Two women are viewing and discussing code displayed on a laptop. LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

Top LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships and Resources in 2022

LGBTQ+ folks are part of an underrepresented community that faces various challenges as they pursue their career in tech, including financial and logistical obstacles. This can be a great hindrance, but financial assistance can help ensure they achieve their goals. One of the most affordable ways to break into tech education is to receive scholarship funds.

In this piece, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of scholarships that can provide LGBTQ+ folks with the scholarship money necessary to achieve their goals. Even without a college degree, there are numerous educational options that the top LGBTQ+ coding bootcamp scholarships can assist you with. 

Why You Should Attend a Coding Bootcamp in 2022

Attending a coding bootcamp in 2022 will provide you with a supportive and friendly environment to help you flourish in the tech industry. With people who understand your orientation, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to network, grow your skills and become the best version of yourself. 

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Also, in a coding bootcamp, you’ll have project-based assignments that will be specific to what you’ve learned. If you refine your skills and take responsibility for your learning, you will be among the best developers. 

Can I Get a Scholarship for Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, you can get a scholarship for a coding bootcamp that ranges from full-tuition scholarships to partial scholarships. Queer women and underrepresented prospective students are some of the beneficiaries of these coding bootcamp scholarships. 

To earn scholarships, all you need to do is carefully examine the eligibility criteria and ensure you highlight the reasons that make you stand out from other applicants. For example, you can state you are from an underserved background but still possess enviable technical skills. 

LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships at a Glance

Bootcamp Regular Tuition Scholarship Amount
Code Platoon $16,000 $16,000
Tech Elevator $15,500 $13,175
DevPoint Labs $11,000 $5,500
Fullstack Academy $17,910 $8,950
Turing School $20,000 $4,000
Galvanize $17,980 15% of Tuition fee
Flatiron School $17,000 $3,000
Metis $17,000 $3,000
The Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild $14,900 $1,900
Burlington Code Academy $3,950 Depends

In-Depth: Top LGBTQ+ Scholarships

We will now look at the scholarships listed above more in-depth. We’ll consider the eligibility criteria, the specifics of the scholarship, such as the amount and target groups, and whether you’ll need to complete part-time or full-time learning to be considered. 

Code Platoon – Transgender Veteran Scholarship 

This is a scholarship that targets veterans and military spouses by assisting them in transitioning easily into the civilian workplace. It’s a full-tuition scholarship of $16,000 and is awarded to one veteran per cohort. 

The Code Platoon scholarship application is online, and you should be a veteran and member of the transgender community or a military spouse. Code Platoon can provide both beginners and experts in the tech industry with the skills they need to begin working at tech companies.

Tech Elevator – Represent Tech Scholarship

The Represent Tech scholarship provides financial assistance to bootcamp students underrepresented in the tech industry. It covers up to $13,175, which is 85 percent of the tuition fee. 

The target groups include non-binary individuals, women, and transgender individuals. You need to be accepted and enrolled in the next Tech Elevator bootcamp cohort to qualify for the scholarship. 

DevPoint Labs – Opportunity in Tech Scholars 

The Opportunity in Tech Scholars scholarship aims at equipping its students with basic and advanced coding tech skills. This financial aid seeks to encourage problem-solving, creation, and innovation in the workplace. The scholarship amount is $5,500, which is 50 percent of the tuition fee. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to have applied for a part-time or full-time web development bootcamp. Coding knowledge isn’t required, but you need to demonstrate empathy, passion for learning, and grit. The application process also includes essay questions. This is a great opportunity for underrepresented minorities as DevPoint Lab strives to bring diversity to workplaces. 

Fullstack Academy – Edie Windsor Scholarship 

Fullstack Academy is partnering alongside Lesbians Who Tech to provide the Edie Windsor scholarship. It favors nonbinary individuals and LGBTQ+ female students and covers 20 to 50 percent of the tuition. 

