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The Only List of Top Business Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

The most effective business newsletters are the ones that make you sign up right away. If you’ve yet to hit that subscribe button, then you haven’t found the right collection of business news and insights for you. The best business newsletters are worth a lifetime commitment. 

From information-packed emails written by great advisors to business tycoons sharing entrepreneurship secrets, our list of top business newsletters has it all. Keep reading to learn more about the best business newsletters and find out whether the biggest business newsletters are worth it. 

List of Top Business Newsletters

Newsletter Curator/Distributor Schedule Newsletter Topics
5-Bullet Friday Tim Ferris Weekly on Fridays Tech news, tips and tricks for making sound business decisions, trends
Accelerated Newsletter Justine and Olivia Moore Weekly on Sundays or Mondays Business news, tech news, startup insights
The Assist jointheassist.com Weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Professional growth, work-life balance, self-development
CB Insights Anand Sanwal Daily Business news, tech news, industry trends
Foundr Nathan Chan Weekly Valuable insights, industry news, exclusive interviews, tips and tricks
Friday Forward Robert Glazer Weekly on Fridays Leadership, self-improvement
Granted Adam Grant Monthly Work, psychology, leadership, motivation
The Hustle thehustle.co Daily Business, news
Morning Brew Alex Liberman and Austin Rief Daily Business, finance, tech, entertainment
Startup Digest techstars.com Weekly Local startup news, business insights

The Biggest Business Newsletters, Explained 

5-Bullet Friday

If you don’t like reading long articles or daily news stories, then the 5-Bullet Friday newsletter could be for you. The founder of 5-Bullet Friday is Tim Ferris, who advises tech giants like Facebook, Uber, Duolingo, and Shopify. In his weekly email to subscribers, Ferris works hard to summarize information in a way that’s useful to tech investors like himself. 

Accelerated Newsletter

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Subscribing to Accelerated Newsletter will ensure you don’t miss out on the most important tech and venture capital news. Created by twins Justine and Olivia Moore, the newsletter caters to recent grads looking for valuable insights into the tech industry. The female founders offer students a community where they can learn how to get a job in tech.

CB Insights

CB Insights is a business newsletter with a sprinkle of humor and personality. If you crave valuable insights, the CB Insights newsletter will offer you a daily news briefing about tech startups in Silicon Valley. Many readers consider the newsletter one of their personal favorites. It’s free, but there’s also a paid version for those looking for in-depth data news.


Foundr is a newsletter for entrepreneurs looking to start or accelerate their businesses with relevant news and valuable insights. This popular newsletter offers business tips, practical advice, stories in business, and much more. The digital media company aims to help young businesspeople learn entrepreneurship, all for an annual subscription charge of $21.99. 

Friday Forward

Friday Forward started as motivational advice to a small group of employees. It gradually turned into a weekly newsletter read by more than 250,000 people worldwide. Friday Forward is curated by Robert Glazer, a personal growth and leadership guru. Subscribers receive one newsletter every Friday for free but also have the option to choose a monthly newsletter.


With more than 100,000 readers, Granted is a monthly leadership newsletter that covers a wide range of topics, including psychology, creativity, work ideas, and actionable insights. A well-curated newsletter written by New York Times bestselling author and psychologist Adam Grant, it helps entrepreneurs take a big step towards continual growth.

The Hustle

More than 1.5 million people invest their time reading newsletters from The Hustle, and for a good reason. The Hustle knows how to deliver relevant and significant business world news in an entertaining and easily digestible way. It’s free for everyone to sign up.

Morning Brew

Every entrepreneur needs to remain updated on the latest trends in the business world. Morning Brew caters to information-craving minds. As refreshing as a cup of coffee, Morning Brew serves readers with essential business news, tech updates, and trending stories every morning. The business newsletter is popular among young entrepreneurs and is free of charge.

Startup Digest

Startup Digest is the best weekly digest for entrepreneurs seeking curated business and startup news. You can also choose to receive news from any part of the world, and on topics ranging from financial business news to design to health. This popular newsletter gives entrepreneurs free access to their local startup community.

The Assist

The Assist focuses on the lifestyle of business owners rather than just business news. Most entrepreneurs have a hard time balancing their work and personal life, often neglecting their health or, worse, pushing themselves to job burnout. Delivered three times a week, The Assist offers valuable tips and advice on dealing with stress and better work management.

What Makes a Business Newsletter Popular? 

  • A Solution to FOMO. A popular business newsletter can help you deal with the fear of missing out. You won’t have to deep dive into research and do the hard work to get your news. Business newsletters minimize the effort required to remain updated. 
  • Relevant and concise information. When compared with regular news, business newsletters cut down on all the unnecessary bits and give you only what you really need to know.
  • Consistency. Whether you choose to get a daily newsletter or one that comes on a weekly basis, business newsletters are curated with the best news of the day or the week. They are delivered according to a schedule that you can always look forward to. 

Should I Look Beyond the Biggest Business Newsletters?

Yes, you should check out less popular business newsletters. The biggest business newsletters usually focus on the bigger picture of the business world, overlooking the minor parts. While this is a good thing, it often means small business newsletters can fill other gaps. Below are three reasons to consider less popular business newsletters.

3 Reasons to Check Out Less Popular Business Newsletters

  • Entertainment value. The biggest business newsletters deliver essential news in a formal tone, which is needed to emphasize the information. Meanwhile, less popular business newsletters are more flexible in writing style and add humor to the content.
  • Content that goes beyond the news. Entrepreneurs need more than business news. Most of the biggest business newsletters tend to provide solid information but miss out on providing actionable advice and ideas on leadership and motivation, which are just as important.
  • Interactions with the curators. If you love or have a question about a piece of newsletter content, you may want to engage with the creator about it. The person who runs a less popular business newsletter is more likely to respond to your email in a non-generic way. 

Are the Biggest Business Newsletters Necessarily Better?

Yes, the biggest business newsletters are usually the best option. They are created with a large number of readers in mind. As a result, business stories, major news, and key information are always authentic and reliable. Their popularity also gives them influence with startup founders and business leaders, which small newsletters lack. 

Business Newsletters FAQ 

What do the best newsletters contain?

The best newsletters contain the most relevant, authentic, and essential pieces of information without the fluff. The content is always handpicked and delivered in an entertaining way. Consistency in delivery and format are also common traits of the best newsletters. Readers are able to find humor, valuable career advice for improving their lives, and personal finance tips. 

What are the benefits of subscribing to a business newsletter?

Subscribing to a business newsletter provides two major benefits. First, you won’t have to spend time researching business and finance news since it will come straight to your email address. Second, you won’t miss out on any important updates in the business world. 

Are newsletter subscriptions free?

Yes, most email newsletters offer free subscriptions. Some of the biggest business newsletters, however, do charge a monthly or annual subscription fee. If you run into one of these, the fee will be mentioned when you sign up.

What are the best daily business newsletters?

CB Insights, Morning Brew, and The Hustle are the three best business newsletters that go out in a daily email. These are all effective newsletters that offer Silicon Valley news, sustainable business ideas, insights about industry trends, and stories about finance, tech, and business. 

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