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The Top Investing Podcasts Investing to Follow

If you’re looking for an alternate avenue of making money, you should consider investing. Unfortunately, getting started can be a little complicated and the people around you may not be personal finance experts or financial advisors. Luckily, an easy way you can find the information those professionals might recommend is by listening to investment podcasts. 

The best podcasts for investing and listening to them so you can gain knowledge on money matters. In this article, we’ve done the research for you and found the best investment podcasts for you to check out. We’ve even narrowed it down to what we think are the best investing podcast episodes for you to start with so you can get on your way to making money. 

Why You Should Listen to Investment Podcasts

Investment podcasts are a great way to broaden your financial knowledge with the help of a financial expert. An investment podcast is an easy, free way to kickstart your investing journey without having to pay for seminars, attend courses, or buy books on the topic. 

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You will get information on the best investment strategies and goals from successful investors. Listening to a weekly podcast on the best ways to start investing from industry experts like Patrick O’Shaughnessy, David Stein, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tim Ferriss can be extremely beneficial for you. 

Best of all, you can do all of this at any time when carrying out your daily routines like commuting to work, taking a walk, or doing chores. Listening to financial podcasts is a very convenient way for you to gain knowledge. As your knowledge grows, you’ll be able to focus on different niches like becoming a real estate investor or just growing your portfolio. 

What Makes a Great Investing Podcast?

  • Production Quality. A good podcast must produce good quality audio for listeners to enjoy. Poor quality audio from a Skype or phone interview might irritate listeners if it becomes frequent. Good audio production, engineering, and editing are a must.
  • Content Quality and Depth. A podcaster must have a deep pool of knowledge about the topics of discussion and be able to deliver quality information that will benefit listeners on a daily basis. Most times, this involves a lot of research on the part of the podcaster. 
  • Personality. Listeners are likely to listen to a podcast whose host is magnetic behind the mic, is engaging, knows when and how to use humor, and connects easily with their podcast guests.
  • Consistency. This is a big deal in investment podcasting with financial markets being so fickle. If a podcaster puts out great engaging content, listeners will want to come back at the same rate as the market fluctuates. If listeners can’t rely on their favorite podcasts to keep them up to date, it may affect whether or not they come back at all.
  • Authenticity. Authenticity is important for podcasters. It helps their listeners relate to them and trust that they can take their advice to heart. Not every mispronunciation, laughter, or hesitation should be cut off. It’s better to keep the experience real.

The 10 Best Investing Podcasts

1. We Study Billionaires

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Subjects Covered: Financial planning, financial diversification

We Study Billionaires is a money management podcast hosted by Trey Lockerbie and Stig Brodersen. They interview billionaires and experienced investors who provide expert advice. This podcast is the world’s largest stock investing podcast. The podcast has over 60 million downloads and is a great space for everyday investors. 

2. Sound Investing

Available On: Breaker, Anchor, Overcast

Subjects Covered: Child investments, investment risks, cryptocurrencies

This podcast gathers questions from listeners on a wide range of topics like investing for the future of your kids, the risks associated with investing, and how to be an excellent investor and answers them through insightful discussions. They also conduct interviews with top financial professionals. 

3. Money for the Rest of Us

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Cryptocurrency investments, financial independence, stock market

This podcast releases a new episode every Wednesday and covers a variety of topics including educating investors on what the current low-interest-rate environment might mean for them, where to search for yields that are inflation-beating, and how to buy limits and hold them. 

4. Invest Like the Best

Available On: Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher

Subjects Covered: Data management, fintech investing, financial independence

This weekly podcast features a wide variety of interviews with top business and investment professionals. Investment guru Michael Mauboussin was recently featured to discuss the shift from public to private markets. A former head of strategy at Microsoft, Charlie Songhurst comes on the podcast to drop nuggets of advice garnered from investing in over 500 companies. 

5. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Available On: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Real estate, investing strategies

BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast is a great real estate investing podcast with over 400 episodes. Hosted by David Greene and Brandon Turner, this podcast covers practically every topic on the real estate market. Recent episodes have focused on gaining customer trust, identifying the best properties for investment, and other life-changing advice. 

6. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Available On: Google Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify

Subjects Covered: Real estate, financial independence

This long-running podcast tackles the most recent financial topics like how active or passive investors can build a working real estate portfolio and how people can grow long-term profits that are pandemic-proof. The best opportunities available in real estate investing are a major discussion. 