Fullstack Academy is one of the coding bootcamps you can join to apply for this scholarship. The technical training received at Fullstack Academy will help new learners gain important coding skills and enter the job market well prepared. Students can enroll in online courses and full-time or part-time coding bootcamps to apply for this scholarship program.

Turing School – Diversity Scholarships 

There are two Diversity scholarships for both of the Turing School cohorts. Both aim at impacting coding and programming skills, helping students penetrate the technology industry and land their dream job. The scholarship awards $4,000 towards the $20,000 tuition fee. 

Applicants must apply and get accepted at Turing School to qualify for the scholarship and write the required essay as part of the application process. Also, candidates must be people with disabilities, women, LGBTQ+ folks, or people of color to qualify for this scholarship.  

Galvanize Diversity Scholarship 

The Diversity scholarship has a scholarship program for all Galvanize campuses. The purpose is to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry. 

As such, students who identify as women, as an ethnic/racial minority, or as part of the LGBTQ community are guaranteed 15% off the tuition fee of $17,980.

Flatiron School – The Access Scholarship

The Access scholarship awards $2,000 per student for either a full-time or online program. But for those in underrepresented backgrounds who need additional financing, an extra $1,000 is awarded. Such groups include women, underrepresented minorities, low-income earners, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ folks, and Veterans or British Armed Forces Service Leavers. 

The scholarship aims to bring a fresh perspective to the tech industry and incorporate a variety of backgrounds. Eligible students who don’t have prior experience in a tech role or industry can still receive this scholarship.

Metis – In Classroom Scholarships 

This coding bootcamp scholarship awards $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the program. As a data science learning opportunity, it aims to bring diversity and inclusion to individuals in tech who have financial constraints. It includes prep courses and projects to provide underrepresented minorities with the in-demand skills necessary for a tech career.

To qualify, you must be part of an ethnic minority such as Latinos, Hispanic or African-American people, a woman, a woman of color, or part of the queer community. Metis offers 30 scholarships per cohort. 

The Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild – Diversity Scholarship 

The goal of the Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild through the diversity scholarship is to bridge the gap in the tech industry by providing partial financial assistance to underrepresented individuals. The scholarship amount is $1,900 out of the tuition total of $14,900. 

This opportunity focuses on individuals with disabilities, the LQBTQ+ community, people of color, and self-identifying women. 

Burlington Code Academy – Impact Scholarship 

The Impact Scholarship is geared toward helping prospective students in the tech industry by reducing the financial barrier forwarded by widespread injustice and systemic barriers. The scholarship amount varies depending on the applicant’s circumstances and orientation. 

Self-identifying women in the LGBTQ+ and/or Black, Indigeous, or People of Color (BIPOC) communities can apply for this scholarship. The goal of the program is to provide more opportunities for women to diversify the tech industry and gain essential career skills.

Organizations that Support LGBTQ+ 

A female engineer holding a laptop and typing in front of massive computer servers. LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships
Numerous LGBQT+ and minority tech groups can help you secure a career path in technology.

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s possible to feel left out and find few organizations that provide immersive training in tech or professional support. Because of this, we’ve included a list of scholarships and amazing organizations that you can belong to and not feel judged for your identity.

Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that offers free tech training in coding to gender-expansive adults and women. They also mentor their students for professional development in careers in tech and prepare them for relevant jobs in the industry. 

The immersive bootcamp training is available with a paid internship for aspiring and enthusiastic software developers. This scholarship program is for permanent US residents. 

Start Out

Start Out is an NGO with many partners that support LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. There are in-person, online, and national forums, training programs, and events for networking purposes where queer people feel accepted. 

In addition, the mentorship programs advocate for the inclusivity of all society members so businesses and entrepreneurship can thrive. 

TransTech Social Enterprises

This organization aims to empower the LGBTQ+ community to learn and work. You can become a member or donor if you believe in diversity in the community. They offer training to improve skills and provide innumerable opportunities in graphic design, data entry, app development, and social media. 

