Lighthouse Labs Reviews and Key Information

Lighthouse Labs, based in Canada, has been a consistent key player in the coding bootcamp space. Lighthouse Labs has a 93 percent job placement rate, and it can help you get a job in a reputable tech firm in less than 120 days. If you are still skeptical about the coding bootcamp’s ability to help you achieve your career goals, read this Lighthouse Labs review.

Selecting a suitable coding bootcamp to advance your skills or change careers is a daunting task. We provide our readers with comprehensive reviews of different coding bootcamps to help them decide which is their best option for learning how to code. This article dives deep into Lighthouse Labs.

Lighthouse Labs at a Glance

Cost of Tuition Full-Time: $9,500–$13,000 (CAD) (approx. $7,540–$10,300 USD) Intro Courses: $1,750–$2,000 (CAD) (approx. $1,390–$1,600 USD)
Financing Options Income Share Agreement, Upfront Payment, Private Student Loans, Scholarships
Courses Offered Data Science Bootcamp, Web Development Bootcamp, Intro to Data Analytics, Intro to Front-End with JavaScript, Intro to Web Development
Career Services and Job Assistance Career Coaching, Network of Industry Partners

What Can You Learn at Lighthouse Labs?

Lighthouse Labs offers five programs designed to prepare you for careers in data science and web development. These comprise 12-week immersive programs and six-week introductory courses that can be taken full-time and part-time.

Web Development Bootcamp Program

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First in the Lighthouse Labs lineup is its immersive web development program, which requires 40 hours of study each week. The program boasts an extensive curriculum designed to walk you through different programming languages and frameworks used in software development. This includes learning about HTML, CSS, Ruby, React, and Ruby on Rails.

You will also learn about the best practices and methodologies in software architecture and automated testing. All of these are essential to becoming a professional developer. Instead of the traditional four-year computer science degree, Lighthouse Labs promises to help you find a job in software engineering and web development in just 12 weeks.

Lighthouse Labs backs your training with extensive career coaching sessions to optimize your job search experience. You will have plenty of interviews and resume preparations as well as networking and employer outreach opportunities.

For $13,000 (CAD) (approx. $10,300 USD), you can enjoy the program’s training component, the school’s career services, and lifetime access to job resources. If you are not seeking a career and just in need of training, you can avail of the non-job seeker discount at $9,500 (CAD) (around $7,540 USD).

Data Science Bootcamp Program

Lighthouse Labs’s data science program comes with 70 hours of prep modules that you must complete before class begins. This component seeks to familiarize you with the data science concepts you will be dealing with during the immersive program.

You will jump right into the go-to language of data scientists and data analysts, Python, from the start. You will also learn about the processes within a typical data science project life cycle from cleaning, visualizing, and interpreting data. Expect to cover more advanced topics like data engineering, machine learning, and deep learning later on.

Similar to the web development program, this also comes with the option to avail of career services.

Intro Data Analytics

For $2,000 (CAD) (about $1,590 USD), attend an instructor-led live class on data analytics. You will get to work with real-world data sets in marketing campaign analysis, social media engagement, and customer support efficiency.

This is a great introductory class for people with little experience in data analysis. It is also a good preparatory course for those who intend on applying for Lighthouse Labs’s immersive data science program.

Intro to Front End with JavaScript

This is a great course for those interested on the client side of development. This introductory course will teach you how to build a web page from scratch. With programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you’ll learn how to cover all the bases of a web page. That includes its structure, style, and functionality.

This course is ideal for beginners who aspire to become web designers and future bootcamp program students. It can also serve digital marketers and product managers looking to expand their skill set.

Intro to Web Development

If, however, you are interested in learning web development from both ends, then this Intro to Web Development program is a good fit for you. This is a 101 class in frontend and backend development, covering topics you will need before you advance to more advanced learning. You will learn to program in HTML, CSS, HTTP, Github, and Sinatra.

