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The Top Podcasts for Writers to Follow

Podcasts are a great way for fiction and non-fiction writers to source inspiration, find actionable advice to improve their creative writing technique, and listen to in-depth interviews with some of their favorite authors. If you’re trying to break into the writing industry, podcasts can be great for engaging your mind in a productive task without having to do much. 

With the immense variety of literary podcasts out there, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the best podcasts for writers. We’ve also listed our picks for the best writers podcast episodes to help you jump right in.

Why You Should Listen to Writing Podcasts

Listening to a writing podcast can help you work on just about any aspect of writing. As an aspiring or published writer, a great way to advance your writing career is through the help of a writing coach or writing classes. These resources are ready to supply you with an endless list of writing tips. However, this can be expensive. Podcasts are a great free alternative.

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A weekly podcast for writers gives you a writing community to rely on. A community that gives you practical advice for you when you experience writer’s block, that helps you cultivate the right kind of writing habits so you can master the craft of writing and become a successful author. Prominent writers can sometimes offer writing opportunities to freelance writers through their podcasts.

What Makes a Great Writers Podcast?

  • It acknowledges the struggles of writers. The writing life isn’t necessarily an easy one. You’ll most likely experience many challenges and obstacles. A great podcast doesn’t only identify the struggles writers in different stages face, it also offers them actionable advice to get through their issues.
  • It provides writing tips and guidelines. Most writing podcasts are hosted by professional writers, authority bloggers, best-selling authors, or other industry professionals who have significant experience in the writing industry. You may even get the creative inspiration you need from hearing the host talk about their everyday life.
  • It’s tailored to your niche or need. Everyone writes for a specific reason or genre. You might be a creative writer, poetry writer, Christian writer, or suspense writer. To get the most out of the podcasts you listen to, try to find one that aligns with your writing process. Some podcasts can also help you with business tips, book launching, and book marketing.
  • It is a safe space. The craft of writing can be difficult to master and it’s easy to be discouraged without a community to motivate you. The host should be inspiring and affirming. They should push you to discover and fulfill your writing purpose. The writing podcast you’re listening to should encourage you to fulfill your writing goals. 
  • It provides you with resources and opportunities. Just like a writing class, a great podcast will provide writing techniques and offer resources that can help you improve your craft. Some writing podcasts provide book recommendations and some offer courses to help beginners become professionals. 

The 10 Best Writer Podcasts

1. Build Your Copywriting Business

Available On: Audible, Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Copywriting business strategy, copywriting training and tools

This is a podcast for professional and aspiring copywriters. The hosts, Nicki Krawczyk and Kate Sitarz, offer their professional tips and guidance to help listeners become successful business owners. This is the podcast for you if you see writing as a form of entrepreneurship. The tools you’ll receive through this podcast will help you build your freelance or on-staff writing career, including mastering the financial planning skills you need.

2. Writing Excuses

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Listen Notes

Subjects Covered: Writing research, writing prompts, writing business career, editing

Writing Excuses combines humor and practicality to help writers deal with their writing issues. For over a decade, this podcast has successfully helped writers become great at writing in 15 to 25 minutes episodes. Each one offers writing prompts. The idea is for you to push past what might be preventing you from writing and get you practicing consistently.

3. Write Now with Sarah Werner

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Personal development, writing career advice, writing tips

Sarah Werner uses her weekly podcast series to offer inspiration for writers and creators. Regardless of your age, you’ll find helpful tips in this podcast to help you become a better writer. Each episode is filled with writing and life advice to help you pursue your passion. With hundreds of reviews on Apple Podcasts, many aspiring and professional writers have benefited from this show.

4. Fiction Writing Made Easy

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon Music

Subjects Covered: Creative process drafting, fiction idea generation, writing coaching

Fiction Writing Made Easy is a podcast for listeners interested in fiction writing. Savannah Gilbo offers useful tips to both seasoned and new writers with a different theme-focused episode every week. Her podcast is packed with expert advice and encouragement. She always goes directly to the point to tackle the complexities of fiction writing in a supportive manner.

5. Helping Writers Become Authors

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music

Subjects Covered: Novel outlining, story structuring, storytelling lessons, reading recommendations

This is a podcast for storytellers and writers who want to transition into full authors, but have yet to do so. As part of the benefits of this podcast, you get access to writing guides, articles, and other prompts to help you build your writing skills. Kathrine Weiland fulfills her goal of nurturing aspiring authors by providing a community for them to connect with other like-minded writers. 

6. The Writer Files 

Available On: RSS Feed, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts

Subjects Covered: Productivity, writing, creativity, neuroscience

The host, Kelton Reid uses his unique method to help writers and authors in different writing niches become more creative and productive by using neuroscientific studies of successful writers. The podcast host interviews writers and bestselling authors who share the stories of how they made it into the writing industry. 

7. Six Figure Authors 

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Writing career advice, book marketing tips and resources

If you’re hoping to make your writing talents profitable, you should listen to this podcast series. Lindsay Buroker, Joseph R. Lallo, and Andrea Pearson offer career advice to new and aspiring writers using their wealth of knowledge and experience in the writing industry. These hosts are all published authors, with dozens of sold-out books in the market, so you’ll benefit from their marketing tips. 

