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CareerFoundry is an online bootcamp based in Berlin that specializes in web design and development and data analytics. In all of the programs at this school, students will complete hands-on projects and gain the experience they need to break into the tech industry.

Since 2013, CareerFoundry has successfully prepared many students for their careers, and even offers a job guarantee. To help students find the job that suits their goals, the school provides job counseling and preparation, mentors, and ongoing career support. To find out more about the programs, hours, and prices at this online school, keep reading.

CareerFoundry at a Glance

Cost of Tuition From $690 to $6,900
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Student Loans, Scholarships
Courses Offered UX Design, UI Design, Data Analytics, Web Development, Introductory Courses, Advanced Courses for Designers
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Job Guarantee, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at CareerFoundry?

At CareerFoundry, you can study web design, web development, and data analytics. CareerFoundry’s curriculums are regularly updated to keep up with new tools and advancements in the tech industry. Below is a full list of all the courses available at the training institute.

Data Analytics

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The Data Analytics program takes five to eight months to complete, depending on the student’s availability. In this and all CareerFoundry courses, professional mentors will help you build up your project portfolio.

The curriculum for this course starts with the fundamentals. By the end, you’ll be fully prepared to carry out the tasks of a professional data analyst. Throughout the course, you will learn to process data, create data visualizations and narrations.

You’ll also study how to organize data with SQL and Python databases. Near the end of the course, you will learn about data ethics and data mining, and data privacy.

Web Development

If you choose the full stack web development program, you’ll be ready to start your tech career in less than seven months. This course also comes with a job guarantee, meaning your tuition will be reimbursed if you don’t land a job within a set time period after graduating.

Some of the things you will study include web basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll also learn about server-side programming, APIs, and platforms like Node.js. In the final stage of this course, you will complete a collaborative project, which you will include in your professional portfolio.

UX Design

If you want to become a user experience designer, this CareerFoundry program is for you. In less than 10 months, you will have all the experience you need to look for a job in web design.

Over the course of the program, you will learn how a user experience designer thinks and acts. You will study user behavior, and how to create prototypes and wireframes for an app. Near the end of the program, you even have the option to choose an area of specialization to enhance your resume.

UI Design

In the UI Design program, you will start by learning how to create basic layers for color, text, and other advanced web elements. You will learn the theory behind design, and how to apply it in a practical way.

By the end of the course, you will use what you have learned about branding, animation, and more, to design interfaces for your own iOS and Android apps. This online program runs for five months at 30 hours per week, or nine months at 15 hours per week, depending on your availability.

Introductory Courses

If you have no prior technical experience, you may want to attend one of CareerFoundry’s introductory courses. These programs cover data science, UX design, UI design, and front end development. They require approximately 15 hours of study per week and last one month.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to CareerFoundry?

To get accepted to a CareerFoundry course, you must meet certain skill requirements. You also must possess your own Mac or PC and have Internet access. If you’re interested in taking one of the above courses, follow the steps below.

CareerFoundry Application Process

The admission process at CareerFoundry is straightforward. First, you must go to the bootcamp’s website, choose your program, and create an account. Once you have done so, you can fill out your application on the school’s online platform.

The payment options will differ based on the course. A default option will be presented, but you can also seek professional advice if you’re looking for a more flexible payment plan.

Once you have finished your application, you will attend an interview with a CareerFoundry intake staff member. If you impress the team member in this interview, you will pay your deposit, and that’s it. Now, you’re a CareerFoundry student!

CareerFoundry Interview

In your interview with CareerFoundry, you will be asked about your skills, and whether you have the resources and free time necessary to complete the course. You must also explain why you chose the particular course, and your objectives as a data analyst, designer, or web developer.

If you are currently employed, you should explain how you will be able to complete the 420 hours of work required by the course. Your availability is an important factor in whether you will be admitted. Prospective students who work full-time jobs are less likely to be admitted.

Paying for CareerFoundry

At CareerFoundry, you will have several different tuition payment options. In addition, the school offers a tuition counseling service to help you find a suitable payment plan. Below, are the options for paying your CareerFoundry tuition.

Upfront Payment

If you pay in advance at CareerFoundry, you will get a 5 percent discount on your tuition, regardless of which course you have signed up for. You can also request to pay your tuition in installments. In this case, you will pay an initial fee of $2,100, and will then pay $600 per month for eight months.

Private Student Loans

CareerFoundry has partnered with Ascent Funding to offer student loans. You can choose between several repayment plans, such as making low-interest payments throughout your course, or starting repayment three months after you have graduated.


