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The Best Free Apps to Make Money

There are several apps that can help you make some extra cash while doing things you love and enjoy. Making money to cover all your expenses can be taxing, which is why we have collated a list of some of the best apps to make money. These applications can help you earn cash, rewards, and gift cards for completing a wide range of random activities.

These activities could include playing video games, filling out surveys, driving, and working out each with varying earning potential. Some apps pay out in gift cards, some help you earn a full-time decent income or extra money as a side hustle, while others give cash back for online shopping. Read on to discover the best free apps to make money.

What Is a Money-Making App?

A money-making app is an application that allows you to earn cash, rewards, and gift cards for engaging in certain activities online or on the app. These activities include online or in-store shopping, discovering and playing online games, completing online surveys, freelancing, weight loss, and driving. The apps each have different terms and conditions as well as minimum and maximum earnings. 

Why Do People Use Apps To Make Money?

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People use apps to make money because it is beneficial to have multiple sources of income. It is also advantageous to make money while doing something you love in your own time. People looking to transition between careers may start out by freelancing on a money-making app to gain experience before leaving their current job. 

Additionally, money-making apps are convenient to use. A 2021 Statista survey shows almost half of US citizens spend five to six hours a day on their cell phones, a lot of whom are already using them to work freelance jobs. For everyone else, being able to earn extra money from a device you already use a lot is ideal.

How the Best Apps to Make Money Can Help You Live a Better Life

The best apps to make money can also help you live a better life through weight loss and fitness, flexible work schedules, and freelancing. You can make money to improve your lifestyle and do things you love. 

Weight Loss

There are health and fitness applications that help you earn money while losing weight and keeping fit. Before earning your reward, you have to set a fitness goal and meet it at a specific or selected date. This helps you stay healthy and fit while also making money, thereby allowing you to lead a healthier life.


One of the best ways to make money online or through apps is by working freelance jobs on websites and online marketplaces. These apps enable you to meet with clients who are in demand of skills that you can offer and are willing to pay you for them. This way, you get to do what you love, at a time that is convenient for you, while earning money. 

Flexible Schedule

Apps that help you make money allow you to earn money on a flexible schedule, instead of a full-time job where you have specific working hours. This makes it easy for you to pick up your phone at any time and make some extra money without time restrictions.  

The 10 Best Money Making Apps: Overview

App Availability Notable Features Cost
Fiverr iOS and Android Freelance marketplace, multicategory jobs, multi-currency support Free, with paid aspects
Healthy Wage iOS and Android Workplace challenges, team challenges, cash prices Free
Ibotta iOS and Android In-store and online shopping, loyalty card Free
Mistplay Android Discover games, play and collect units, redeem rewards Free
OfferUp iOS and Android Shipping, online marketplace Free
Rakuten iOS and Android Mobile app, cashback button, cashback Visa credit card Free
Survey Junkie iOS and Android Gift cards, PayPal cash, Survey Junkie Pulse Free
Swagbucks iOS and Android Coupons & cashback deals, answer surveys, discover deals Free
Uber iOS and Android Book a ride, real-time tracking, multiple payment options Free, with paid aspects
Upwork iOS and Android Job posting, verification process, work diary Free, with paid aspects

The Best Money-Making Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Making money that covers your expenses makes life a lot easier. This is why many people use apps that can help them make money. Below is a brief description of a few of the best money-making apps. 

Fiverr | Free, with paid aspects

  • Best Feature of Paid Version: Faster payment clearance
  • Biggest Downside of Paid Version: Higher commission

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers with different skills and from various fields apply for jobs. Clients from different parts of the world and various industries list job openings for one-time or long-term gigs, and multiple freelancers get the opportunity to bid for these jobs. 

Upon completing the job, the client pays the freelancer on the platform, and Fiverr receives a commission from the payment.

Uber | Free, with paid aspects

  • Best Feature of Paid Version: Flexible schedule
  • Biggest Downside of Paid Version: Drivers are fully responsible for the costs of the service

Uber is a mobility service provider that allows competent drivers to sign up with their cars to pick up and drop off riders at their destinations. The app also provides more than a taxi service, as it can also be used to order food, deliver products, and ship goods. Uber charges a commission of 25 percent from the daily earnings of drivers. Another popular app-based taxi service is Lyft.

Upwork | Free, with paid aspects

  • Best Feature of Paid Version: Flexible schedule
  • Biggest Downside of Paid Version: Costly

Upwork is an online marketplace for freelancers and independent contractors to list and apply for jobs, similar to Fiverr. Freelancers of any skill, expertise, and experience level can apply for short-term and long-term jobs on the platform and get paid as soon as the project is delivered. 

