

4. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Podcast

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Psychiatry, psychotherapy 

This podcast covers a range of topics in clinical research and practical experiences with experts in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Dr. David Puder helps mental health professionals and enthusiasts navigate the complexities of psychology through interviews with practicing psychiatrists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, and students to improve their professional and personal lives. 

5. Starting a Counseling Practice

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify 

Subjects Covered: Counseling business start-up and management 

If you’re a mental health professional who’s been dreaming of starting your own counseling practice, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, you’ll find practical advice on how to start your counseling practice. You’ll also gain tips from private practice owners on how to create a business plan when you join the professional counseling community. 

6. The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide 

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Clinical private practice, social activism, entrepreneurship, mental health stigma, social media management 

The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide is created by and for therapists. It’s a safe space for therapists to co-exist. Hosted by Curt Widhalm and Kate Vernoy, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to function as a modern therapist, business owner, and human. They explore topics like how to approach therapy in the modern age and the role of the therapist in the modern world. 

7. The Voice of Counseling 

Available On: Apple Podcasts, iHeart, Spotify 

Subjects Covered: Counseling practices, mental healthcare

The Voice of Counseling is a new podcast launched by the American Counseling Association. Its goal is to educate counseling professionals and psychology students on how to tackle social issues like racial injustice and social advocacy. This podcast is hosted by the current president of the American Counseling Association, Dr. S Kent Butler.

8. Inside Mental Health

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Mental health, psychology

This is a weekly podcast by Healthline Media that features Gabe Howard as its host. It offers listeners the opportunity to listen to mental health discussions with professionals across fields, including medical practitioners and media personalities. This podcast has been widely acclaimed for its ability to explore controversial topics.

9. Therapy Chat

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean

Subjects Covered: Psychotherapy, therapist self-care, art therapy, trauma

Therapy Chat is a mental health podcast hosted by Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. She is a psychotherapist, a certified facilitator of The Daring Way, and a burnout prevention consultant. She uses this podcast to educate listeners on standard and alternative approaches used in psychotherapy by interviewing successful therapists. They discuss psychotherapy and self-care for practitioners.

10. Speaking of Psychology

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible

Subjects Covered: Psychology research

This podcast was developed by the American Psychological Association to explore innovative and advanced research conducted by experts in the field. It discusses the latest trends in mental health and behavioral psychology topics like anxiety, pain, grief, social media, and personality. Healthcare professionals will find the research topics explored in this podcast useful in their work. 

The Best Therapy Podcast Episodes to Get You Started

Two men in a podcast interview session.
Listening to therapy podcasts can help you improve your career as a therapist.

Now that we’ve gone through the best podcasts for different types of therapists, it’s time to highlight some key episodes to get you started. The idea is to help you easily connect with the core contents of these professionals. Here’s a list of our top picks.

Treatment Complex Trauma and Attachment With Guest Dr. Daniel Brown | Therapist Uncensored 

In the fifth season of Therapist Uncensored, a trauma and attachment specialist from Harvard provides insight into the complex trauma and disorganized attachment related to child abuse. He brings his wealth of knowledge of attachment disorders in adults from a clinical perspective and helps listeners understand the cause, effect, and solutions. 

Fixing Mental Healthcare in America | The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide

In this episode, hosts Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy interview Dr. Ryan McBain, a policy researcher, and Dr. Nicole Eberhart, a behavioral scientist and clinical psychologist. They discuss the problems in America’s mental healthcare system, as well as how to best tackle these issues.

5 Business Lessons Learned in 2021 | Selling the Couch

Dr. Melvin Vanghese talks about how he, as a private practitioner in the mental healthcare industry, fared in 2021. He covers what he learned about his career and his business, and how he hopes to apply this in 2022. In this solo episode, he discloses his plans for ensuring his online course school is a unique experience for therapists.

Technology, Telehealth, and Professional Practice | The Voice of Counseling 

In this episode, Dr. John Dugan, a professional counselor and educator in clinical mental health counseling, is brought on to explore the connection between using technology and telehealth in counseling from an ethical viewpoint. He offers counselors helpful tips on how to navigate these trends. This episode was dedicated to helping practitioners navigate the use of telehealth.

The Invisibility of White Privilege | Speaking of Psychology 

Episode 110 aired during the racial injustice protests in the US during the summer of 2021. With guest speaker Dr. Brian Lowery, host Kim Mills explores the theories behind racial privilege and psychology. He also explains why most white Americans may find this concept sensitive to and how we can all attack racial injustice at its core. 

What Is the Best Therapy Podcast?

The best therapy podcast is one that aligns with your clinical or counseling career aspirations and exposes you to issues and breakthroughs in your field. There are many therapy podcasts out there. As long as you recognize who the major audience is for each therapy podcast and how you fit into it, you’ll be able to find the right podcast for your needs.

When choosing a therapy podcast, go for one that has managed to stay consistent over the years, that features experts and views from different industries, and that includes research studies. The therapy podcasts by recognized organizations should be among your top picks. Those that provide resources and forums to network with other professionals in your field should also be considered.

Best Therapists Podcasts FAQ

Can therapists have podcasts?

Yes, therapists can have podcasts. Most of the content in this article can help you explore the various podcasts by and for therapists. If you’re a therapist and you’re interested in launching your podcast, you will find most of the content shared by these professionals inspirational and directional. 

Do podcasts help with anxiety?

Yes, some of the mental health podcasts listed in this article are designed to help listeners deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Even though listening to these podcasts can not constitute a medical diagnosis, you can gain some healthy tips on how to tackle anxiety issues in your personal life. 

What is the best platform for listening to podcasts?

Some of the most preferred podcasts platforms, according to Infinite Dial Research in 2020, are Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, iHeart, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts. According to this research, these are the brands with the largest userbases. Apple Podcasts offers a wide range of podcast options and is cost-effective for users. 

Where can I launch my podcast?

If you’re new to the podcast business, you should start with a free podcast hosting platform with a large userbase. Go for those that track your podcast’s performance and promote your series on social media platforms and your website without much hassle. Podbean and Buzzsprout are great platforms for beginner podcasters. 

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