The Center 

This is a community for LGBTQ+ folks residing in New York promoting health, wealth, and prosperity. The Center addresses crucial issues such as parenting, substance abuse, health services, and youth programs. It also provides career advice, resources, and support to immigrants and women, including financial assistance to help get them on their feet. 

Lesbians Who Tech 

This is a center for tech enthusiasts who identify as transgender, non-binary, or queer. With leaders in the tech field, the members are empowered and offered the right tools for the workplace. Financial assistance such as the Edie Windsor scholarship offers equal rights for trans people to grow their tech skills and land their dream jobs. Lesbians Who Tech also holds various events to encourage developers from the queer community. 

Meetups for LGBTQ+ Tech Workers

Being an LGBTQ+ tech worker can feel lonely with few places to interact and find support. Thankfully, many online and in-person meetup communities offer a safe space for diversity and inclusivity. 

LGBTQ in Technology Slack

This is a safe online space for LGBTQ+ people in the tech industry to connect virtually, chat, and support each other over Slack. It is an open space for tech people who identify as gay, bisexual, queer, trans, or another minority group. The environment is low-pressure and casual, making it a great way to meet new people. 

Queer Coders 

This is an online community for LGBTQ+ programmers. It provides a conducive environment to meet, interact, and support one another professionally and in their personal lives. It can also help its members become or hire programming consultants.  

Out in Tech 

This is a non-profit community that has built over 20,000 LGBTQ+ tech professionals. This organization holds networking opportunities and showcases accomplished tech speakers and leaders to empower the LGBTQ+ people. Besides that, it offers mentorship for new LGBTQ+ tech professionals and volunteering programs for queer activists globally. 

Sage Cyber Centers

Sage cyber centers are part of SAGE, a New York-based organization that provides advocacy and other services to older LGBTQ+ individuals. These centers allow elders to learn and acquire tech skills and find employment opportunities. 

Maven Youth

Maven Youth is committed to empowering LGBTQ+ youth through organizing, educating, and networking in the tech sector. This organization provides summer camps, workshops, apprenticeships, hackathons, leadership retreats, and a leadership council for ages 14 to 24. This safe space allows its members to build skills, explore careers in tech, and improve their professional skills. 

Will Attending a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job?

Attending a coding bootcamp can definitely help you get a job since you learn specific tech skills and engage in various projects to practice what you’ve learned. Combining it with a great resume and up-to-date portfolio will increase your chances of getting a job. 

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Graduates Make?

For job seekers, a bootcamp education can be exactly what you need to boost your starting salary at your next job. Coding bootcamp graduates typically earn high salaries, but the amount depends on the specialty, whether it’s entry or advanced level, and the organization.

According to Indeed, coding bootcamp graduates make between $44,200 to $128,480 per year. Among the highest-paying jobs are backend developer and DevOps engineer. 

LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships FAQ

Are coding bootcamps worth it in 2022?

Coding bootcamps are worth it in 2022 as they are the easiest ways to transition to tech. However, to excel, you have to take the responsibility and initiative to apply the skills you learn and look for relevant job placements. You’ll also need a strong portfolio to convince the prospective employer of your ability to deliver.

Do coding bootcamps pay students?

No, coding bootcamps do not pay students to attend. Coding bootcamps provide students with an educational program to learn essential coding skills. As learning institutions, they won’t pay you unless you are hired after completing, but some offer financing options, payment plans, or a bootcamp tuition discount for underrepresented students.

How can you pay your coding bootcamp fee?

Numerous tools are available to help you pay your coding bootcamp fee. You can apply for scholarships, which is the best if you qualify. You may also take a loan to pay for your coding bootcamp fee upfront, which is typically cheaper. Some bootcamps also offer income share agreements (ISAs) which allow you to pay them back after you are earning income from a related career.

Are LGBTQ+ coding bootcamp scholarships available?

Yes, there are many LQBTQ+ coding bootcamps scholarships that you can apply for. Check the criteria for some of the organizations mentioned in this article. If you meet the qualifications, then you can apply for the scholarship.

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