7. The Full Ratchet

Available On: Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Subjects Covered: Venture capital, investment opportunities

The Full Ratchet focuses on demystifying the world of venture capital and features plenty of stories of investments that turned out successful. You will also get to learn from the mistakes of other peoples’ failed investments and why they happened. Some of the latest episodes feature startup lessons, unusual company pitches, and sectors that are next in line to blow up. 

8. The Twenty Minute VC

Available On: Spotify

Subjects Covered: Venture capital

This podcast offers brilliant discussions held with venture capital investors. Episodes focus on topics such as the exponential growth of Instacart. Another area is how a complex market can result in major growth. 

9. Build a Bigger Life

Available On: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

Subjects Covered: Financial independence, entrepreneurship, innovation

The Build a Bigger Life podcast is hosted by Adam Caroll and has 169 episodes so far. The podcast focuses on how to be a successful entrepreneur and discusses pursuing financial freedom, innovation, and giving meaning to your life. 

10. The Journal

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Subjects Covered: Business, how to make money, 

The Journal podcast is a creation of The Wall Street Journal in collaboration with Gimlet Media. In this podcast, important stories in the news are discussed from a business point of view. The hosts Ryan Knutson and Kate Linebaugh discuss the relationship between money, power, and business. 

The Best Investing Podcast Episodes to Get You Started

Person with a microphone on a microphone stand
There are plenty of fantastic podcasts that will help you achieve financial independence.

The podcasts we have listed above have a lot of great investment ideas, but there are a few episodes that you may find especially helpful if you’re young or willing to explore cryptocurrencies. Here are our picks for the best episodes to get you started.

First to a Million with Dan Sheeks | Build a Bigger Life

This episode focuses on excerpts from Dan Sheeks’ first book titled, First to a Million. The discussion centers on how to achieve financial independence at a young age. Teenagers may find it particularly insightful. Sheeks explains concepts of financial independence and how it has evolved and keeps evolving in the present day. 

Investor Stories 224: Why I Passed (Thakker, Nauiokas, Lehr) | The Full Ratchet

On this segment of The Full Ratchet podcast, three different investors are featured as guests. Dharmesh Thakker, Amy Nauiokas, and Jonathan Lehr individually break down a situation where they declined to invest, explaining the reasoning behind their actions and how things eventually played out. This is a great episode for venture capital investors. 

The Evolution of Markets | Invest Like The Best

This episode features guest Doug Coulkitt, the founder of CrocSwap. The conversation covers how trading infrastructure and the market have evolved over the years. Doug also breaks down the trading stack as it exists today, and explains how regular and crypto markets function. 

Which Money Is Crazier: The U.S. Dollar or Bitcoin? | Money for the Rest of Us

This episode compares Bitcoin with the US Dollar based on their key attributes to determine which of these assets are better for wealth preservation and transactions. It also discusses these assets’ flaws. These topics are interesting as the comparison between cryptocurrencies and fiat money has been ongoing for years now. 

Is it Time to Sell? | Sound Investing

This episode spends time comparing the state of the investment market now to the state of it in 1987 thanks to a question from a longtime podcast listener and investment advisor. The host gives a clear answer to the question “is it time to sell?” and also top financial advice to make listeners know when it is the right time to sell. 

What Is the Best Investing Podcast?

There are many good podcasts you can listen to. If you have an interest in cryptocurrencies, Money for the Rest of Us might be the perfect podcast for you. If you want to learn about how to invest in the future of your children or just want to gain general financial investing knowledge, the best option for you would be Sound Investing.

Many people are also interested in investments that have to do with data management or in the rapidly growing fintech industry, in which case the best podcast for you would be Invest Like The Best.

Best Investing Podcasts FAQ

What is the best stock market podcast?

Some of the best stock market podcasts are Motley Fool Money, We Study Billionaires, Planet Money, Money for the Rest of Us, and The Rich Dad Show

Where can I launch my podcast?

A good idea is to start on Google Play Store as it will help increase your reach. Visit Google Play Podcast portals, click add a podcast, then paste the URL of your RSS feed. Submit the RSS feed to get started.

What short podcasts can investors listen to?

Some short podcasts suitable for investors that run around 15 minutes are Jill on Money, What’s New, The Journal, Planet Money, and Marketplace.

How do I play a podcast on my phone?

First, open the podcast app of your preference and search for a show. You can also choose from your library if you have any previously saved. All you need to do next is press the play button.

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