This course is ideal for beginners who want to become web developers and future bootcamp students. It’s also a good reviewer for entrepreneurs and junior developers who want to learn about the latest trends and tools in building apps and web pages.

Admissions: How Do You Get Accepted to Lighthouse Labs

You only need to prove that you have the right skillset and mindset to get into Lighthouse Labs. The school is keen on getting students who are passionate about coding and have a high aptitude for learning. This is especially crucial for applicants who have no prior coding experience or knowledge.

Lighthouse Labs Application Process

The application process at Lighthouse Labs consists of four steps. It begins with completing the online application found on the school’s website. This application form requires details about your education, experience, and career goals. After you complete filling the form, book a group interview with Lighthouse Labs.

After, you will sit for various technical assessment tests. The tests will assess your coding and logical reasoning skills. The school will give you ample study materials to review before the test.

Then, Lighthouse Labs will take you through the prep course. Here, you will learn all you need to know before you dive deep into the immersive Lighthouse Labs programs.

Lighthouse Labs Interview

The Lighthouse Labs admissions team will ask you questions regarding coding as well as your availability, willingness to commit, and how you respond to certain situations. Check the official website for blogs on how to answer the coding bootcamp interview questions.

Paying for Lighthouse Labs

A Lighthouse Labs education is more affordable than some coding bootcamps. The full-time courses cost approximately $10,300. The part-time courses go for at least $1,390. If you decide to study at Lighthouse Labs, you will have access to the multiple payment options available.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Lighthouse Labs does not offer any income share agreement.

Upfront Payment

You can choose to pay the entire fee upfront instead of breaking it down. This is a good option for students who can afford to pay out of pocket before classes start. If you pay upfront, you immediately qualify for a discount.

GI Bill

Lighthouse Labs is a Canadian bootcamp. Hence it does not accept the GI Bill, but there are available payment options for Canadian veterans. You can check the website for more details on how to go about it.


At Lighthouse Labs, you can pay your tuition fee in installments. Deposit up to 10 percent of the full tuition payment before the program starts and pay in monthly installments thereafter. You can pay using credit card, e-transfer, or a bank draft.

Private Student Loans

Applying for a private loan to cover tuition fees is the most popular option among students. Lighthouse Labs, in partnership with the local government, provides students loans to help you study. If you live in Alberta or British Columbia, you immediately qualify for the Government of Canada’s Student Aid.


Lighthouse Labs acknowledges the negative impact COVID-19 has on so many families and individuals. The school committed CAD 1 million (approximately $800,000) to support any student affected financially by the pandemic. You immediately qualify for this grant if you lost your job, especially because of the pandemic.

If you qualify for the Lighthouse Labs scholarship fund, you will receive CAD 3,000 (about $2,380) to CAD 5,000 (about $3,970) to cover your tuition for a full-time course. If you select a part-time course, you are entitled to CAD 750 (about $600). To apply for the scholarship, you only need to fill out a form and write an essay detailing why you deserve it.

What Makes Lighthouse Labs Unique?

Lighthouse Labs is an excellent coding bootcamp that offers comprehensive training for anyone who wants to become a web developer or data scientist. The school also boasts a high job placement rate. It reports that 95 percent of its job-seeking graduates get employed within six months from graduation with the help of instructors, mentors, and career coaches.

Most learning institutions do not take into account how the mentor-student ratio can affect the quality of education. To ensure you get the most out of your class, Lighthouse Labs only allows a maximum of eight students per teacher. This gives you access to seeking support from your mentor eight hours each day.

If you are looking for extensive training and support, consider enrolling in Lighthouse Labs.

Price Range

6 Reviews


6 Reviews


  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Being unhappy with the traditional school system, I started looking for alternatives and found Lighthouse Labs. After a bit of research I decided to go with them for no particular reason, other than I liked their website. After all, most coding bootcamp websites all advertise for the same thing.