At the moment, CareerFoundry does not offer any scholarships.

What Makes CareerFoundry Unique?

One feature of CareerFoundry that stands out is its job guarantee. This demonstrates the school’s faith in its own curriculum and its connections within the industry. CareerFoundry graduates currently work for companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Paypal, Facebook, Visa, and Mercedes-Benz.

The tech industry is in dire need of talented employees, and thanks to CareerFoundry’s numerous career services, you can impress hiring managers and land a job in no time. Ninety-six percent ofCareerFoundry graduates get a job in approximately 180 days.

CareerFoundry is also notable for using an educational model known as human-centric learning, which includes dual mentorship and tutors with years of industry experience, plus job service assistance.

A bootcamp course can open many doors, even more than a university degree might. Schools like CareerFoundry are a great way to start your career in the tech industry.

Price Range
Programs Pace

5 Reviews


5 Reviews


  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I’ve been taking UX and UI courses with Careerfoundry for about a year now and I HIGHLY recommend it!. The curriculum is great, they cover a lot of ground and it is truly an immersive experience. It can get easy to get side tracked, so make sure you figure out a schedule as there are no due dates for course work but there is a time period which they expect you to complete the course in. The instructors were very helpful and gave me a lot of resources. I enjoy speaking to my mentors via skype and getting feedback for my portfolio and such. Worth it!!

    February 5, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I am so thankful for CareerFoundry. The UX Design Certification online gave me flexibility to keep working and the interaction with my mentor (a Senior Designer 7+ years of UX industry experience) was invaluable. The curriculum is extremely thorough and well designed. Additionally, I had a great experience with the job prep course and the Career Specialists. Sami and Jennifer were an amazing source of support! Everyone I interacted with at CareerFoundry was helpful. They have a great staff as well as amazing tutors and mentors.
    I enjoyed interacting with other students and alumni through slack and have made friends through the course as well.

    My advice: be prepared to put in the work and then additional work after you complete the course. Networking is essential. Be open to feedback and apply it. Use all the CareerFoundry resources to your advantage while you are in the course (and after). UX Design is very hard field to break into but the CareerFoundry program gave me the design training, resources and job preparation/career advice to get an awesome entry level UX job (far better than I imagined was possible for me). CareerFoundry is worth the investment. It changed my life and I am so thankful and excited about my new career!!!

    March 6, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Just while having a hard time to find the career of my dreams I saw and advertisement of Careerfoundry. I was subscribing to their daily UX/UI mail and even the small articles I got for free, were so interesting I immediately decided I want more of this. I started my studies in June 2019 and I am super satisfied with my decision. The articles are clear and easy to understand with extra resources about the topic. The tutor who is assigned is helpful and ready to answer all of the questions I have. Their advisor team is super nice and they even check up on me regularly about how I am feeling with the course. The physical distance does not affect the quality of the studies as there is a great communication flow between the students and teachers and we even have a huge slack community. I had one bad experience with one teacher but everything was sorted out nicely, and feedback is always welcome.
    The goals are reachable even beside a full time job, and you can ask for more time if you are sick, or having a holiday.
    I had a small graphic design background but believe me you do not need any. You just need some imagination and creativity but you won’t be lost if you dont have any design background.
    I did not even finish the whole course, but I already got promoted within my company just because the portfolio I made and because of the knowledge I received from Careerfoundry.
    Also I am really thankful for the way the articles are written. not too dry and really down to earth.

    Thank you again CareerFoundry. And keep it going! You rock!

    May 6, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    The UX Design Program is an intensive, and concept heavy course, with lots of helpful information for anyone wanting an introduction to the UX methodology. I’d suggest having some basic graphic and graphic software knowledge before you decide to apply for the course to be able to finish your tasks in the estimated time, especially if English is not your first language.

    There’s a lot of reading, research, writing, and you’ll need to learn using software or graphic language mostly all by yourself. I don’t think this is necessarily bad, it’s a normal studying process, but it can be stressful to meet the deadlines while having to do some extra research on the side.

    Overall, the course meets my level of satisfaction, and the whole experience with CareerFoundry is a positive journey.

    May 7, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I’ve taken courses at General Assembly, Bloc, and now CF. Though all have pros and cons I will say CF has the most thorough self-paced course of them all. GA weighed heavily on the instructor and Bloc wasn’t as extensive considering the price. I found CF to be a nice balance and give you the most bang for your buck.

    May 12, 2020

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