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Best Jobs that Pay $14 an Hour

You can make $14 per hour in a variety of industries and you don’t need much experience to land one of these jobs. A high school diploma is usually the only thing you need to get started. If you’re working towards earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree but still need to make some money, these jobs could be a good fit for you.

Though $14 might sound like a small amount, it’s above minimum wage and jobs that pay this much are relatively easy to find. Most of the time, you’ll just be required to undergo on-the-job training to help you get ready. Keep reading to learn more about jobs that pay $14 an hour and where to find them. 

What Is a Good Hourly Wage?

An excellent hourly wage is dependent on factors like your lifestyle, debts, and family obligations. You’ll want to be fairly compensated for the hours you work and the type of work you’re doing. According to Statista, the average hourly earnings of employees in the US is $11.19, which means that making anything above this should make you proud.

Why Earning $14 Per Hour Is Important

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Earning $14 per hour is important because it helps to pay any expenses you may have. It can help you pay for school and can also take care of basic needs like paying for rent, food, and clothing. This is well above the federal minimum wage and can be a livable wage depending on where you live. 

What Types of Jobs Pay $14 Per Hour

They are different types of jobs that pay $14 per hour. You can find these jobs in various fields like technology, medicine, education, and even communications. Below are some examples of these jobs.

  • Bookkeeper
  • Administrative assistant
  • Service crew
  • Nanny
  • Medical assistant

What Do You Need to Land a Job that Pays 14 an Hour?

You don’t need much to land a job that pays $14 an hour. Most of the time, it only requires a high school diploma and on-the-job training. First, prepare your resume. List down your different skills and experience to help prove you are qualified for the job. 

You can then apply and search for vacancies on different job search platforms. You can set up a job alert on various online job boards if you are looking to work in a specific field. Don’t forget to include your email address and other contact information on your resume. 

What Companies Pay $14 an Hour?

The list below features some companies that pay $14 an hour and sometimes even higher. Research the companies you are interested in and keep an eye out for any job opportunities they may post.

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc.: This company provides reliable, affordable, scalable cloud computing services. The company also offers 200 fully-featured services from various data centers globally. Potential jobs include sales representative and tech launch programmer. 
  • Liberty Mutual: This company provides valuable and competitive insurance services and products to meet its client’s needs. The company is the third-largest property and casualty insurer. The company hires outbound sales representatives and account executives that are paid fair compensation. 
  • U.S. Department of Transportation: This government agency is focused on arranging and planning federal transportation projects. The department also sets safety regulations for all modes of transportation. Some jobs that they offer with an average starting wage of around $14 are payroll assistant and maintenance staff. 
  • Starbucks: Starbucks baristas make $15 an hour in most locations. This is also a job you can work around school hours if you have a busy schedule. 
  • NVIDIA Corporation: This company designs graphics processing units for the professional and gaming market. The company has become a leading force, especially in the gaming industry. They offer jobs like purchasing assistant and admin assistant. 
  • Allegis Transcription: This company provides transcription services to the legal and insurance industries. The company is often in need of transcribers. 
  • Jerry: This American company owns a mobile app for vehicle and home insurance. Through custom artificial intelligence, the app can provide an efficient customer experience so customers can get any car ownership needs. Working as a content writer for Jerry can earn you at least $14 per hour.
  • ModSquad: This company offers digital engagement services. Businesses can moderate their web content, manage communities, and create a buzz on social media platforms by using ModSquad. Jobs they offer include customer support and chat support. 
  • The Babysitting Company: This company offers short-term babysitting services. All nannies and babysitters must pass a background check. 
  • Stitch Fix: This company offers personal style services to women and men to suit their needs and lifestyle. This company hires stylists and admin assistants. 

Jobs that Pay $14 an Hour with No Experience

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A job that pays $14 an hour is relatively easy to find, especially if you have core skills in organization, multitasking, and customer service.

Customer Service Representative

Average hourly salary: $17

Average yearly salary: $35,830

Job growth: -1%

As a customer service representative, you’ll be answering customers’ calls when they have questions or complaints. In addition, you’ll be assisting them with any support they need or providing any further information. In this role you will build excellent customer service skills.

Administrative Assistant

Average hourly salary: $19

Average yearly salary: $40,990

Job growth: -7%

These employees work under an executive or a manager. You will be sorting documents, answering phone calls, organizing schedules, and supporting company projects. This position doesn’t need a degree or experience, but it would help to have organizational and people skills. You can start preparing for interview questions if this job is something you want to pursue.

Pharmacy Technician

Average hourly salary: $16

Average yearly salary: $35,100

Job growth: 4%

A pharmacy technician works in pharmacies to file and label prescriptions so customers can easily see them. These individuals also help to catalog inventory and file patient information. You can get this job without experience, but you must pass the technician certification exam.


Average hourly salary: $21

Average yearly salary: $44,421

Job growth: 8%

A firefighter helps when there are emergencies like wildfires and hazardous material spills. Often, this position only requires a high school diploma since they’ll be receiving intensive training. You’ll also learn to provide essential medical attention to injured people. As a firefighter, you’ll be expected to carry and use heavy equipment. 

