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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a New Folder on a Mac

Imagine having to rummage through gigabytes of data, searching for a document on your computer. Well, this would be the case if your files weren’t organized in folders. Knowing how to create a new folder on a Mac optimizes your workflow by helping you group related files and sort information much quicker.

Folders are an efficient way to organize various documents and files on your Mac and keep your desktop screen uncluttered. If you just got a new Apple laptop or desktop and you’re curious about the steps to create a new folder on Mac, you will find this article helpful. Here, we have explained these steps to help you create a new folder on your Mac within seconds.

What Is a Folder on Mac?

Folders are like virtual shelves for your documents, pictures, apps, music, and all other files on your computer. They are directories where you can store related files to prevent your computer from getting cluttered. You can organize various files on your Mac using folders. The basic idea behind creating folders is to group files so that you can easily track and access them.

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The Mac is the third computer family of Apple Inc. It can be a desktop or laptop computer. It runs on a Mac Operating System (macOS), which is one of the best OS for programming. For anyone who is inclined to a digital life or seeking a career in tech, the Mac series is a great choice. They have a fast-running OS and are great for developers. About 30 percent of professional developers use macOS

A folder on your Mac, just like every other computer system, is a storage space for organizing documents and storing other types of files such as libraries, applications, and archives. Folders do not take up any disk space, and you can create as many folders as you want on your Mac. Besides storing files in folders, you can as well create sub-folders within other folders. 

Folders do not take up any megabytes (MB) of space, they are simply pointers to different file locations containing data. Because folders are designed to organize files, they make it easy to search for data within your Mac, and they save you a lot of hassle.

Uses for Folder in Mac

  • Organizing files. Folders provide a method of organizing and grouping files. If you have several files on your Mac, you will certainly see the need to organize them. An organized folder structure gives you a cleaner and more convenient workspace on your computer where you can store your documents.
  • Finding your documents easier and quicker. By grouping your files and other items into folders, you’ll spend less time searching for documents, apps, and even pictures when you need to access them. It boosts your productivity because you can add a label to folders and simply use the search bar to find the exact folder you’re looking for.
  • Identifying related files. A computer usually comes with some existing folders, like the downloads folder where all items downloaded to your Mac are saved. As files begin to pile up on your Mac, you can sort them by creating dedicated folders for files having a similar purpose. This way, you can identify files needed for a particular project and save time.

Creating a New Folder on Mac: Step-by-Step

  1. Navigate your Mac desktop screen
  2. Click on file
  3. Click on new folder

Steps to Create New Folder on a Mac: In-Depth

1. Navigate Your Mac Desktop Screen

The first step is to navigate your Mac desktop screen. Look out for the word “Finder” in the upper left corner of the menu bar, next to the Apple icon. Finder is the default file manager for all macOS. It’s a macOS feature used for browsing through content on your computer.

2. Click on File

To the right of Finder, you will see the word “File”, click on “File” for the desired dropdown menu to appear.

3. Click on New Folder

Browse through the dropdown menu and click on “New Folder.” A new untitled folder will be created on your desktop. You can now rename the new untitled folder, store files in it, or modify it as needed.

Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut command for folder creation. Navigate to the location where you want to create a new folder and press Command + Shift + N simultaneously, and a new folder will be created on your Mac.

How to Learn More About Mac

  • Take a free Apple product workshop. The Mac is an Apple product that easily passes as one of the best cheap computers for college students and low-income earners. If you want to get the most out of your Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, or any Apple product, you should take a free Apple product workshop. 
  • Subscribe to the Apple News newsletter. As one of the world’s most valuable technology brands, Apple continues to provide updates to its customers. It sends out newsletters that you can subscribe to with your personal email address to receive updates via email notification. These newsletters can be personalized to suit your interest. For instance, programmers can use this feature to receive information about the best laptops for programming.
  • Visit Apple Support. With Apple support, you can access a rich collection of resources to help you operate your Apple products. You can also pick up knowledge on popular tech topics of your interest. You can also chat with the Apple customer support team to get direct answers.

How to Create New Folder FAQ

How can I create a new folder in Mac Mail?

To create a new folder in your Mac Mail, open Mac Mail from the Dock or applications folder. Open the “mailbox” dropdown menu, select “new mailbox”, choose a name and location for your new Mac mail folder, and click “OK.” The new folder will then appear on your Mac’s mail window.

How can I create a new folder on my hard drive?

To create a new folder on your Mac hard drive, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window. Navigate to your desired hard drive folder location, then choose “File > New Folder.” Enter your desired folder name, then press “Return.” A new folder will then be created on your hard drive.

How do you create a subfolder? 

To create a subfolder, double-click the folder where you want to add the subfolder and create a folder inside. The initial folder becomes the parent folder and the newly created folder becomes the subfolder. Alternatively, you can create a folder through the Finder window and drag it to an already existing folder or the parent folder.

How do I group multiple items into a new folder?

First, create a folder on the desktop or in a Finder window. Select all the items you want to group. Control-click one of the selected items, then choose “New Folder with Selection.” Finally, enter your preferred name for the folder, then press “Return.”

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