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Best Digital Marketing Events to Learn and Get Support

Digital marketing events can help marketers steer their marketing efforts in the right direction amid the complex online world. For professionals and businesses aiming to thrive and grow in this modern age, attending digital marketing events is a smart move. 

The best digital marketing events help you gain further knowledge and insights, expand your network, and help grow your customer base. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best digital marketing conferences and upcoming events in 2022 for your easy reference. Keep reading, so you can save the dates in your calendar right away!

What Are Digital Marketing Events?

Digital marketing events are platforms for marketing experts to learn digital tactics and marketing technologies they can use for their marketing efforts. It’s a place where professionals can connect and discuss how to become a digital marketer in a quickly evolving online world. 

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These events are held in the form of an in-person event, virtual event, or hybrid event.

Digital Marketing Conferences

Digital marketing conferences are large events that bring people together across industries to broaden their digital marketing knowledge. These conferences share the latest trends and technologies from different parts of the world. They usually involve talks and mini-sessions on topics such as how to promote one’s brand and attract more customers. 

Digital Marketing Meetups

Digital marketing meetups are smaller gatherings than conferences. It’s where digital marketing experts and industry luminaries share their advanced experiences about their profession. In this setup, they get to educate other professionals about digital marketing on a deeper level and learn from different professional perspectives in an up-close and personal setting.  

Benefits of Attending Digital Marketing Events, Conferences, or Meetups

With the Internet changing the game of marketing, events, conferences, and meetups have become important ways to navigate the marketing field. Digital marketing events are important to attend for brands, companies, and professionals, and a range of benefits are listed below.

  • Expand your network. Attending digital marketing events enables you to expand and increase your network. This can lead to more customers and more business partners, resulting in both career and business growth.
  • Gain valuable and actionable insights. These events allow you to learn from seasoned professionals. The insights you get from industry experts will be useful for crafting strategies and demand generation approaches in online marketing and when using digital tools.
  • Get job opportunities. Connecting with other professionals and meeting top executives and industry leaders will give you a chance to know about available job opportunities across companies within the industry. This offers a competitive edge when applying for jobs at other companies or digital marketing agencies.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals. With digital marketing events, you get to socialize with people who share the same interests and work as you do. It also provides you with a broader view of how to be a better digital marketer since you’ll get different perspectives from interacting with others.

Best Digital Marketing Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
Digital Summit March 15 – 16 Phoenix, AZ Conference $450 – $650
Brand Insider Summit March 20 – 23 Scottsdale, AZ Summit $4,995
Minneapolis eCommerce Summit April 5 Minneapolis, MN Summit $100 – $750
Marketing 2.0 Conference April 6 – 8 Las Vegas, NV Conference $2,000
DigiMarCon New York April 21 – 22 Brooklyn, NY Conference $597 – $1,197
DMO Advanced May 17 – 19 Napa Valley, CA Conference $399 – $1,399
Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo May 23 – 25 Americas and online Symposium $1,375 – $1,575
Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference September 21 – 22 Cologne, DE and online Exposition and Conference Free for video-on-demand, TBA for in-person event
Midwest Digital Marketing Conference September 27 – 28 St. Louis, MO and online Conference Free
Digital Marketing World Forum November 21 – 22 Amsterdam, NL and online Forum $65 – $436

Best Digital Marketing Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

In this section, we expand on the above list of in-person, hybrid, and online events. We also give you more details about these various events, including their agenda, location, and cost of registration.

Digital Marketing Conference | March 15 – 16

  • Location(s): Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost of Registration: $450 for main event pass, $650 for platinum pass 

In this two-day in-person event, attendees won’t just learn from sessions but also in-depth masterclasses. The roster of speakers come from companies in a range of industries like IBM, Harpercollins, Northern Arizona University. If you want to learn about content marketing, social media channels, SEO, analytics, and lead generation, this event is for you.

Brand Insider Summit | March 20 – 23

  • Location(s): Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost of Registration: $4,995 

This four-day summit has sessions that focus on educating professionals on customer-first and customer-centric approaches. Attendees will learn from keynote, case study, roundtable, and panel discussions. Topics include affiliate marketing and customer acquisition tools, improving the customer journey and customer service, and nurturing loyal customers.

Minneapolis eCommerce Summit | April 5

  • Location(s): Minneapolis, MN
  • Cost of Registration: $100 for retail registration, $750 for vendor registration 

This boutique-style, in-person gathering is exclusive and tailored to the needs of attendees. Top industry executives will participate as speakers in presentations and panels, or in one-on-one sessions. Some speakers are experts in growth marketing and ecommerce marketing and will discuss how crucial marketing is for online commerce. 

