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Best Slack Channels for Product Managers Advice and Support

Like most other workers these days, product managers no longer need to stay in an office. Thanks to collaboration tools like Slack, product managers can work efficiently and grow their skills and knowledge. You can benefit from active communities such as Slack channels for product managers’ advice.

If you’re a product manager looking for like-minded people to exchange ideas with, keep reading to discover where to find Slack channels for product managers’ support. Also, since you may be too busy to explore public Slack channels, we’ve listed the best communities for product managers, plus tips on how you can take advantage of them.

Why Should You Join a Product Managers’ Slack Channel?

Slack makes workflow smooth as it streamlines a company’s process. According to an SEC poll, Slack has improved communication and collaboration within firms for 87 percent of its users. Even remote work has become efficient through Slack, allowing people from different time zones to work together.

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Every Slack channel gives you a chance to interact with product leaders and explore a wide range of resources. There are channels for asking questions, finding jobs, getting advice, and simply sharing ideas. The possibilities for your professional growth are endless in a Slack community.

Joining a Slack community for product managers and having daily conversations with fellow product people around the world helps you discover best practices in product management. You can get insightful product news and stay updated with global product trends. That’s one way for you to compete on a global scale.

Where to Find Product Management Support: Best Slack Channels for Product Managers 

Slack is capable of much more than simply assisting your organization. It also benefits you as an individual. It lets you network with other product managers from over 150 countries worldwide through public Slack channels. Below is a list of free communities for product managers to help you find a Slack channel that fits your needs. 

Channel Name Number of Members What’s There
Agile Coaching 3,000+ Includes events, blogs, jobs, and promotions
Akeneo PIM User Group 3,000+ Includes technical talks about Akeneo, best practices, business-oriented Q&A, and other tech support
Lewis C. Lin’s PM Interview Community 19,000+ Includes discussions about interview questions, mock interviews, resume reviews, product manager career talks, and job offer negotiation tips
Mind the Product 10,000+ Includes new posts or podcasts about project management, meetup announcements, tool recommendations, job postings, reading lists, and non-work-related conversations
Modern Agile 3,000+ Includes discussions on “Making Safety a Prerequisite,” promotions, meetups, games, reading lists, events, jobs, and Agile methods
Product-Led Growth 8,000+ Includes announcements, tool recommendations, reading lists, job posts, summits, and best practices
Product Marketing Alliance 20,000+ Includes product marketing management (PMM) resources, Q&A, content sharing, jobs, and go-to-market tips
Product School 100,000+ Includes curated news, product resources, events, job openings, Ask Me Anything sessions, feedback and surveys, mock interviews, and product management tool recommendations
Product Tribes 10,000+ Includes discussions on leadership, lean-agile, product management, front-end development, design system, user research, UX strategies, and job opportunities
Rands Leadership Slack 9,000+ Includes advice, job opportunities, interviews, daily challenges, and regional meetup channels

The 10 Best Slack Channels for Product Managers: A Closer Look

A product manager typing on a Slack channel.
A product management community helps in the professional development of product managers. 

Every Slack channel or community has a unique focus. Some are devoted to a specific tool, software, or requirement. However, all of them have the same goal of boosting your product leadership and growing your product management career. Read the brief descriptions below to help you find the right Slack channel for you.

Agile Coaching

If you’re interested in meeting experts from various Agile roles, including product management, Agile Coaching is a good place to start. You’ll learn all things related to agile from members from across the globe. It also has different resources to help you understand Agile better.

Akeneo PIM User Group

This Slack community is dedicated to discussions about Akeneo PIM, a platform that simplifies product information management. It’s more widely used for Akeneo PIM tech support. However, this online community of product managers also has channels for other topics like best practices and business-related questions and answers.

Lewis C. Lin’s PM Interview Community

Amazon’s best-selling author Lewis C. Lin started a Slack community for those looking for product management work and preparing for interviews. You’ll get to practice mock interviews with other members through this channel. You’ll also get advice on writing your resume, addressing interview questions, and negotiating your compensation.

Mind the Product

Mind the Product is perhaps the most active product management community, with product managers from over 175 countries gathering here. They convene on this public channel to discuss relevant product management topics. This platform allows you to meet product managers worldwide, expanding your knowledge across various cultures. 

Modern Agile

Another community dedicated to the Agile methodology that you should join is Modern Agile. Here you can watch free podcast interviews with Agile specialists on the #ModernAgileShow. You can also connect with product owners, managers, developers, and designers.

Product-Led Growth

This community is for product managers learning or practicing product-led growth (PLG). The main discussions here revolve around business methodologies that help products drive user acquisition, conversion, and retention. If you’re interested in PLG or connecting with SaaS experts, you can join this public channel.

Product Market Alliance

This community is a venue for you to discuss product launch techniques, marketing strategies, and resources with other product marketers. Here you’ll learn how to market and sell your product. You can get expert advice from industry professionals linked to organizations like Google, Shopify, Adobe, and Mailchimp through the Q&A. 

Product School

The Product School Slack channel, the largest community on our list, is the best place for aspiring product managers. Weekly, Product School holds an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. This gives you a chance to get insight from thought leaders, especially those from big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix.

Product Tribes

Product Tribes is an invite-only Slack community comprising experienced designers, developers, and project managers. This is a great resource if you’re a startup founder. You’ll get to converse with the product teams from IBM, PwC, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Managers of this channel review every application to maintain the quality of membership and discussion. 

Rands Leadership Slack

To be the best product manager, you must also know how to manage and lead people. The channel created by Michael Lopp, Slack’s previous Vice President of Engineering, is where you can learn how to develop these skills. You can be part of the discussions about people management while also meeting senior management experts.

Product Management Advice: Use Slack and Other Resources to Your Advantage

Slack has evolved into a workspace of choice for many people, regardless of profession. It has become the preferred communication and collaboration platform. You can do so much on Slack, from simple idea exchange to collaboration. With Slack channels for product managers, you don’t have to be alone and learn approaches, challenges, and pitfalls the hard way. 

The Slack communities on our list are only a few of the many communities brimming with product managers ready to offer their knowledge, advice, and encouragement. Take advantage of these Slack channels to help you secure a job in product management and further your career development.

Slack Channels for Product Managers FAQ

What is the difference between a private and public channel in Slack?

In a public channel, anyone in your workspace, except guests, can see and use information. Other workspace members can search for public channel messages or files. Private channels are only for members who have been granted access. Any activity in a private channel is exclusive to its members.

What is a Slack community?

Slack communities are like Facebook groups, except Facebook groups do not allow for instant messaging, nor can you use them with Google Drive. If you don’t enjoy social media, join Slack communities instead so that you can stay current with your industry and connect with other industry experts.

What is the main role of a product manager?

A product manager helps draw out the business value of a product or service by addressing customer needs. Their main goal is to resolve customer pain points through the products they innovate. They define the product success that their team will achieve. 

What is Lean-Agile?

Lean-Agile originated from lean manufacturing principles. It was brought into manufacturing to improve profits through cost reduction instead of sole reliance on increased sales. A company’s overall profitability can increase if it reduces waste and becomes more efficient. Lean-Agile helps teams determine waste and improve the product development process to promote efficiency.

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