Claims Adjuster

Average hourly salary: $24

Average yearly salary: $50,091

Job growth: -3%

A claims adjuster is someone who assesses property damage and personal injury. They usually conduct interviews, review records, and then evaluate the damage. They assist the company in deciding whether to accept or reject a claim. This position usually just requires a high school diploma. 

Jobs that Pay $14 an Hour Online 


Average hourly salary: $22

Average yearly salary: $45,852

Job growth: 5%

As a proofreader, your main task is to ensure that the content doesn’t have any grammatical errors. In addition, you’ll have to check spelling, syntax, formatting, and punctuation. You should have English skills and be familiar with subject-verb agreements. 


Average hourly salary: $28

Average yearly salary: $59,084

Job growth: 9%

As a copywriter, your main task is to write informative content for businesses. You also perform research and interview people. Part of your job is proofreading, editing, and searching for images. In addition, some clients require you to do SEO and social media planning. If you want to become a copywriter, you can start by writing mock advertisements. 


Average hourly salary: $17

Average yearly salary: $35,270

Job growth: -7%

A transcriber listens to audio and writes what they hear into a word processor. You’ll have to review any errors in the document to make sure you don’t make any spelling or grammatical mistakes. 


Average hourly salary: $17

Average yearly salary: ​​$34,550

Job growth: -2%

As a typist, your task is to turn information into clear and legible documents. You must value confidentiality as some of the information you work with is highly private. Another task is to create copies of digital and physical records. You might also have to take notes during meetings. Lastly, you can also be asked to transcribe audio recordings. 

Chat Agent

Average hourly salary: $13

Average yearly salary: $26,702

Job growth: -1%

As a chat agent, you’ll be answering customers’ questions and assisting with whatever concerns they have. This will often have to do with common technical issues. You’ll have to have excellent verbal communication skills and be knowledgeable about the company’s products.

Jobs that Pay $14 an Hour Part-Time

Bank Teller

Average hourly salary: $15

Average yearly salary: $32,620

Job growth: -17%

As a bank teller, you’re responsible for greeting customers and assisting them with their needs in your specific station. Customers usually need assistance with deposits, withdrawals, checks, and other bank transactions. Therefore, you must have basic math skills to get this job.

Warehouse Worker

Average hourly salary: $15

Average yearly salary: $30,010

Job growth: 7%

As a warehouse worker, you’ll maintain, organize, and arrange inventory when it arrives. You’ll also have to refill stocks when they run low. One requirement is carrying heavy things, so you must be fit. 

Personal Driver

Average hourly salary: $16

Average yearly salary: $34,670

Job growth: 25%

As a personal driver, your main task is to drive clients to various locations when needed. You’ll have to make yourself available during agreed hours and ensure your client arrives on time. You’ll have to be good with directions, and you have to make sure that your vehicle is always clean.


Average hourly salary: $16

Average yearly salary: $33,103 

Job growth: 8%

As a nanny, your core responsibility is to take care of a child within agreed hours. You’ll be feeding, bathing, and helping the child with whatever they need. You’ll also be expected to play with them, help out with their homework if needed, and help with house chores. 


Average hourly salary: $19

Average yearly salary: $40,406

Job growth: 7%

As a bookkeeper, you’ll support the company in maintaining and balancing accurate ledgers. You’ll also check and verify bank deposits and report financial results to your manager. You might need a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting to get this job. 

Where to Find a Job that Pays $14 an Hour

There are several ways to find a job that pays $14 an hour. It’s even possible to filter out which positions allow you to determine your hours per week. All you have to do is identify which type of job you want. Below is a list of job boards you can use to find a job.


LinkedIn can serve as a valuable resource in looking for jobs and finding recruiters. Therefore, your profile on LinkedIn must indicate your experience and skills so that it’s easy to apply for and look for jobs suitable for you. 


Indeed is a resource used worldwide. You’ll find different jobs and can use filters and keyword features to narrow your search. There are lots of employers who post on the site and it’s easy to create a profile. Make sure you turn on email notifications and check your email regularly for job updates.


AngelList was founded in 2010. Most employers here are startups and they offer jobs in different fields like tech, online publishing, FinTech, and health and beauty apps. On this website, your profile serves as your resume. 

Is It Easy to Find a Job that Pays $14 an Hour?

Yes, it is relatively easy to find a job that pays $14 an hour. Some jobs don’t require experience and will just ask you to undergo training once you start working. Most of the jobs that pay this wage do not require that you have a bachelor’s degree. 

Jobs that Pay $14 an Hour FAQ

Can I get a $14 an hour job without experience?

Yes, you can get a job that pays $14 an hour without experience. You can find work as a sales representative, chat agent, or a nanny in this pay range.

What should be my educational background in getting a $14 an hour job?

There’s no one specific educational background you need to get a $14 an hour job. Companies in almost every field have jobs that offer this hourly rate. For example, you can study engineering, medicine, business, or communications. You will usually only need a high school diploma.

What type of jobs can I apply to?

The type of jobs you can apply for include any entry-level job that doesn’t require much education or experience. This includes customer service jobs, retail jobs, and many food service jobs. 

What is the best job I can get?

There’s no best job out there. The important thing here is that you are doing something you love and have the right skills to execute the job you’re doing correctly. It will also help if you get an entry-level job in a field with opportunities for advancement. 

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