Upwork’s commission structure can be considered quite pricey. Until you reach a cumulative transaction history of $500 with a client, the site will deduct 20 percent of each transaction you make with the client.

The Best Free Apps to Make Money

The best free apps to make money are survey apps, cash back apps, fitness apps, and investment apps. Below is a brief description of some of the best free apps to make actual cash. Some of these apps offer a cash bonus for signing up and a referral bonus for referring a friend.

Healthy Wage

  • Best Feature: Team challenges
  • Biggest Downside: Money loss

Healthy Wage is a health and fitness app that helps people lose weight and live healthier lives through weight loss and fitness challenges for prizes. This enables people to challenge their procrastination and learn to persevere while working towards living a healthier life and getting cash prizes. 

It works by having you place a wager on your weight loss. Then, the Healthy Wage prize calculator shows how much your wager will pay out if you reach your goal. Finally, you earn money when your weight is at or below the set goal.


  • Best Feature: Earn cash back on gift card purchases
  • Biggest Downside: Offers are mostly brand-specific

Ibotta is a technology company that provides cash back for shopping using the Ibotta app. The company has partnered with 300 retailers, including major companies like Target, Walmart, and Petco, who pay Ibotta a fee when customers order with the app. 

Customers can shop in-store and online with the app and get instant cashback for the entire purchase. Ibotta is free to use for all, however, they charge inactive or deactivated accounts a fee from their Ibotta account balance.


  • Best Feature: No ads
  • Biggest Downside: Not available to iOS users

Mistplay is an app that lets you earn gift cards for playing games. Users earn points while playing games and exchange the points for gift cards. There is a wide range of games available on the platform that users can choose from. 

They can also browse offers in their area and chat with other users. The app recommends games to users and launches weekly contests where winners win a grand prize. 


  • Best Feature: No listing fee
  • Biggest Downside: Personal safety

OfferUp is an online marketplace that allows customers and clients to buy and sell online through the platform. It is free for both buyers and sellers to post, browse, and buy, except for the shipping fee that the buyer may have to pay in certain transactions. Sellers can pay to get their items viewed more often.


  • Best Feature: Cash back button
  • Biggest Downside: The cash back can take a while to receive

Rakuten is an online cash back platform that allows you to earn cash back, deals, and shopping rewards when you shop from the app. With Rakuten, you get a welcome bonus of $10 and a bonus when you refer a friend that uses the app through a referral link. Rakuten also gives cash back for in-store shopping, and you can buy online and pick it up from an actual store.

Survey Junkie

  • Best Feature: Email system
  • Biggest Downside: Can’t take too many surveys

Survey Junkie is a top app for surveys. This online platform allows people to share their opinions and behaviors by filling out relevant surveys in exchange for rewards or gift cards. You can also be a candidate for focus groups or product testing to earn rewards. It is available to anyone 16 years or older.


  • Best Feature: Many reward options
  • Biggest Downside: Long wait to get paid

Swagbucks is an online platform that allows you to earn gift cards and cash by answering surveys, shopping at your favorite stores, and discovering new products. The survey could be on topics like politics, movies, TV shows, and shopping experiences. You also get rewards for grocery shopping, playing games, and watching videos. 

Which of the Best Money Making Apps Should I Choose?

Hands holding and counting dollar bills.
You can make money with apps by answering surveys, playing mobile games, and engaging in other simple tasks.

Choose the best money-making app that suits your needs while being enjoyable. This could be one that offers gift cards from your favorite stores, one that gives you points that can be exchanged for cash, or one that offers cash back. 

Choose an app that has activities you enjoy and can really get you good rewards without financial consequences. If you intend to keep fit or lose weight, you can go for an app that offers that. It all depends on your needs, the activities you enjoy, and how much money you can make from them. To learn more about becoming a money-savvy individual, you can also check out the best podcasts for investing.

Best Apps to Make Money FAQ

What is the best app to earn money?

The best apps to make money are Uber, Lyft, Upwork, Fiverr, Survey Junkie, Mistplay, Healthy Wage, and Swagbucks. These apps let you earn extra cash in the form of gift cards, cash rewards, or direct deposits into your bank account.

Which app gives real money?

Some apps that give real money are Swagbucks, Rakuten, Fiverr, Upwork, and Healthy Wage. These money-making apps allow users to easily earn extra cash in passive income.

Which app gives real money for free?

Some apps that give real money for free are Ibotta, Swagbucks, Rakuten, Slidejoy, Inbox Dollars, Musely, Userfeel, and OfferUp.

Which is the number one money earning app?

The number one money-earning app is Swagbucks. It offers many options for you to earn gift cards and cash, including filling out surveys, playing games, grocery shopping, and watching videos.

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