Marketing 2.0 Conference | April 6 – 8

  • Location(s): Las Vegas, NV
  • Cost of Registration: $2,000

This three-day conference covers discussions on digital marketing strategy, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR) in advertising and social media advertising. Attendees will also learn from the panel who will talk about combining traditional and digital marketing techniques to achieve business goals.

DigiMarCon New York | April 21 – 22

  • Location (s): Brooklyn, NY
  • Cost of Registration: $597 for main conference pass, $597 for master class pass, $997 for all-access pass, $1,197 for VIP pass 

This conference brings top business leaders from the marketing, media, and advertising industry to provide insights into the different aspects of digital marketing. Some of the digital marketing tactics that attendees will learn about include social media marketing, user-generated content, and influencer marketing.

DMO Advanced | May 17 – 19

  • Location(s): Napa Valley, CA
  • Cost of Registration: $399 for social pass, $1,399 for an all-access pass 

This flagship event of the Digital Marketers Organization (DMO) gathers professionals to discuss challenges and the future of digital marketing. Attendees can expect to learn from senior marketers and leaders on digital strategy and actionable tactics for conversion rates, integrated search, and even marketing in the metaverse.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo | May 23 – 25 

  • Location(s): North America, South America, Central America, and online
  • Cost of Registration: $1,375 for early bird (until March 25 only), $1,375 for public sector, $1,575 for standard

Discussions in this symposium and virtual event will revolve around marketing leadership, marketing innovation, and strategic advice. Attendees will connect with digital marketing leaders to learn about digital strategy and emerging technologies. Topics include customers’ digital experiences, the future of marketing through data and analytics, and multichannel marketing.

Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference | September 21 – 22 

  • Location(s): Cologne, DE and online
  • Cost of Registration: Free for video-on-demand, price for the in-person conference will be available on the DMEXCO website from July

DMEXCO gives interested digital marketers access to its events for free via video-on-demand. Before the actual expo and conference, the event will have its kickoff, the Digital Spring Summit, on May 3, 2022. Here, audiences will learn from top executives of Snap, Google, and Montblanc about game-changing ideas in digital marketing and digital business as a whole.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference | September 27 – 28

  • Location(s): St. Louis, MO and online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

The MDMC conference will have both live stream and in-person access with limited slots only. Its digital marketing topics include social media strategy, branding strategy, and data analytics. Before the conference, registrants can enjoy the MDMC masterclass, with workshops facilitated by industry experts in marketing.

Digital Marketing World Forum | November 21 – 22, November 30 

  • Location(s): Amsterdam, NL and online
  • Cost of Registration: $65 for virtual pass, $272 for day 1 or day 2 full-access hybrid pass, $436 for full-access hybrid pass

This in-person and virtual event explores the future of digital marketing. The in-person event will be on November 21-22, 2022 at RAI, Amsterdam, while the virtual event will be on November 30, 2022. Attendees will be excited to learn from top speakers from global brands in five conference tracks. They will cover topics on digital marketing technologies, VR, AI, and the latest digital marketing strategies and trends.

Should I Attend Digital Marketing Events in 2022? 

Yes, you should attend digital marketing events in 2022. Knowing more about digital marketing is important for your career growth and awareness. Attending these in-person and online events as a digital marketer expands your knowledge and increases your network. 

If you cannot attend digital marketing events but want a similar experience, consider attending a bootcamp. Online bootcamps are short and intensive programs that teach students job-ready skills. Attending a digital marketing bootcamp will help you network with like-minded people as well as broaden your insights and knowledge about this field.  

Digital Marketing Events FAQ

What is the largest digital marketing event?

DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing event not only in North America but in the world. It has 40 conferences worldwide across 18 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It covers a range of topics including social media strategy, email marketing, and managing a marketing budget.

What is a digital marketing bootcamp?

A digital marketing bootcamp is a short and intensive program that teaches students digital marketing skills, marketing strategies, digital advertising, and more. They aim to make students ready for a job in the field after graduation and often provide career services to help bootcamp graduates find work right away.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Yes, digital marketing is a great career. It is a well-paid job and, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, digital marketers earn $141,490 per year, making it a lucrative career choice. Becoming a digital marketer is also a wise choice as the field is expected to have a 10 percent growth in job opportunities through 2030

What certification is the best for digital marketing?

The certifications that are best for digital marketing are Google Ads Certification, Google Analytics Certification, and Hubspot Content Marketing Certification. Before getting certifications, you must first master digital marketing through courses and training.

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