    The sheer amount of knowledge and understanding about high-level programming they gave us in such a small amount of time, is invaluable. We, the passionate cohort I was lucky to be a part of, gave all of our time and dedication for those 10 weeks and they supported us throughout this learning experience.

    Yes. ‘Supported’ us. As I wrote previously, I was dissatisfied with the school system I’ve been a part of all my life and so, this was refreshing. They taught us early on, how to learn, how to be curious and assertive. Of course, no one understood everything, so the mentors were always there at the ready, to help us either look through documentation and code more carefully or come up with a different explanation of the problem, while never revealing the answer!

    As fo the curriculum, it was heavily dependent on javascript and on week 7 we did a ruby project. We did many projects using different stacks of technologies, all the while learning how to use git and Github for good workflow. The last 10 days were the craziest, most exhilarating days of the bootcamp; we had to team up in teams of 3 or more, come up with a solution to a problem, have a good team workflow, and do a full-stack application with our newly acquired knowledge.

    We also had some networking events with employers, where we could talk with them, ask questions and even potentially get a job. Overall, we learnt how to present ourselves in a favorable light to more easily get interviews and later on, a carrer.

    Since I didn’t have any prior notable work experience, it was a risky but life-changing decision.

    January 15, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I enrolled in the Web Development Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs with very little prior coding knowledge (I had completed a couple code academy courses in CSS and HTML) and I came out the other end a Full Stack Web Developer! I loved the learning environment, and I don’t think I would have made it through without the encouragement and expertise of my teachers and mentors. And at the end they even helped me find a job! A 10/10 learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to jump into the world of web developement!

    March 16, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Lighthouse labs have a special effect on people. It takes what you knew as your limit, destroys it, and don’t let you build a new one for a few weeks, not until you have learned everything they have to taught.

    And all that with an imense support from the teachers, mentors, and staff.

    June 18, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I graduated from Lighthouse Labs’ Vancouver Web Development Bootcamp in April 2019, and really couldn’t rave enough about the program.

    Coming from some basic coding knowledge (I had taken one of the part-time introductory coding classes that Lighthouse offers), I found the bootcamp to be a difficult yet supportive and rewarding experience.

    With tons of mentor support, awesome teachers and a curriculum that’s regularly updated, it’s clear that Lighthouse cares a lot about their students.

    August 27, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    School never really worked for me – I was often bored, often distracted, and when high school ended Computer Science was definitely not in the cards. But I always enjoyed coding and dealing with technologies. 15 years later after a few career changes the idea of a bootcamp came up and I asked around a bunch and landed on Lighthouse as having one of the best reputations and…man…I’m so glad. Those 10 weeks were some of the most challenging but ultimately most rewarding of my life. I met 13 amazing other cohort mates and great – really great – instructors and mentors and by around week 7 I realised I could barely recognize week 1 me. By week 10 I’d learned a tonne and created a web application from scratch that I’m really proud of.

    I am a bit of an evangelist now. This experience was incredible, and career services was so helpful – I’m about to start my first job in the field in 5 days and I graduated only 2 weeks ago. If I had it to do over again I would do it in a heartbeat.

    November 7, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I would highly recommend the Web Development Bootcamp with Lighthouse Labs. From the instructors to the mentors to the support staff, it really seemed like their main focus was ensuring the student’s had the best experience possible. I felt supported throughout the entire bootcamp and there was constant reassurance when things got tough (which they did & will – this is not a simple program. It definitly requires a lot of work and dedication).

    One aspect I really like about the bootcamp is the life-time access to the course material. I’m currently going back over some of the topics we learned as a refresher and it’s been immensly helpful! I also think it’s extremely beneficial that you complete the bootcamp with a full portfolio of web applications to show employers. Upon completion of the program, there are events to connect with the mentors, alumni, etc. to help you become part of the tech community.

    All in all, 10/10 would recommend this program to anyone who’s contemplating taking the leap! It will provide you with the skills needed to make a career change.

    December 13, 2020

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