8. The Self Publishing Show

Available On: Google Podcasts, Stitcher, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

Subjects Covered: Book structuring, entrepreneurship, book marketing

Host Mark Dawson is a British-American bestseller that educates and inspires new and current writers on how to self-publish and build their careers. Mark Dawson conducts interviews with authors, tech experts, traditional publishers, and writing experts who share their diverse views with the listeners.

9. The Creative Penn Podcast for Writers

Available On: Apple Podcasts, RSS, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Creative writing, book marketing, publishing, entrepreneurship, 

This is a podcast for writers and authors who need inspiration, encouragement, and craft advice to succeed in the industry. Joanna Penn, a nonfiction writer, creative entrepreneur, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, and award-winning podcaster has been teaching her audience how to succeed in the industry since 2008. She continues to achieve this through interviews and lectures. 

10. The Sell More Books Show

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Listennotes, Podchaser

Subjects Covered: Book marketing, publishing, creating writing tips

Bryan Cohen and Claire Taylor host the Sell More Books podcast and help new and published authors promote and sell their books. You’ll find current information on the latest trends in publishing, marketing, and selling novels so you can ensure the best results for your creative product. The content is straight to the point and tackles major challenges authors face in book marketing.

The Best Writer Podcast Episodes to Get You Started

Person listening to a podcast while writing.
Getting into the writing industry isn’t easy but podcasts for writers can help you build your writing skills and give you an advantage in your writing journey.

With so many podcasts having a huge backlog of episodes, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is why we’ve put together a list of five episodes from the great podcasts mentioned above to get you hooked. 

Buying a New Home With Copywriting Income: Shannon’s Story | Build Your Copywriting Business 

In episode 59 of this podcast series, the hosts interview Shannon, whose inspirational journey begins with being jobless and sick and ends with her joining the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. The three women explore work-life balance for copywriters and choosing clients and writing niches. This episode may even inspire you to build your own copywriting business. 

How to Identify Your Story’s Ideal Reader | Fiction Writing Made Easy 

Identifying the right audience for your book can be extremely useful as it might help you direct the flow of your writing and ensure your reader feels like a part of the story. In episode four, Savannah Gilbo helps listeners understand the importance of reader identification through a real-life story of how her ideal reader helped her achieve her writing goals.

How to Submit Your Short Story to Literary Magazines | The Writer Files

In this episode, Kelton Reid interviews two guests, Erik Harper Klass and Jenna Faccenda, on how writers can publish their stories through a magazine. The first guest is the founder of the full-service short story submissions service Submitit and the other is the founder of a nonprofit literary magazine. Both guests are also writers and have lots of tips and resources to help listeners.

From Script to Snowdonia: Self-Published Succes | The Self Publishing Show with 

Mark Dawson, in episode 245 of season one, interviewed Simon McCleave about his self-publishing success. Simon was a former teacher and BBC scriptwriter before he decided to pursue his passion for writing crime thrillers. He eventually became a successful self-published crime novelist and has had thousands of sales for his book. In this episode, he shares his tips for success.

The Challenges of a First Novel with James Blatch | The Creative Penn Podcast for Writers

In episode 551, Joanna Penn and James Blatch explore the challenges writers face when writing and publishing their first novel. You’ll discover how to define and achieve your writing success. You’ll also learn how to manage your time across your multiple businesses. 

What Is the Best Writing Podcast?

The best writing podcast is one that will help you get better at your craft. Finding the right podcast for your writing career can take some time as there are many popular podcasts to choose from. Before you select a particular podcast to stick with, read the description and ensure that the podcasters will offer you diverse views and tackle a broad range of topics in a subject that interests you.

You should understand that, with writing podcasts, the location of the writer is not nearly as important as the experience and coverage of the podcaster or host. You should also ensure that the writing podcast you choose can offer links and writing resources to help you write, publish or market your books. Choose podcasts whose hosts are published authors. Once you’ve found a writing podcast that works for you, continue growing as an author by listening to the best success podcasts.

Best Writer Podcasts FAQ

Is it legal to read a book on a podcast?

If it’s your book or you’re protected under the US copyright law to publish the book, you can read a book on your podcast. You can’t read another author’s book on your podcast without permission unless it’s under the public domain. If the book you want to read isn’t under the public domain, reach out to the author to negotiate compensation and credits. 

What should you not do in a podcast?

You shouldn’t do or say anything that could get you sued or anything that could be seen as unprofessional or inhumane. You should ensure you’re consistent with your podcast series releases, you don’t use defamatory languages and you look into the laws related to starting and running a podcast in your country. 

Is starting a podcast worth it?

Yes, a podcast can be a way for you to grow your career. Podcasts can give you exposure and help position you as a thought leader in your industry. You can also make a lot of money collaborating with brands or promoting your products on your podcast. It is also free to upload your podcast on Spotify, the largest platform for podcast listeners, and reach new audiences easily. 

How do podcasters get paid?

Podcasters make their money through promotions and sponsorships. When a podcaster uses his or her platform to promote a brand or product, he or she gets a commission from it. Some podcasters help other brands and companies advertise their products during their sessions as a way to make money. 

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